Kenny Loggins To Host a Radio Station in GTA V

The famous singer/songwriter will host the classic-rock station heard in the game, which will be released on Sept. 17.

Ultimate Guitar

The soundtrack and score to the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto V" video game is packed with well-known stars of hip-hop, rock, soul and classic rock. Kenny Loggins will host the classic-rock station heard in the game, which will be released on Sept. 17, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

The game's soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich told Rolling Stone that Loggins is one of several stars who jumped at the chance to host a station or provide original music for the latest outing in the popular video-game series. "This is the most exciting soundtrack we've done, in terms of whos hosting and the music on the actual radio stations," he said. "This is our biggest accomplishment."

Funk legend Bootsy Collins hosts the '80s funk station, actress Pam Grier hosts the soul station and hip-hop producer DJ Pooh hosts the rap station. There are also stations dedicated to modern rock, outlaw country and Mexican music.

Loggins is no stranger to providing music for soundtracks. His two biggest hits were heard in movies: "Danger Zone" comes from "Top Gun," and "Footloose" (a No. 1 song) was the title theme to the 1984 film.

Meanwhile, here's the official trailer for the upcoming game.

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    DANGER ZONE. Seriously, H. Jon Benjamin should be doing one of the radio stations on this game.
    I did not know about the Bootsy Collins station, now that is what made me truly excited here. Got it pre-ordered and can't wait!
    They need to bring back Ray Liotta for at least an appearance in this one
    I've never been excited for a GTA game, but man...I am beyond stoked. Bootsy Collins?