Kanye West Begs Crowd to Start Mosh Pit During Festival Performance

artist: Kanye West date: 08/31/2014 category: wtf?

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Kanye West Begs Crowd to Start Mosh Pit During Festival Performance
According to a recent Spin report, Kanye West delivered somewhat of a different crowd request during an appearance on Made in America festival in Philadelphia, reportedly begging the audience to start a mosh pit.

"Lest you expect that he's tamed his live set in the wake of his high-concept 'Yeezus' shows, he put on a performance as spirited as ever, but devoid of the usual sort of industry tirades and self-reflective rants," the article reads.

"The whole set was streamed live, and fortunately it's been preserved online. So you can catch 'Yeezus' in all his glory, speaking positively of tabloid papers and begging the crowd form a circle pit and start moshing during his encore performance of 'Blood on the Leaves.' It's all triumphant stuff and you should watch the first half above and the second half below via Pitchfork. The Made in America live stream continues today over at the festival's website," the report concludes

So, the clip awaits below.

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