Justin Bieber: 'I'm Retiring'

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Justin Bieber: 'I'm Retiring'
Young pop sensation Justin Bieber dropped quite a shocker after announcing retirement plans during a recent Power 106 radio chat. During the interview, Biebs confirmed plans to quit the world of music after the release of his new album. "The new album ... I'm actually retiring man," he said. "I'm just gonna take some time - I think I'm probably gonna quit music." The news of JB throwing the towel spread across the globe in a matter of seconds, but was he serious? Check out the clip below and let us know in the comments. Justin found himself in the limelight of the rock world after recently jamming out an improvised cover of Metallica's "Fade to Black" and naming a few other rock greats such as Led Zeppelin, Korn and Guns N' Roses among personal favorites. "I like Guns N' Roses and Metallica," Bieber told Q magazine. "The Beatles. I like Metallica's 'Fade to Black' and 'One.' It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." In related news, Justin's ticket sales are reportedly on a constant decline. Most experts are attributing the dwindle to Bieber's recent "bad boy image."

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