Justin Timberlake Wants To Be More Like Pink Floyd And Led Zeppelin

Popular singer talks about his new album and the musical influence of several classic rock bands.

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It seems as if Justin Timberlake went for a bit more mature musical approach with his forthcoming studio release, "The 20/20 Experience". If you check out the album's track list, you'd notice that eight out of ten songs cross the 6-minute mark, building up a total length of 70 minutes, not something you'd expect from JT.

And it turns out the 32-year-old was influenced by some of the classic rock greats during the album sessions, citing the likes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd as the main ones.

"The average song length is probably seven to eight minutes. When we were making the record I said: 'If Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin can do 10-minute songs and Queen can do 10-minute songs then why can't we?' Well figure out the radio edits later", the singer told during his appearance on Capital Breakfast Show.

And with One Direction's Harry Styles being caught in a Rush "Presto" t-shirt on several occasions, Justin isn't the only pop star who's into rock these days.

The "FutureSex/LoveSounds" follow-up is set for release on March 15, 2013 via RCA Records. As Timberlake's third studio album, it will be the first one in almost seven years, marking the end of singer's musical break he took back in 2007.

So will you be checking this one out now? Do you think he can match the rock giants he listed there, at least to a certain point? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Good ol' JT. At least he's trying something different. Always had a soft spot for his music. Looking forward to this now!
    so the only connection with PF and LZ here is that he wants to make 10 min long songs
    Timberlake is actually a very talented individual. He is the exception to the pop star stereotype.
    I'm not a big fan of his music at all (bar a few choice tunes) but I really got nothin' against the bloke. You can tell he genuinely does it for the passion of the music, even if the music aint all that inspirational...
    You know, it's funny. Never thought this many people on UG had the respect for him.
    Let the flaming begin. Not a fan of his music but I think it's cool that he's trying to expand creatively, which is virtually unheard of amongst most pop "artists."
    He's not expanding anything. He's saying this to get people to buy his music.
    You realize people aren't gonna go a mindlessly buy it, right? They'll go to this great thing called the internet to hear it first.
    I appreciate the effort.. Don't know if I will like the record, since I'm not a huge JT fan, but I respect him for this.
    Say what you will about the guy, but I don't think there's a single thing that Justin Timberlake cannot excel at.
    I don't care what anyone says, JT is awesome and quite the talented guy. He's an amazing actor and he knows how to make an album people will like, maybe not everyone but people who like pop music for sure. I'll admit he's got a few songs that I don't mind, I'm interested in seeing how this album turns out for him.
    The dude groped Mila Kunis. He gets a free-pass for his less than stellar music for life.
    I don't think Queen ever made a 10-minute track though... with the exception of Made in Heaven's hidden track.
    Him and Jack White were the two best performances of the Grammys, and while that's not saying MUCH, he's at least more original and creative than most of the other manufactured pop artists out there. Cheers to JT.
    Josh Reubenking
    You know, Justin may be a pop musician, but he's actually not that bad. He's on that is actually tolerable. And, he doesn't rely on autotune or lip synching live. And he's done really good for himself during and after NSYNC. With his solo career and acting and all that. Good to have him back in the music world. I'd rather hear "Suit and Tie" or even "Sexyback" than shit like Nicki Minaj or One Direction (or Wrong Direction I call them). Welcome back, JT.
    JT in my opinion is quite underrated. 'Lovestoned/I Think That She Knows Interlude' in full is a brilliant piece. I don't know if this direction will work, but if his past solo songs (I'm not counting NSYNC) are anything to go by, this will be a kickass record
    Queen doesn't do 10 minute songs... Their longest song is The Prophets Song, at just over 8 minutes.
    Honestly, I'm not a big JT fan, but I'll give this a listen to see if I like this, I'm definitely interested!
    If you're paying attention to the length of the song and purposely trying to make your songs a certain length... you're doing it wrong.
    I think he was using it more as an excuse, like he felt okay that his songs were that long. Not that he wrote them to be that long.
    Darth Wader
    I heard the first single.....um.....no.
    That single (Suit & Tie) would fit right in on any classic Marvin Gaye or Al Green record. Unless you genuinely just dislike that entire genre of music, than you're just biased because he used to be in NSYNC
    You know, IMHO JT is one of the only good pop stars out their. I'll be curious to see how it sounds (Even though the article only mentions the lengths).
    15 years ago when he was in NSYNC, the last thing I ever thought I'd say was that I respect Justin Timberlake as an artist. He actually DOES have talent to go along with great taste. You could tell on FutureSex he was no longer just your average sh**y pop star, and I expect his new stuff to be even better
    he said lenth of songs like them not that he is getin jimmy page in toplay **** ug are twisted with headlines would know the new writers coing in
    Nero Galon
    How much of this is true I don't know... Like most popstars he's made some terrible music, but as far as pop goes he did maybe 1 good song which is impressive. Anyways, sure he's a genuine guy.
    His other albums have unnecessarily-long songs as well. This is not a new concept to him. The idea of stretching most of the songs beyond their reach for the entire album apparently is, I guess. I don't think this is a mentality one should have when they're recording. You should record whatever you were inspired to, not some contrived music to achieve a certain length in a song. I personally don't appreciate songs that are too long, unless there is a purpose for it. Give me LZ's Achilles Last Stand, not JT's Amnesia. Cut that junk up, too much filler. Keep it reasonable, or have it be worthwhile.