Justin Bieber Covers Metallica's 'Fade to Black'

Young pop star delivers a performance of a metal classic.

Ultimate Guitar

Young pop sensation Justin Bieber recently presented an acoustic cover version of a classic Metallica track "Fade to Black."

Although it's not exactly a typical cover, the clip shows Bieber using his voice to recreate Kirk Hammet's lead melody part, accompanied by his musical director Dan Kanter on guitar.

Young Justin has already declared himself as a Metallica fan last year, singling out "One" and "Fade to Black" as some of his favorite songs. "Those are my jams," he told GQ magazine.

In a separate Q magazine interview, Bieber also shared his affection for hard rockers Guns N' Roses and the iconic Beatles while discussing online haters.

"I would say to my haters, I love you. Thank you for supporting me by hating me. When they write messages on my YouTube page, I get money for that. So they're just giving me money to hate on me," he explained, just to focus on musical favorites.

"I like Guns N' Roses and Metallica," JB added. "The Beatles. I like Metallica's 'Fade to Black' and 'One.' It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff."

Check out Bieb's vocal delivery below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Thats not a cover, UG and their misleading titles...
    To be fair, most places are reporting it as a cover. I saw the video earlier because an promoted post on Google+ said he covered it. Most videos of it on Youtube claim it's a cover as well. You are definitely right in pointing out that it isn't a cover, but I think the blame goes deeper than UG.
    I still dislike the fact he likes our music. It's not fair to take the music and make it 'ours', but in this case, it's perfectly reasonable.
    That doesn't make sense! I don't care for his music but he can listen to whatever he wants, like everyone else. If you're saying that I can't appreciate a Metallica classic if I play pop then seriously grow up.
    Wtf do you mean our music, music dosent belong to anybody
    thats all well and dandy but that argument wont hold in court. the music legaly belongs to the artist.
    That's all well and dandy too, but in many cases, the music legally belongs to the record company.
    Only a solo cover of the intro solo. IMHO Bieber nails it better then Hammet does. But thats not saying alot
    "The Beatles. I like Metallica's 'Fade to Black' and 'One.' It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." I've never heard a more pathetic way of describing music. He really has no idea what he's talking about does he. And I love how everyone's too upset to point out "Kirk Hammer".
    That. And "I like Metallica's Fade to Black and One." Yeah you and every other 13 year old ho-hum Metallica "fan" since 1992.
    Someone needs to punch him in his little shithead face
    What the hell is going on between his left hand and his crotch? This more of a mockery than a cover.. And when was the last time someone described a song as "with those instruments, electric guitars and stuff"? It's these pop stars who are to blame for the current pathetic music scene..
    Somebody probably will someday when he stops sucker punching guys and the running and hiding behind his gorillas...kids a pu$$y....
    Cover? More like mocking.
    Looks more like just ****in around than mocking. He seems to know the lead fairly well, I doubt he's mocking it.
    I think you are right. Air guitaring is rarely a pretty sight to behold. We all look bad doing it.
    link no1
    It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff.
    Get the f**k out. That is all.
    I kinda expected to see the kid rocking out to the song's outro solo, so yeah, misleading title, UG. On a side note, f*ck this.
    "I would say to my haters, I love you. Thank you for supporting me by hating me. When they write messages on my YouTube page, I get money for that. So they're just giving me money to hate on me," Good job, metalheads
    The mainstream scum gets views, hate comments, and is mentioned by their names on Youtube and Facebook. That needs to stop. I don't know who's quote it is, but metalheads, and fans of quality music in general, should take its' advice:"If you wish someone didn't exist, simply ignore him."I only wanted to warn those who watched this video. I didn't watch the video (and I didn't write this to be cool or anything like that, just giving a friendly advice).
    All the Metallica fans just got majorly trolled by both Justin Bieber and Ultimate Guitar (misleading titles).
    I am glad I watched this. Now I know he did not cover anything by Metallica at all. He's just joking around and someone caught it on camera, that's all. I'm not even offended as it just appears that he actually likes this music, considering he knows the actual guitar melody.
    Agree. But why would somebody be offended by this? It's not your music so why would you get offended if somebody was mocking somebody else's music (which I don't think JB is doing). JB even said he likes Metallica. He was just joking in the video. But even if he was mocking Metallica's music, why do people get offended? The best thing to do is not to react in any way. One thing that I really hate is haters. If you don't like something, don't listen to it. Just ignore it. I don't get all this JB hate. I don't hate him, I just don't really like his music, that's all. But I don't think JB is any worse than any other mainstream pop star.
    In other news, Metallica listen to Justin Bieber for the first time, projectile vomit, cancel all shows for the rest of the year and state they have lost all faith in humanity
    ''its emotional and edgy with those electric guitars and stuff'' shows how much he knows
    Wow, how does this even make your news UG? Justin Bieber isn't interesting enough to post every 5s he's caught on camera... Stop bashing on every little thing someone like Justin Bieber does and give us some interesting news about real artists.
    "It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." Great mind of our time here :/
    I'd actually have a bit of respect for him if he tried to sing the song. But he is a joke as usual. Screw this "news".
    Why don't you let Bieber like Metallica? Is Metallica's music something that only the "chosen ones" are allowed to listen to? I mean seriously guys, you are pathetic. Metallica is one of the most popular metal bands and many times musicians listen to many genres. I bet most people have one or two Metallica songs on their iPod, no matter if they are metalheads or not. I would have actually expected some people to give JB a bit respect for liking metal. But no, they just hate more. There's no need to hate. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Why are you wasting your time on music you hate when you could just listen to your favorite music and enjoy it a lot more? Though I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting for an actual cover of the song, not just this kind of video of JB messing around. /rant
    Seriously, why should we care about that? This isn't even a cover, it's UG provocation abouth which I feel disappointed. Apart from Justin Bieber's talent and taste or lack of, he can just do what he wants, especially in his private time. This was just recorded and put under provoking name 'Justin covers Metallica'.
    Honestly guys, the more we give a shit about this douche the more popular he gets, and as he said, the more money he gets. The ultimate thing would be to hurt his income, imagine the sheer amount of dislikes and negative comments vs positive 12 year old girl feedback? If we kept it to ourselves he wouldn't get the views and comments and income. Either that or he will piss too many people off in the wrong way and we may have a brick to his head instead of a bottle next time.
    I have discovered a way to make Lulu sound like the best music ever made. Play it right after watching this video.
    it'll be hell if he (or she) is trying to cover something from Lulu. Then again, hearing that shit made Lulu sound like a masterpiece
    why is he rubbing himself like that? shows his knowledge of instruments in general