Justin Bieber: 'I'm Retiring'

Young star announces retirement following new album release.

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Young pop sensation Justin Bieber dropped quite a shocker after announcing retirement plans during a recent Power 106 radio chat. During the interview, Biebs confirmed plans to quit the world of music after the release of his new album. "The new album ... I'm actually retiring man," he said. "I'm just gonna take some time - I think I'm probably gonna quit music." The news of JB throwing the towel spread across the globe in a matter of seconds, but was he serious? Check out the clip below and let us know in the comments. Justin found himself in the limelight of the rock world after recently jamming out an improvised cover of Metallica's "Fade to Black" and naming a few other rock greats such as Led Zeppelin, Korn and Guns N' Roses among personal favorites. "I like Guns N' Roses and Metallica," Bieber told Q magazine. "The Beatles. I like Metallica's 'Fade to Black' and 'One.' It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." In related news, Justin's ticket sales are reportedly on a constant decline. Most experts are attributing the dwindle to Bieber's recent "bad boy image."

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    Great, only 5 years late.
    nevertheless, christmas has come early this year.
    Didn't realize what SHE did WAS music.....
    I have a feeling he's going to be one of those people that become popular, quit, then 10 years after retirement, he's going to come out with a Christmas album.
    Ozzy technically retired in 1993 after the No More Tours tour.
    The Who retired after the "It's Hard" album in the 80's.
    Absolute Rock-O
    The only difference there is that rock and metal have a strong and more loyal fan base which is surely why Ozzy's and other rock bands comeback are successful.
    better late than ever
    matteo cubano
    i wouldn't get too excited yet, this interview alone doesn't seem like the most official things, kinda thing where we'll come back later and say something different and address it. Maybe he just wants to steal back attention from Miley. LEt's not forget his concert sales are at an all time low and steadily decreasing. Announcing a retirement = huge boost in sales, eveyone wants to see him before he goes. etc...sidenote:I thought music was his big passion in life, doesn't he love it? I mean what else is he gonna do? he'll be back very soon, next 2-4 years i guarantee it. Unless he gets big into drugs for a while, then it may be a ten years and a trip to rehab from now
    Totally agree! Plus it actually just sounds like a joke, the way he says it in the interview.
    You know way too much about him.....
    matteo cubano
    im pretty sure it was on UG where I read about his concert sales tickets steadily declining and being at an all time low...and the rest is common sense
    No, this isn't good. If he stops doing music we going to have to watch him in films. He'll be like Justin Timberlake.
    except Justin Timberlake is actually a decent person and a good singer.
    And a shit actor.
    Social Network & Alpha Dog worked out pretty well for him.
    I like Justin Timberlake as a nice guy and his music is alright, but I'm sorry, he's not a good actor. He has been in some successful films but success doesn't equal talent. It's just annoying when a film is otherwise good but it's spoilt because you have to endure bad acting for two hours. Next up, Justin Bieber.
    I hope we can just... put the whole thing behind us you know... forget it ever happened. Like Germany and the holocaust.
    as long as this isnt like the rolling stones "retiring"....100 farewell tours later...
    I'll miss his music. His albums are so edgy and emotional with those PR crafted lyrics and priority to marketing and stuff.
    Music executed with grace, excellence, a sense of play and intensity. Some of the most rewarding and enduring works by anyone ever. End of story. Disagree and I'll fight you.
    It's not going to happen; he's just getting everyone hyped up.
    And if it does, he'll be back in no time. Jay-Z and Lily Allen's so-called retirements didn't last long whatsoever and probably because they realised their lives were not as interesting without making music
    "they realised their lives were not as interesting without making big chunks of money*" FTFY
    Hes back in 1 year after the album with huge "come back" tour. Mark my words
    Or he'll come out of retirement and make a comeback in 30 years...Balding with a beer gut and a deep voice.
    Probably because he realised the new batch of teen idols have turned up (One Direction etc) and stealing his thunder. He probably doesn't want to end up like Britney aka playing catch-up with the kids
    "It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." That quote makes me laugh every time. This clown has no business making music. I really hope he's being serious, but this is probably gonna just be like the Brian death on Famguy: a ploy for attention so he can make a "comeback" and make even more money.
    glad someone else commented on this haha couldn't help but laugh at his description of rock there.
    Biebs is probably the manliest name I've ever heard.
    jesus wept learn to talk with a voice you spacker but fo reals, im calling publicity stunt. make people buy a bunch of "last chance" crap, and re promote herself
    Billy Wilkins
    "I don't like his music and he acts like a bit of a douche sometimes so I think he should die" the **** is wrong with you
    I don't want him to die. I just want him to fizzle in to obscurity. Big difference.
    People say this kind of stuff too easily nowadays. "I'll kill you" or "I'll hate you" are stupidest things to say. Nobody actually "hates" him. You can't hate someone without personal contact.
