Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage In Arizona

Pop brat blames milk for vomiting during the first night of his "Believe" tour.

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Everyone's favourite pop punch bag Justin Bieber vomited on stage in Arizona during the first night (September 29) of his "Believe" world tour.

The pop squirt was performing "Out Of Town Girl" when he abruptly turned away from the audience and began to spew. The singer then legged it off stage as dancers continued to dance around his sick - you can watch it all happen below.

Brilliantly, his vocals didn't miss a beat as his backing track continued to bleat out the song as he sought medical help backstage. Re-emerging a short time after, Bieber apologized to his fans and slowed down the gig by playing acoustic track "Fall".

According to Digital Spy, Bieber then completed "Never Say Never", the theme from the "Karate Kid" re-boot, and made it through the beginning of his Nicki Minaj duet "Beauty and the Beat" before exiting the stage again.

On his return he told the crowd: "It's hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people. Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?"

Shortly after the concert ended, Bieber referenced the sickening moment on Twitter, he wrote: "Great show. Getting better for tomorrow's show. Love u" and "milk was a bad choice".

Thanks to NME for the report.

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    Vomitorium! He should puke directly into first row, they'll love it.
    This is ****ing metal!
    +10 points for vomiting -20 points for turning away -50 points for not projectile vomiting into the crowd of rabid teenagers with cameras
    He actually is really talented. Who can else puke and sing simultaneously?
    He's not that talented, when he was puking it was a back track that was singing. That means he probably lip synchs at his concerts. Anybody could do that.
    I think this might have been his first show using in ear monitors and he could actually hear what he was playing. Causing him to chunder.
    Evangelion 00
    Funny but the only problem with this comment is that, if u read the article, it say he was 'singing' to a backtrack ie no monitors needed.
    This unimaginative comment has the medal!? WTF is going on are you people really that stupid?
    you actually read the comment?
    I just think the whole "hurr hurr Justin Bieber sux lol" is a bit old.
    really? at least he did it in a creative and funny way, instead of just saying that he sucks! ... Justin Beiber sucks.
    You're right, man It doesn't matter where you go on youtube, there's always people saying shit about him, it was funny at first, but it's gotten to a point where we all know he sucks, and all these comments are getting so repetitive too. We don't need to read it everywhere we go. Even on videos that have nothing to do with beiber, there are people saying stuff about him. What happened to not caring about people you don't like?
    don't worry man, i agree with you. why hate on a 18 year old, oh yeah cause everyone on here is a kid, i keep forgetting.
    Dude, you gotta be quick if you want gold. A comment could be golden but if it's not of the first 10-15 comments or so, a so-so comment is more likely to take gold.