Justin Bieber Sued For Allegedly Punching Bodyguard

Famous pop singer reportedly hit his minder several times in the chest before firing him.

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Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is reportedly being sued by his former bodyguard for lashing out at him.

The "Baby" singer allegedly punched his ex-Israeli soldier minder in the chest several times during an argument in LA last year (2012) before firing him as he walked away, according to Sky News report.

Moshe Benabou's lawsuit against Bieber seeks an unspecified amount in damages for the assault accusations and more than $420,000 in lost overtime and other wages, which he claims was owed to him.

In a statement, Mr Benabou's attorney, Ilan Heimanson, wrote (via NME): "For nearly two years Mr Benabou devoted himself completely to ensuring Mr Bieber's personal safety. Mr Benabou deserved, as does any employee, to be treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, he was not."

Bieber's representatives have dismissed the claims made by Moshe Benabou saying the accusation that Bieber struck him is "absurd" and the ex-bodyguard was nothing more than a "disgruntled employee looking for money", says TMZ.

Meanwhile, online forum 4Chan has been criticised after it emerged that users of the site had conspired to convince Bieber fans to cut themselves and post the pictures online in an attempt to dissuade the teen singer from smoking marijuana.

YoungMinds, a British charity that aims to improve the mental health of young people, labelled the joke "irresponsible, reprehensible and extremely dangerous." Representative Lucie Russell said: "Self harming is not a fashion, fad or statement. It's a signal that young people are experiencing extreme distress and need help. Cutting is a self-destructive act that is a way of coping with overwhelming emotions."

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    Remind me again what the hell this is doing on a guitar site, invading my morning news?
    Does UG honestly think we care about Bieber news? Sure it was kinda funny the first couple times in a "haha-they're-trolling-us" kind of way, but it's just freakin' obnoxious now.
    i dont know but i would love to watch a fight between justin bieber and an israeli soldier
    Justin Beiber is this generation's Kurt Cobain. and judging by this article he's already hit the crazy britney years that kurt never got to see
    If Bieber is the Kurt of this generation, Gary Glitter should be allowed near children. This kind of sensationalist media crap should not be on this website, especially not from an artist based around pop orientated music
    Don't say that please, there are plenty of people who like good music its just all this modern stuff is easy to dance to when pissed.
    I can just imagine this butch bodyguard holding his head while beiber's swinging his arms trying hit the guy, crying his eyes out and saying this like 'wait until my mom hears about this!' and 'do you know who I am?' all the while the bodyguard is nearly wetting himself with laughter. At least I hope this is how it went down.
    inb4 replies about your avatar. But I could totally picture that happening, haha.
    This is what pisses me off with 'stars' no matter what genre they are in, after the claim success they think they are bigger than everybody else, I would bet all my money that Justin wouldn't of hit him if he wasn't stacked with cash and top end lawyers, cause that guy would of beat the living shit out of him, hes an ex Israeli soldier for Christs sake. I hate stars.
    Or, you don't believe everything you read on the internet. Seriously, you automatically assume that a little punk used an Israeli militant as a punching bag just because someone said so?
    I'm not stating that I 100% believe it to be true, it just seems plausible as a lot of people who reach stardom tend to gain an insanely huge ego and believe they can do anything to anyone.
    Fair enough
    Even if I were ripped, I would've taken the beating if it meant I could milk the situation for all its got. Not for the money, but to take him down a few notches, even if it's just a few. Plus, the idea that he would be "violent" towards someone looks bad from the public's point of view. He would still deserve it just for being a pompous little prick who gets his women delivered to him.
    I'm surprised nobody gave you thumbs down for your username being Liam Gallagher.. Just saying..
    Grizzly Beer
    To be fair every Israeli is ex-military, conscription is mandatory in that country. Even if you live abroad as soon as you hit 18 and you wish to retain Israeli citizenship you have to fly over and do your time.
    Can you just see him pussy swinging at his minder? He was probably crying too haha. 'You're not my mother bitch!'
    Burning weed, throwing up on stage, getting in fights with his crew, Beiber's slowly becoming less of a pussy xD
    I wouldn't call that a "fight." He punched him. If the Israeli Commando had to fight back, you wouldn't say Bieber's becoming less of a pussy. That bodyguard would be bombarded with death threats from 13y/o girls for hospitalizing their future boyfriend.
    Temper tantrums by an infantile pop star isn't the kind of news I'm looking for on here, UG.
    Come on UG we are better than, lets just save JB news for when he is dead.
    Next week on UG: "Justin Bieber has just gone to the toilet. The adventures of canadian pop star continue..."
    On a side-note YoungMinds knows what they are talking about in regards to the self destructive nature of self cutting. If this does get used in a joke against a douchebag and it loses it's impact to the observer many people could end up becoming worse off for it. For example if it became a fad and someone in actual distress cut themselves, it could be overlooked as trying to be trendy...
    Are you sure it isn't Justin Bieber suing the body guard for injuries? Because there's no way Bieber can do any damage to a bodyguard.
    I probably laughed at his wannabe-badass face expression in the photo much more than I should've.
    That bodyguard sure is clever by not kicking beiber's ass, he can get a lot money by suing him!
    Justin Bieber's new "hit" single is really getting in people's faces.
    He probably did it he hit a cop in the nuts with a water balloon before a concert n the only reason they couldn't lock him up was that they said it would start a riot he's a little bitch
    He looks like Anakin Skywalker as he is turning to the dark side in the picture.
    my question is, why didnt he just hit him back? sure, he probably would have lost his job n maybe got sued himself, but... How manu fans would THAT guy have?
    From what I heard (from a former crew member), his crew aren't allowed to smoke or drink alcohol in public...to maintain his "squeaky clean" image. If his former body guard was an Israeli Commando, look out! They're in the same category as the U.S. Navy Seal.
    Thank you UG for reminding what year it was last year, that had really been bugging me...
    Irwin Navarro
    And people still worship this fag? Seriously what is wrong with the world these days. Why not worship some more deserving artists such as Guns N Roses, Metallica, Dream THeater, Avenged Sevenfold.