    ok, 2 things. 1. awesome that this may finally happen. 2. UG needs a new goddamn editor, I'm tired of all of the careless type-os and misleading information.
    Why the downvotes? It's true, every article has some form of typo or grammatical problem.
    see this really confuses me, they managed to put a spell check I for the comments section, but not when they type articles apparently. Maybe start using word and spell-check.
    Why does he talk like such a douchebag? Extremely egotistic and shit..
    Majin Gaara
    It's because most movie stars/celebrities get fed nothing but praise, and constant "YOU'RE FUCKING AWESOME AND IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU THE WORLD WOULD STOP SPINNING". So they develop this douchebag mentality that they're better than everyone else around them in every way. It's really sad that the world feeds these people's egos like that
    "...with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff" How did we get to a point where a (supposed) musician is impressed by the fact that music requires instruments?
    You not caring would be you not clicking the article. I know you care...me too. I feel you brah. Let it out.
    He sounds high in this interview. Wouldn't be surprised if announcing this was a drug induced accident.
    Technically.. He can't be assassinated, he's not an important political figure
    How can you quit making music if you never made music in the first place...
    When he will retire, another star will be born. Don't fool yourself it's over, someone else will take his place.
    "Justin Bibers manager can't get serious money out of Bieber anymore"
    ...he sounded high on this recording. And I won't believe it 'till I've seen it, tbh.
    Bieber retires as solo artist and joins One Direction or forms a duet with Rebecca Black. Or forms a band with Flo Rida called the Flobeirs
    By Looking at the outpouring of ug readers alone.... I can imagine how special this news is for us. .... Thanks a ton JB from the bottom of my heart.... take minaj, swift and others too... ;D
    Even if he was to stop, he in no way deserves to call this a "retirement". It's a fu**in cash out, "Bye, ya'll, thanks for buying my crap, couldn't have done this without you." When Rush or Iron Maiden or the Rolling Stones decide to call it quits, THAT is a retirement. It has to mean something, you have to accomplish something in your lifetime.. Little shit.
    Well, Bieber has sold millions of albums so I would say that's an accomplishment.
    He's sold millions of records to the parents of 10-17 year olds. No accomplishment by my book. He is a pawn used by the higher powers of the "music" business.
    "Retirement: the act of ending your working or professional career". It's retirement by definition like it or not. He may not have contributed something greatly to society but really neither do most people in the world. He has enough to have a steady life assuming he doesn't go crazy and burn through his savings.
    By definition yes, that is what a retirement is. But I'm simply looking at it from a musician's standpoint. It irritates me that he considers quitting music at this stage a retirement, like he's been putting out music and touring for 30-40 years.
    Quit mentioning that. It just makes me sad
    I just mentioned it because it's true. And it really is an accomplishment. Even if you think his music was crap, I would say it's an accomplishment to sell crap to people. Though I kind of agree with Maiden95, I wouldn't call it a "retirement". IMO retirement refers to something you have done for many years (and five isn't many). I would say he's quitting music.
    The way he chooses to talk about Metallica's songs by describing them as "...edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." just makes me shake my head.
    Am I the only person who follows this stuff out of morbid curiosity? I could care less about his music, I'm just enjoying the train wreck.
    BS. Its all a PR stunt. He didn't even try to sell the album on the quality of music. Buy it cause its my last album... Yeah he'll sit with the record label for a year or two, create a new image, he'll come back and it will be "wonderful" and it will be the "best" music of his career. Or he'll try acting.
    Exactly. He will disappear and in a year or two, when all his fans miss him, forget the bad boy stuff/out grown their parents control. He'll announce a come back tour.
    Whoever disliked this should probably reconsider the good majority of their lives.
    A few problems here: 1. A surprise? After fans are starting to attack and ridicule and turn against him? after the press has shown him only as Canada's official douchebag? After his popularity and sales have plummeted drastically? A SURPRISE?!?!?! 2. He was in the limelight? Not really. The lostprophets singer was in the limelight. Gene Simmons was in the limelight because of the Rock n Roll HOF induction. Justin Beiber admitting he likes a few Metallica songs? That's not really a news story, nevertheless a news story "in the limelight". 3. He's a bad boy? HE'S a bad boy? He spit on some people, had relations with some prostitutes, pissed in a bucket, and said some bad words at a picture of Bill Clinton. Well, goddamn, if that's all it takes to be a "bad boy", then WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE GG ALLIN?!
    GG Allin was a pussy. I stand on plugs.
    Eclectic Lizard
    Yeah I dunno, GG Allin just seemed like an *******. Shitting on stage is more stupid than badass. Now Lemmy is a badass. He's done crazy stuff but he's still got some class
    Let's just hope he doesn't pull a Paul DiAnno and say tomorrow that his retirement isn't an actual retirement retirement
    He'll be back folks. This is a war not a battle and though we've come out victorious against the Biebs on this one, I can't help but think our celebration is all too early