Judas Priest Perform on the Simpsons

Watch band's "Breaking the Law" parody.

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Heavy metal legends Judas Priest appeared on the "Simpsons" last night (January 5th), performing a parody version of their classic track "Breaking the Law," Blabbermouth reports. The episode, titled "Steal This Episode," saw Homer Simpson being chased by the FBI after screening illegally downloaded movies to Springfield residents.

Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing spoke to the Shropshire Star about the appearance last week, noting that the Simpsons had a history of featuring hard rock and heavy metal music:

"A few previous programs have used Breaking The Law and other Judas Priest songs. Would I have said yes if I'd still been in the band? Probably, because it's good exposure, although it would depend in what context."

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    Death Metal?
    to be fair South Park called Slayer Death Metal on the Hippies episode. They should have gotten Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, In Flames or one of the other Swedish Death Metal bands, but then pretty much only metal fans would get it and everyone else that watches the simpsons would be like "da ****".
    It's all metal, and to that extent, rock. Labeling it just gets confusing.
    No, labeling things helps to identify what you're talking about. Judas Priest sounds nothing like Obituary or Suffocation. Just leaving it at "it's all metal" tells you next to nothing. Language is useful!
    The Simpsons creators are running out of comedy. Still kind of a good show, but not as it was before.
    Judas Priest are a pretty far cry from death metal, which of course, isn't a bad thing since I'm a big fan of classic 70s/80s rock and metal (no disrespect to any fans of actual death metal). Whoever thought it was a good idea to call them death metal before they played a version of Breaking the Law is a bit of a bellend. Shame on you.
    For me, the Simpsons is/was one of the funniest cartoon comedy shows out there. I grew up with it. I haven't seen any of the newer episodes really, but I hear that they aren't quite the same as they used to be.
    Shouldn't that have been Mayhem or something? As far as I know, Priest ain't death metal, but hey what do I know?
    broken ipod
    Not to be annoying, but Mayhem is a Black Metal band. They should've got a real death metal band like Cannibal Corpse. Cannibal Corpse were already in a Jim Carrey movie too.
    If they wanted real Death Metal, why would they pick a band who, at their best, was little more than a mix-and-match of styles created by other, better bands?
    I was hoping for more. But I guess they let Halford get overshadowed by Judd Apatow and that group.
    The Simpsons have turned into pure unadulterated shite long ago, so this doesn't surprise me tbh.
    People think that everything that involves guitars is death metal. My little brother thought Lynyrd Skynyrd and Iron Maiden were f!!ckin screamo for god's sake.
    Watching that was like having a wisdom tooth pulled out of my ass with a pipe wrench!!!
    I'm really surprised that people are shitting on The Simpsons for this and not UG, it was a throwaway bit that really just didn't need an album. Especially since the youtube video they based it around was shitty in itself. I'll agree that The Simpsons has declined, and the episode that this was from wasn't great. But they still have their good episodes.