Katy Perry: 'Mick Jagger Took Me on Dinner Hit on Me When I Was 18!'

The singer denies all accusations. "Perhaps she is confusing me with someone else," he says.

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Pop star Katy Perry recently revealed that the Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger took her to dinner when she was 18 and even made a pass at her. As Perry told Nova FM radio, it all happened at the time when she was recording backing vocals on Jagger's "Old Habits Die Hard" track. According to the singer, the fact that she was barely an adult didn't prevent Mick from hitting on her. "I was 19 maybe, I did a lot of stuff behind the scenes," she explained. "I did backing vocals on Miley Cyrus' album. I actually went to dinner with him one time, and he hit on me when I was like 18!" Katy was then asked about how she turned down such a music icon. "Well you bring a friend and then they do them!" she jokingly replied. "You sacrifice your friend!" Jagger was quick to react by denying accusations via press release. As TMZ reports, the 70-year-old singer noted that he "categorically denies" hitting on Perry. "Perhaps she is confusing me with someone else," he added.

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    Oh look, I appear to have stumbled onto Perez Hilton's website. It's also nice to know UG has anyone checking that their headlines make grammatical sense.
    Sorry but its like Jagger's saying "TITS!" in the photo up there.
    I imagine it sounding longer and more drunk than that-- more like "tiiiiittssss! YEAH!!!". Perfect pic UG.
    'Mick Jagger Took Me on Dinner Hit on Me When I Was 18!' Why can't UG string a coherent sentence together?
    Tom Ak40
    I'm going to assume she said yes and thats how her career was started.
    "and he hit on me when I was like 18!" Rihanna feels your pain, Katy...
    I think she is a big step up from David Bowie (not musically!) Mick, I would so do her too! Viagra is a helluva drug!
    Who wouldn't?! I don't like her music, but god damn was her "Roar" video a delight!
    Yes, Mick, Because everybody has trouble confusing you with other people...it's not like you're a founding member of rock&roll...