Kanye West 'Setlist' Revealed, but It's Better to Call It 'Rantlist'

Despite the fact it's fake, it's brilliant and sounds terribly true.

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Kanye West has become as famous for his mental on-stage rants as he has his music. To celebrate that fact, a brilliant "Kanye rant setlist" has been created. Check it out below (via Gigwise).

Recent headline-grabbing, audience-splitting rants include his "I'm going after Walt Disney" one at Bonnarroo and last weekend's "f--k my face" speech at Wireless festival.

Now, to celebrate Yeezy's forked tongue, the very good people at Funny or Die have devised this awesome setlist with rant prompts. Some of them are based on reality ("17 minute rant about why I'm mad at Louis Vuitton right now" and "20 minute rant about how I invented the concept of leather sweatpants") while others are just insane enough to be future outbursts ("Toyotas cause cancer," "Why can't we sit on clouds?" "Ball point vs Gel pens" and "Ferries are the new bridge").

Go check it out yourselves.

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    Somebody put him onstage with Rody from Protest the Hero and see who can out-rant the other.
    Where's the 25 minute rant where he explains to the audience how he's like Jesus?
    I wasn't aware Kanye started taking a page out of Panic at the Disco!'s book and naming songs with titles longer than run on sentences
    Hitler had a similar setlist when he preformed for the masses on his European tour. Although I think Hitler was a lot less self-absorbed than Kanye if that is even possible.
    You mock Kanye and your name is Jorge. Playing on the enemy's side are we? =)
    Henry Rollins could out-rant this joker any day of the week.
    That's probably because Henry rants about things that matter. I really like Kanye's music, but so many people don't give him a fair chance because of is egoistical opinions.
    This is pretty funny, although I must say, I've seen Kanye twice in the past year, and the stage production alone beats every concert I've ever seem other than Rammstein. You can hate all you want, but the man puts on an epic and unforgettable show
    I go to concerts for music, not theatrics. That's just me though.
    Just the music? I can't believe that's true. If you wanted the music, you'd just listen to the recordings. You're really telling me that you don't enjoy he performance, the energy, the crowd? You just stand in the back, close your eyes, and listen to the music? Where the **** is the fun in that?
    No matter how great show and theatrics you have it can't save from piss poor music.
    matteo cubano
    I saw him too and it was spectacular, plus I really dig some of his production and his first record or two as a whole. But why not go for theatrics? Sometimes you go to concerts for music and sometimes for a good show. You can do both and appreciate both. Why not experience as much variety of concerts as you can?
    No idea how you got upvotes for completely misinterpreting what I said. I don't consider thw audience, or the band playing as theatrics. I don't need fireworks, light shows, dancers on stage or any other unrelated distractions. All I need is the band and their instruments.
    Lots of people on this site would say they only go for the music in this case, but would praise the energy and theatrics Queen had live.
    At least he's ambitious; I reckon there's a good chance he'll be a billionaire in 10 years time. I mean, he's the most awarded artist for his age and one of the most influential of this millennium. He has money, cultural influence, high self-esteem and a clear(ish) vision of what he wants out of life. I reckon there's a lot to admire about the man. More than he is usually given credit for anyway