Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Used as Torture Device in Washington High School

Song played to students on repeat until charity goal was reached.

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Call it inhumane, but Justin Bieber's hit single "Baby" was used as a mean of torture at the Tenino High School in Washington.

As Independent reports, the school board decided to play the song to students on constant repeat until they managed to come up with enough money to reach the charity goal. The track was played during every recess and lunch break until the $1,200 sum was reached to help the underprivileged children in Ghana.

"For some of them it's incentive to donate because they don't want to hear it anymore," student body president Connor Stakelin told King 5 News.

"Beavers, stop the Bieber," read a sign at one of the water cooler jugs. Luckily for everyone involved, the goal was lowered to $500, but then exceeded, as the final figure reached by students was $900.

The money was sent to Crossover International Academy in Ghana and "Baby" was put on hold, turning the situation into a double win. "It helps kids that don't have meals, they don't even have a bed to lie on at night and in their school they don't even have more than one piece of paper per day," Stakelin added.

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    "In other news, school absences reached an all-time high this week at Tenino High..."
    "...Along with self-harming, lack of sleep from students, a habit of crawling up in a corner and rocking silently"
    As James Hetfield does at the end of MOP... AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
    the school had to go to extreme measures just to get kids to donate? looks like they did an excellent job
    Here's a better device: put 1 or 2 of them in the back of Bieber's Lamborghini whilst he's high on marijuana and speeds/participates in drag racing. They'll be scared for their lives.
    It's a good idea, but, teachers keep complaining about kids not doing shit in school. Like they will do it better with a chick screaming in the left ear.
    Top reading of the actual article mate. Note the part where it says every recess and lunch break.
    link no1
    So, donations are still donations when you get tortured for not donating? I find this pretty awful. Why force kids to donate when most of them probably only have their dinner money and others probably have no money at all (bring their lunch from home). And what about children from poorer families who feel forced to give what little money they have? I would understand if children had jobs and could afford to donate but yano, 'torturing' them into doing it is just wrong. Hope the school gets sued or something.
    So much this. It's not a donation if you are coerced. That's theft. Sure, theft for a good cause. But, theft nonetheless. The school should be sued. Something like give the students their money back while making someone high up replace the money returned so that the charity doesn't lose out. Then the students can donate if they actually want to, rather than are coerced to.
    I really dont liek that they did this. They basically blackmailed the student body into donating money. of course its a good cause, but noone should be blackmailed into donating anything, especially in this case where students arent allowed to leave the school. wouldnt be surprised if the soccer moms of the area sued the school in the next few weeks.
    Bad Kharmel
    I'd be okay with this if it were directed at problem students, or as a punishment, but being one who remembers how much money I actually had in high school this is not cool, charity is great but you should really focus on people who actually have money instead of tormenting those who are for all intents and purposes poor to try to scrape money out of them
    Agreed. Torturing children for their money, it's like Obamacare, socialism. Donate or be fined! Home school your kids, dumb libtards in the school admin. are Nazis.
    Your comment is very flawed. I have to say something about it. "libtards" as you call them are LEFT wing progressives, Nazis are RIGHT wing nationalist conservatives, so it's idiotic to compare the two. Second, I have no idea why the evil entity (as defined by American Republicans) known as "socialism," so scary. I'm Canadian, and we have a "socialized" health care system and you know what, most people are proud of it (even the conservatives). "Socialized" health care saves lives, ensures that the poor can get treatment, ensures that pre-existing conditions don't matter. You aren't judged, you get the care you need. In that case, "socialism" makes perfect sense. If you don't believe that, you're either too rich for your own good or brainwashed by the Republicans. Lastly, maybe it's not right to torture kids to raise money, but it's for a charity; for a good cause. Lots of progressive schools these days advocate social justice and charity. This is a good thing because people are becoming ever-increasingly self-centered and ignorant.
    Thank you! ^ it's funny, in the states, if you watch CNN/MSNBC/Fox News, you get this arragont republican view believing that any other form of politics is "the wrong way, the commie way." I've had many friends say stupid shit because of what they heard off of those media outlets
    Yeah, everything's for a good cause until it's your money or your kids when you don't really have a lot of it to begin with.
    Bad Kharmel
    you wondered why the entity know as "socialism" is so scary,its because one of the tenants of Leninist communism is destroy the bastions of capitalism and create an entirely communist world, which in the mid 1900s meant that it wanted to topple what the US understood as its very way of life, so in the US the government went on a campaign against anything that was remotely communist/socialist leaving many unaware of what was actually a Marxist or Leninist idea, and what was classical conservatism, the European and Canadian health care systems are much closer to classical conservatism than actual socialism (classical conservatism is also something the US doesn't like much, its part of the reason why the Queen of England isn't our head of state, also look into classical liberalism), and likewise I didn't say anything that was particularly right wing, that was the next guy, I just think that instead of tormenting students with bieber to make them give up what little money they have, they should go after bieber himself who could contribute way more with way less pain, and social justice is kind of a confusing, and a first worldy problem so I don't think it belongs being advocated by schools, but it could be taught as an idea along with other ideas so the students can decide for themselves
    My high school did that once. They stopped after I walked around school blasting Dimmu Borgir.
    Leave it to America to torture their students with godawful music until they cave in and "donate" for "charity." LAND OF THE FREE! Not that I'm that against charity, but forcing people to donate sort of ruins it.
    For me that's not a problem ! Bieber is quite listenable...
    To be fair, I unwittingly heard one of his tunes the other day and thought "Oh, this is some acceptable yet not stellar modern RnB" Then I realised who it was and died a bit inside.
    The thing with bieber is that the song Baby was just terrible and his voice was almost girl-like. The problem now that he's matured, is that he's just a dick. I think his singing voice is fine, just the music and his reputation sucks major balls
    in my opinion bieber is just as listenable as a lot of modern commercial 'popstars', which isn't saying much admittedly. He's just getting picked on much more 'cause he rose to incredible fame and has millions and millions of dollars at such a young age and all the girls are in love with him. so basically: jealousy
    Bad Kharmel
    while I agree Bieber gets more crap than he deserves, I don't believe its so much jealousy as much as a misplaced dislike of how the music industry works, as it turns out girls in their early teens are one of the largest purchasers of music and also tend to have no taste or maturity (given their age), then are subsequently easily swayed by marketing, and become the demographic that props up our "megastars" which is likewise why many of us see popular music as simple and juvenile, because that's the point
    That's the way its always been going back to the 50's. Difference is that in the past some stars grew and evolved and began writing good music and the various genres of rock \& jazz fusion music were born. Nowadays there is no music evolution & all the younger generation has produced in the last 10 years is more of the same garbage....
    Mainstream music has never been the most original music. Mainstream music is mainstream music because it follows the trends of the day, meaning that it can't be anything original. Not all music today is mainstream music and there's more music made than ever before because making music is so much easier. There's always been mainstream music. It's not a 2010s thing. But why older music seems to be "better" than contemporary music is because nobody remembers the cheesy mainstream pop songs. The only songs we remember are the "best" songs from those decades - they are more timeless than mainstream pop songs that only worked because they were released when that kind of music was in. Mainstream music is dependent on trends.
    I find that in any new "fad", there's an inkling of creativity at the start that dies down rather quickly. You can't tell me that grunge, disco, hip-hop, electronic music and I guess even hair metal didn't have some creativity in them when they first started. Someone had to have the idea. It's when the idea gets ripped off to oblivion that it's an issue.
    I would've just not have shown up to school. If I was there, I'd just play The Black Dahlia Murder or Carcass to scare everyone away...
    Best reason I ever heard to beat the living shit out of a school principal.