Katy Perry Sued by Christian Rappers for Stealing a Song and Being a Witch

Christian group take issue with "Dark Horse."

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A Christian rapper collective are suing Katy Perry, saying she copied their song without permission for her hit, "Dark Horse."

AsĀ Gigwise reports, Missouri vocalists Marcus Gray, Chike Ojukwu, Emanuel Lambert and Lecrae Moore have filed lawsuits against Perry, rapper Juicy J and producer Dr Luke, alleging they ripped off their 2008 track "Joyful Noise" for "Dark Horse."

The gospel singers are also accusing Perry of tarnishing "Joyful Noise" with "witchcraft, paganism and Illuminati imagery."

"Indeed, the music video of 'Dark Horse' generated widespread accusations of blasphemy and an online petition signed by more than 60,000 demanding removal of an offensive religious image from the video," add the quartet in their lawsuit. They're seeking damages and demands that Perry stop using any form of their music.

You can compare Flame and Lecrae's "Joyful Noise" and "Dark Horse" below.

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    Suing for being a witch? Yeah, the 1600s called....
    Accusing not suing.. theres a difference. They are just suing her because the beat of the song sounded similar to a track these guys did back in 08. Which by the way it kinda does.
    Yes, let's sue her for being a witch. I don't think Katy Perry is Pagan (in fact, I think she is Christian) but it's telling that people are upset even by Pagan imagery. A lot of Christian rites originate in Pagan traditions. Examples: Easter resembles the sabbat Ostara, some of the practices under Ostara still continue in Eastern European nations where Orthodox Christianity or Catholicism prevail. The Sabbat Yule correlates with Christmas and a lot of the traditions under Yule originate from Germanic Paganism. That's not all! The wedding ceremony and even the vows spoken under this correlate with hand-fasting. PLUS the story of Jesus bears an uncanny resemblance to Egyptian mythology, which in turn resembles Sumerian myth regarding - wait for it - Inanna/Ishtar. So the original resurrection story was about a female. Why demonstrate intolerance for the origins of your traditions and values? Oh wait, because they think they can generate outrage and this will help them cash in...
    Shh, there's no time for reals, only feels. That petition is probably about "cultural appropriation" too, to the poor Ancient Egyptians, because everyone needs something to complain about these days.
    The petition was months old and it was about a guy wearing a necklace that said "Allah" in Arabic script who got turned into sand. The shot was quickly removed from the video, almost as if the label had anticipated it causing offence. This article doesn't make that clear though.
    There is BARELY a similarity. I bet they're trolling to garner more attention.
    I wet myself when the guy started rapping. Surely it's a parody.
    jman99 · Jul 04, 2014 05:45 PM
    jman99 · Jul 04, 2014 04:10 PM
    so the beatles can sue oasis for every song they ever wrote then????? dumbass christian rappers. THEY should be sued for wasting court time.
    As a Christian suing her for being a witch is just plain dumb maybe they have a legit reason to sue for the song but the witch and other stuff is just a no.
    ...so a 4 note generic electronic melody type thing? I swear I probably came up with a riff like that the first time I ever played a guitar. The 2 songs are different enough to not warrant plagiarism so it sounds to me like a cash grab. I'm not even gonna touch the Illuminati/witch thing because it is beyond idiotic.
    the difference between both of these artists sucking, is me not minding katy perry doing it all night long.
    hahaha. What times have changed before the witches were ugly fat, old, wrinkled and toothless; and now ... Uffff ... with witches like this ... where I have to sign?
    Suing someone for putting three notes in the same order as you...holy **** this music is boring. X)
    unless someone broke a guitar on her head, what's the guitar relation exactly?
    My opinion maybe unpopular as I am a christian myself, but she obviously did steal the verse. They are not suing her for being a witch. They are suing her for the imagery in the story. Reading goes a great deal. They are suing her for stealing the song, and using imagery they feel tarnishing the song. However I feel they should have just stuck with suing for the stealing of the song. However sadly that imagery is all over the place with pop music. Pop Music sucks anyways.
    One great day I'm going to sue the sh*t out of Christian bands for ''offending'' me with all their Christian imagery.
    oh look, it's one of those loudmouth "I hate christians and their religion! they try to shove it down my throat! HEY! are you listening?! I SAID: I HATE CHRISTIANS.."
    He could have worded that better. But that is pretty much what these rappers are doing here.....
    Oh dear. Folks still think they can own samples. bleep bleep bleep bleep bloop bloop bloop blooop
    They know that they can't actually sue Katy Perry for having a similar beat, right? Melody and lyrics, that's all you can sue for, not rhythm, not non-melodic beeping noises