Kanye West Begs Crowd to Start Mosh Pit During Festival Performance

The triumphant set reportedly featured an odd rant from Mr West.

Ultimate Guitar

According to a recent Spin report, Kanye West delivered somewhat of a different crowd request during an appearance on Made in America festival in Philadelphia, reportedly begging the audience to start a mosh pit.

"Lest you expect that he's tamed his live set in the wake of his high-concept 'Yeezus' shows, he put on a performance as spirited as ever, but devoid of the usual sort of industry tirades and self-reflective rants," the article reads.

"The whole set was streamed live, and fortunately it's been preserved online. So you can catch 'Yeezus' in all his glory, speaking positively of tabloid papers and begging the crowd form a circle pit and start moshing during his encore performance of 'Blood on the Leaves.' It's all triumphant stuff and you should watch the first half above and the second half below via Pitchfork. The Made in America live stream continues today over at the festival's website," the report concludes

So, the clip awaits below.

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    Using autotune in the studio is one thing... Using it live is just ****ed up
    It's an effect. That's like complaining about The Edge putting all that delay on his guitar. It gives it a sound that fits the music.
    Auto tune can be used as an effect or a cover up. Same thing as a guitar pedal. Like adding static to your voice is completely ok. Or putting an effect on it. But if your using auto tune when you can't sing then it's messed up. But people use wah pedals to make themselfs sound like better guitar players .
    He isn't using auto-tune to correct his pitch but he's using it like T-Pain. Listen to Touch The Sky, no auto-tune there.
    Rebel Scum
    I'm sure the word begging here is exaggerated but its pretty lame that Kayne would want people to mosh/circle pit to this type of music as it doesn't exactly endear itself to it. Also its not fun being at a party and someone is telling you how to have fun at the party.
    B!tch, how you a musician again? Right, right...
    Ye man, how's he a musician? How's a guy whose music I've seen constantly referred to as an influence by modern musicians worth mentioning? How is a guy that Gob and Lou Reed say "keeps music interesting" worth giving any props to? Grow up. You don't have to chug a guitar in Drop C to be a musician.
    There were some rock bands as co-headliners. So my guess is that he saw people moshing to Rise Against or one of the other bands there and wanted similar vibes.
    Clutch Control
    Was a much more mature and interesting show from Kanye. Good setlist and a little more humility than I ever thought I'd see from the man. The 'drop' is mosh-able to I suppose too.
    People insulting Kanye West in 3... 2... 1.., oh, wait, it has already started!
    UG post this knowing a lot of the users hate him. Say what you want but he'll perform at his best and doesn't settle for anything less. He even stopped in a middle of a couple songs to get the lighting and effects right.
    Stopping in the middle of a song is a big middle finger to the audience. You'd fix things up between songs, not pull the plug as people are enjoying themselves because your ****ing ego doesn't like something at any given moment.
    I agree, I saw Kamelot this friday, and during their second song they had some trouble with the guitar coming through, so afterwards Thomas Youngblood said something along the lines of "we're having a small problem with the guitar, but that's what that song sounds like without guitar."
    Really? If a band/performer stops because the lights were wrong, they should pull themselves together and not waste time that could be spent playing more songs. Unless there's a massive technical failure leading to a blackout or something drastic, keep going, no one's gonna give that much of a damn about the lights being the wrong shade of blue.
    Lol. Stopping in the middle of a song to get the lighting and effects right is not a sign of a showman "performing at his best". It's a sign of a douchebag with a massive ego, who cares more about looking good on camera than giving his live audience what they paid for.
    If a metal band stopped in the middle of a show to get lighting and effects fixed you would have a very pissed off crowd
    That's because this clown and his ilk are all image, and no substance. That's like stopping a show to put some makeup on. Gimme a break.
    Are you kidding? The Hallmark of a great performer is their ability to GRACEFULLY handle mistakes. If a pianist flubs a note or two, they don't then stop the performance, back it up, and replay the passage correctly; they allow the mistake to disturb and distract the audience as little as possible by continuing on with the piece.
    WTF ss he talking about? Talking random shit.South Park made fun of him being a Gay fish. Not going to fashion shows? lol Also he even sounds bad using autotune.
    Reason i hate music like this. It's so fake.Between the fake chipmunk sounds. No real instruments used at all. Come on he's even using pre recorded singing for the choruses. I guess people are easily entertained these days. Shut your mind off and just give in to whatever this is?
    "Hey awwdience, I respec choo, and I'ma letcha finish. But ya'll should mawsh nah."
    Now shit would get real, if Justin tries to do this in the future, since he goes arround sucking West's ass
    I just can't wrap my head around what people like about his music when there are so many phenomenal rappers that are so much better than him in every single way without being egotistical douches. I'm starting to wonder if some people like him because he's a douche.
    I think Kayne is a huge douche, but some of his songs are incredible man. I don't really listen to this genre but still. But most of the times it's more the producers work than Kanye
    I can understand liking a couple of songs but I've listened to his music and most of it is just meh. I don't understand the people who talk about him like he's this amazing rapper when he's really just decent and not worth the second glance.
    what? black ppl mosh? i think they're gonna have to start wearing belts if they want to keep their pants up higher than their ankles in the pit lol...