Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Used as Torture Device in Washington High School

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Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Used as Torture Device in Washington High School
Call it inhumane, but Justin Bieber's hit single "Baby" was used as a mean of torture at the Tenino High School in Washington.

AsĀ Independent reports, the school board decided to play the song to students on constant repeat until they managed to come up with enough money to reach the charity goal. The track was played during every recess and lunch break until the $1,200 sum was reached to help the underprivileged children in Ghana.

"For some of them it's incentive to donate because they don't want to hear it anymore," student body president Connor Stakelin told King 5 News.

"Beavers, stop the Bieber," read a sign at one of the water cooler jugs. Luckily for everyone involved, the goal was lowered to $500, but then exceeded, as the final figure reached by students was $900.

The money was sent to Crossover International Academy in Ghana and "Baby" was put on hold, turning the situation into a double win. "It helps kids that don't have meals, they don't even have a bed to lie on at night and in their school they don't even have more than one piece of paper per day," Stakelin added.
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