Kanye West Wins Lawsuit Against 'Coinye' Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency, inspired by the rapper, is no longer exist.

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Kanye West has won a lawsuit against the creators of the Coinye Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency inspired by the rapper, NME reports.

The case began in January, when West's lawyers issued a cease-and-desist letter against the anonymous creators of the parody currency, citing gimmick infringement and demanding that the coding service hand over their website and deactivate any social media accounts associated with it.

In response to the letter, the coin's creators added a fishtail to the logo of the singer's face – in reference to the "South Park" "Fishsticks" episode that mocks West for taking himself too seriously and not having a sense of humour.

According to NBC, West's lawyers then filed a trademark-infringement lawsuit a few days later, which led to Coinye's creators backing down and tweeting that it has been "dispersed."

Most of those named defendants lost by default as they failed to respond to the allegations, the documents filed this week show, and three settled with West.

Most of the unnamed developers never responded to West's lawyers, so it has now been announced that they have lost the case by default.

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    Even though Kanye won the lawsuit, I can't help but to feel that these "unnamed developers" are the real winners here.
    Yeah, he's kinda proving their point.. That he's a prick without a sense of humor.
    "They never responded to West's lawyers"... LOL why would they bother? Apparantely Kanye is still a big baby, and STILL doesn't get the Fish sticks joke!
    "Think you can make fun of me? I'm a genius! I'm the voice of a generation!"