Justin Bieber Covers Beatles' 'Let It Be'

Pint-sized pop star massacres The Beatles' classic during a guest appearance on "The X Factor USA" - watch the video here.

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Before they were the greatest rock band of all time, The Beatles were four mop-topped teen idols - and the reigning teen idol of today, Justin Bieber, paid tribute to their legacy with a performance of "Let It Be" behind the scenes of a recent episode of "The X Factor" - watch the video below.

Bieber, who hit the headlines two weeks ago after puking on stage in Arizona during the first night of his 'Believe' world tour, was on hand to serve his stint as a co-mentor for this season's group of over-25 contestants, and the clip embedded below captures him sitting at the piano while his partner in mentoring, L.A. Reid, looks on appreciatively.

It's got nothing on the original, of course - and it's easy to mock the squeaky-voiced pop star's chutzpah when it comes to covering a classic in front of TV cameras - but it's worth noting that, for what seems like an off-the-cuff rendition, Bieber seems to know the song pretty well, performing "Let It Be" without the aid of sheet music or written lyrics.

And lest you think we're giving him too much credit, remember that many of the youthful contestants on this season's "X Factor" name younger acts like the Jonas Brothers as influences; as we reported earlier this year, a fair number of kids these days don't even know who The Beatles were, according to UltimateClassicRock.

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What do you think of pop stars like Bieber covering rock classics? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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    Justin Bieber won't go away if we do not stop talking about him.
    joint as in building
    This isn't a building we're in, it's a website.
    Wow! I just LOL'd so hard at that! I have no idea why, but I'm in the middle of listening to a serious conversation beteen a co-workers and bham! You made my afternoon man!
    who cares? Justin Bieber likes the beatles and he performed a cover from them. Justin Bieber likes the beatles, so what?
    So now everyone has to talk smack on him because it's what the cool kids do!
    Well, he makes music I don't like, so there's no way he could like music that I might like, too. This is obviously just some ploy to try to trick people into liking him or thinking he has decent taste. Obviously.
    Or he can have a good taste in music. That's like saying punk rockers can't like rap or rapper can't like punk rock. The music he makes doesn't need to reflect what he likes.
    the problem is all those annoying sheep, he calls fans will now think "oh justin likes them so i must like them". they don't care about the music just the look and that's the wrong reason to like music.
    and that matters why? Are you one of those annoying sheep? If anything, your theory suggests that the beatles will get more airplay and sales (if that's even possible).
    firstly, in what way am i a sheep? and it matters cause it's so fricking annoying them saying "i love the beadles" them saying that is a great disrespect to the beatles. and there air plays and sales, what do you mean air plays and sales they'll just download it for free and only ever listen to the justin bieber version.
    Bieber is talented but the music industry has screwed him up. Before he became the annoying **** we know, he was a good musician. I don't like him, but sometimes, we got to give credit where credit is due. Least he isn't lip-synching or using auto-tuner and saying he's a musician...
    Even though he does have talent, he is dressed up as a **** (the censored part in both comments aren't specific. So just fill in the gap) =)
    Although I dislike the kid, I do have to say he is averagely talented at ever instrument I have seen him play, sure he isn't the best but he can hold his own, it is the writing that holds him back.
    I know everyone will hate on this because you guys all have IQs around room temperature but I think he did pretty well.
    Well I honestly didn't know he could play piano at all, so good job there. (certainly better than I could do) As for his singing, also certainly better than I could do.
    It's not the beatles but it's not supposed to be, it's a cover, something I've had to point out to people before, but still it sounded alright, so congrats to him, still doesn't make me like his music though.
    if he ever goes to Liverpool he's gonna be repeatedly stabbed in the face, cause that's how they deal with stuff in Liverpool.
    First he pukes onstage, then he covers Let it Be, this guy is becoming a real musician : As the old saying goes, "it's not the singer, it's the song". Good job Bieber (geez I never thought I'd say those three words!)
    I don't understand why people should be talking shit. When people hear a song and like it so much that they want to cover it, why should we criticize them for it? No one, including Bieber, covers a song to be better than the original, they just want to embrace the song and play it because they like the song. And when it comes to that, Bieber is no different than us. It doesn't matter if he's a pop sensation or not, he just wants to play some Beatles.
    Answer to your first question --- Cause it's Justin Beiber. Answer to your second Question -- Cause it's Justin Beiber. Answer to your third sentence --- You're wrong - one cause it's Justin Beiber and two Have you heard Hurt by Johnny Cash? Even Trent Reznor said that Johnny Cash made that song his own, meaning IT'S BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL -- so, you're wrong. Answer to your fourth sentence --- You are VERY wrong - Justin Beiber is very much different than us in every aspect but the biological aspect (If he's even human). Answer to your fith and last sentence --- Just because you "want" to play some Beatles doesn't mean you should nor that people want to hear you play some Beatles. Period. -_- smdh
    Heh, a pop artist covering 60's pop music. Good cover though. Hopefully some 13 year old "dadrock" fan on YouTube isn't contemplating suicide.
    better than the original
    i refuse to listen to him even if he starts to sing like freddie mercury
    It took me a while to realize that I actually don't hate Justin Bieber. I'm just annoyed with his obsessive fans and I'm not very fond of his typical style of music. He certainly has potential, but he puts his energy into what society wants, not where it belongs. This was a pretty good cover. But as ItMightGetQuiet said, a lot of his obsessive fans will now be under the impression that they must like The Beatles just because Justin likes them.
    To all those who didnt watch the embedded video: watch it NOW. not because he did an amazing job or he failed miserably but because of the black guy staring him down with that facial expression like hes hungry for some white meat XD
    Pretty sure this article only got made to rile everyone's feathers, such was the puking article intended to make everyone laugh at his embarrassment. Not a Bieber fan but since when did this website encourage trolling anyway? I want to see news about this kid as much as I want to hear about Courtney Love
    That was pretty good I thought. If you closed your eyes and didn't know it was Beiber, then I feel a lot of people would have a differing opinion.