Kerry King on Hanneman's New Material: 'If It Ain't Awesome, You're Not Gonna Hear It

"It's gotta be reworked, and I plan on reworking it," Slayer guitarist says regarding Hanneman's posthumous song.

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Slayer guitarist Kerry King recently discussed the idea of posthumously releasing Jeff Hanneman's material as a part of the band's new album, stressing that if the tunes aren't good enough, they'll never see the light of day. King also noted that he plans on reworking certain parts to make the tracks properly glue together. As far as the rest of the album goes, the guitarist stated working on 11 demos since drummer Paul Bostaph's latest return to Slayer. According to Kerry, there's "an abundance of material" to go around with, as the band will hopefully hit the studio in January 2014. After revealing that both Hanneman and himself had a leftover song from the latest Slayer effort "World Painted Blood," King focused on Jeff's tune, saying it requires additional work. "Jeff's song he finished right at the end, so it was kind of like an afterthought," he told Revolver. "There's some good stuff on it, but good as a whole, it's gotta be reworked, and I plan on reworking it. I know Jeff wanted to rework it, so it's not like he's not here, so I'm gonna change his song. [laughs] I know he talked about rewriting lyrics for it." The guitarist explained further, "It's hard, because once a song is finished, it's hard to hear it any other way. You basically have to deconstruct it and start fresh. The verse will be the verse and the chorus will be the chorus, but all the glue in the middle, you've gotta deconstruct it and see what you can do to make it better. And I planned on working on that one; it's just that I've got a couple I'm working on I wanna finish first. And he's got, I think, two other strong ideas that I don't even think were done, so they're gonna need to be helped as well." Finally, King focused on the entire idea of Jeff's posthumous releases. "My big thing is, if we're gonna put out something that Jeff wrote, I've seen other musicians and bands [release] music [originally written] in the past, and it's generally not good. I don't want it to be perceived like that. If we're gonna put out Jeff's last contribution in Slayer, if it ain't awesome, you're not gonna hear it. So I wanna make it awesome, so you can hear it." Meanwhile, the group confirmed an exclusive US vinyl reissue of their ten efforts. According to the official website announcement, each of the albums was remastered from original analog flat master tapes. The full list of releases covers every Slayer studio record and a 1991 live album "Decade of Aggression: Live."

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    Auto play? Oh you better believe that's a paddlin'
    Had to search all my tabs to find what the hell was blasting out "In Rocksmith, plug in a real guitar and play!!!!!". Auto-playing videos should be blocked.
    I was under the assumption that all of Jeff's stuff was good.
    +100000. Jeff's weakest riffs are still better than Burger King's best riffs. He should just start calling it the Kerry King project. That's all this is turning into.
    Like I've said before. the day I read the credits for Reigning Blood, my mind was blown. It said that Jeff had written ALMOST ALL THE SONGS AND LYRICS. It was then I started questioning why Kerry was garnering all this fame.
    I love that I find a comment in pretty much every Kerry King article referring to him as "Burger King" :')
    What he means: "If I don't think its gonna sell many records, you're not gonna hear it"
    To be fair he does have a point, I'd rather Hanneman's posthumous legacy be a good one rather than something to milk his death.
    Being good or bad, and getting milked are not mutually exclusive. Hell, if it's good it'll get milked the ****-out
    I'm not saying it isn't, I'm just saying I'd rather have some posthumous material that's good rather than some bad material just for the sake of making money.
    Let Gary Holt finish Jeff's songs musically, and Tom lyrically and I PROMISE you it will be awesome.
    I, I, I rewrite it I redo it, I decide whats good whats not. What about Tom at least? Is he still in Slayer ?
    Is it just me, or are the thumbnails attached to Kerry King articles getting more and more sinister looking with each post?
    I want to hear Jeffs music before King sullys it! If anyone should be working on Jeffs material it should be know the guy he actually collaborated with
    Oh come on, a Hanneman fart would be better music than Kerry King stuff... Basically he will rework Hannemans awesome songs into his mediocre ones...
    Slayer is overrated.
    But there was no one like them back in the day. There have been many since. It's similar to when someone says Hendrix is over rated because anyone can get that sound. That is true NOW, but he was the first, then. The same goes for EVH's tapping, Halford's falsetto screams...
    I've literally heard no one that could just get Hendrix's sound today.
    Not to mention he released more material in 3 years than most of his peer bands did in their entire careers. Never heard anyone claim that they thought Hendrix was overrated, and if I did I immedeatly passed them off as some foolish wanker
    Would be awesome if they released Jeff's original demo as a bonus track. Don't think it'll happen tho.
    Marcus 90
    Kerry's idea of improving Jeff's song, add a shitload of wah wah, and whammy bar abuse.
    I really, really, really, really, REALLY dont want to hear Jeff's last material reworked by Kerry King
    Kerry's idea for new material: 00-000-00-000-00-000-00-000-000-000-xxxx----xxxx----xxxx
    I can understand where Kerry is coming from. Would you want to have the last thing released with Jeff to be less than "stellar" and mar his legacy?
    There's no way you can mar Jeff's legacy. He's already written classics and left his mark. Even if his new stuff is less than stellar, you can't take away the fact that he wrote Angel Of Death, Raining Blood, War Ensemble. These were the songs that practically put Slayer on the map.
    You can't mar a legacy with new stuff cuz the old stuff was so great? Oh really? Explain Megadeth and Metallica then.
    Good point. Metallica and Megadeth have gone down the crapper but can you question their influence on younger bands? That's also part of their legacy and something you can't exactly take from them. I'm not a huge fan of the newer material from either bands, but there's no denying that their influence is part of their legacy. Same can be said about Hanneman. Raining Blood is constantly cited as a huge inspiration to many metal musicians. That is part of Hanneman's legacy.
    I don't even listen to Slayer, but I hate that fat mother****er so much. He's nothing but a prima donna dictator with a god complex.
    Oh have you met him then? You must have surely??? Otherwise that would mean you're drawing a conclusion from what the press are reporting..... which can be biased and sensationalist.... Nah, yah must have met him... sorry to doubt you.
    Slayer should take a page from the Deftones. Put Jeff's stuff aside, do their next record, and give the band the time they need to release posthumous material. It would also be a good way to avoid sounding like a huge douche.
    Hey Kerry might be a dick,but he is slayer too and has written some great stuff and he says on the song that Jeff wrote that even Jeff was not happy with it but some parts are good .I am just glad they are putting in some of Jeffs stuff.I am really looking forward to this album.
    I think if they aren't good, the could just release them as demos at least :/ or b-sides even. Saying that they aren't good is a bit dick-ish and they probably kick major ass anway