Ke$ha: 'I'll Work With Keith Richards Or Die Trying'

Ke$ha has said she's desperate to collaborate with The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, and will keep trying until she dies.

Ultimate Guitar

The singer, who recently claimed to have had sex with a ghost, is apparently a huge fan of the guitarist and said it is her dream to one day collaborate with him on a track.

She told: "Keith Richards is the end-all and be-all for me. I'm gonna keep trying to work with him until the day I die probably."

Ke$ha releases her second album "Warrior" on December 3. The first single off the new album "Die Young" was released in the US on September 25, and is due out in the UK on November 25, according to NME.

Meanwhile, the singer's autobiography goes on sale. "My Crazy Beautiful Life" will show a "not all glamorous" side to her life. Speaking about her 192 page memoir via publishers Simon and Schuster, Ke$ha said: "In less than three years, I've gone from being the worst waitress in LA to living out my childhood dreams of singing my songs to people all over the world. Sometimes, it feels as if the last few years have encompassed a few decades."

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    There's nothing more infuriating than seeing someone like this get a ****ing autobiography when they've been around for HOW LONG? 15 MINUTES? Fuck sakes. Also, this bitch ripped off the singer Uffie HUGE
    She is soooo desperate for some cred and makes pathetic recycled Poptard shitt! She sucks and nothing but a poser slut who comes off more like a dirty groupie than an actusl artist... Ask Alice Cooper... He probably banged
    She's successfully trolling people like you. It's pretty obvious that this is a persona and she knows exactly what she's doing. Trolling butthurt rock fans and making money off of teen girls. Killing two birds with one stone.
    I'd post that Peter Griffin video "Who the hell cares" but I dislike Family Guy as much as this tone deaf rock-wannabe
    I can get close to orgasm by just concentrating. You need to find the equilibrium of serenity and sexual thought. Just saying.
    Why do people start writing autobiographies at young ages all of a sudden. Isn't that something you should start thinking about when you're 60-something?
    Wouldn't you need to be able to sing if you wanted to do a collab with Keith Richards in the first place?