Ke$ha And Iggy Pop's 'Dirty Love' Duet Revealed

artist: Ke$Ha date: 11/28/2012 category: wtf?

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Ke$ha And Iggy Pop's 'Dirty Love' Duet Revealed
Ke$ha and Iggy Pop's duet "Dirty Love" has been unveiled. The track features on Ke$ha's forthcoming album "Warrior". "Warrior" is due out on December 3 and as well as The Stooges main man also features guest appearances from The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas and drummer Fab Moretti. Casablancas and Moretti appear on the song "Only Wanna Dance With You". Ke$ha said of their cameo: "They just were down, and I was down... They're part of a long list of some of my favourite bands that have actually collaborated with me on this record. It's really exciting for me to work with people that are unexpected. I hope people freak out." The Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney also appears on the record, as NME reports. "Patrick's actually a really good friend of mine," said Ke$ha. "I really wanted to capture that essence that my mum used to talk about - all my favourite records were made of people being friends and jamming and making music in an organic, spontaneous way, and I wanted to capture as much of that in a pop record as I could."
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