Kerry King Talks New Slayer Album: 'I Took It Upon Myself to Finish Tons of Good Stuff'

"I'm stoked about everything we've got," the guitarist says.

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Focusing on the band's new material, Slayer guitarist Kerry King expressed great pride about the work he's done so far, confirming the group will stay on the same course as with previous three efforts. "I don't wanna tell anybody 'Yeah, we're trying this new progression and after doing this for 30 years we're gonna try something different,' that's just not how it is," King kicked off during a chat (via Brave Words), also noting that he's much more prepared in terms of finished material than during "World Painted Blood" sessions. "I wanted to be prepared," Kerry said. "I didn't know when Jeff [Hanneman] was alive if he was gonna come to the party at all so I just took it upon myself to finish tons of stuff, tons of good stuff, not just adequate filler. I'm stoked about everything we've got, whether it's mine or whether something we resurrect from Jeff." During a separate interview with the Star, King once again named January as a potential studio entrance date, confirming between 11 and 15 complete songs. Regarding the album's sound, he explained: "The most offensive question is 'How is your next record going to differ from your last one?' "It's not," the axeman continued. "That doesn't mean that the next 10 songs are gonna sound just like those songs, but that's not really why you like us, anyway - we're not that band that has to be the chameleon and change every couple of years and do a complete left turn. I don't listen to metal for that. I listen to metal because I like what bands sound like. I don't want them to sound different than they sound. Our new stuff, people are going to s--t. I'm proud." "World Painted Blood" saw its release in November 2009 via Columbia records.

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    Hi , I'm Kerry King and I Took It Upon Myself to Finish Tons of Good Stuff . Bacon , Nachos , Pork Pies , Deep fried battered Mars Bars , Chips etc , etc . Gives me a chubby belly , and that is the key to Heaviness .
    i sense more 7-string songs, drop C or whatever besides Eb, and 60-80% mid-tempo stuff
    Im pretty stoked i love everything these guys do but im not gonna cry if they never make another one.
    I don't listen to metal for that. I listen to metal because I like what bands sound like
    King is the kind of HappyMeal-demanding metalfan Mike Akerfeldt was describing, it seems ..
    On the one side, it's a shame they do it, but on the other side I'm actually interested what they've got. I hope that Gary will remain conscious and won't contribute to this, I wanna new Exodus album badly :c
    I saw Slayer this year at Soundwave Sydney and the line-up was Tom, Kerry, Gary Holt and Jon Dette. I can honestly say they were the best band on the day! even with only half orig line-up! Big call considering Metallica, Anthrax plus heaps of other awesome bands played that day. So bring on new Slayer album i say \m/
    "tons of good stuff, not just adequate filler." Has he heard any of his own solos? ZIIIING!
    Kerry king sucks as a guitarist, slayer died when Jeff died, Kerry is not making a slayer record, he is making a Kerry king album & it will suck. Rest in peace Jeff hanneman, lets all blast angel of death for Jeff.
    Kerry King said "That doesn't mean that the next 10 songs are gonna sound just like those songs, but that's not really why you like us…" So it IS going to be a complete left turn then?
    I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting tired of seeing Kerry King in the headlines of Ultimate Guitar almost everyday.
    "I took it upon myself to ensure that I collect the lion's share (plus some) of any royalties distributed for the next record." Seriously, this is all about Kerry's power play for everything Slayer. F him!!
    I read the title like this first: Kerry King Talks New Slayer Album: 'I Took It Upon Myself to Ruin Tons of Good Stuff'
    If it sounds exactly the same, why buy the same album again. You won't be getting my money this time Mr. King.
    So a key band member dies and everyone jumps on the "Kerry King sucks" bandwagon? Just because he wants to continue with Slayer? Very odd. Slayer rules.
    I don't like Burger because he's always come off as a douche. Now it seems like he's seizing the opportunity to completely take over and turn it into the Kerry King project. I've been a Slayer fan since I was a kid, and honestly, it was because of Jeff's songs that I became a Slayer fan.
    What? People hated King long before Jeff died. He basically treats Slayer like it's his bitch. He dominated the whole band for decades. The only reason he respected Jeff was because Jeff was clearly a better player. @Abacus11: I highly doubt that Jeff would have wanted Slayer to turn into the Kerry King Project either. They'd be respecting Jeff's legacy a lot more by just calling it quits than by turning Slayer into...this.
    While I agree King's attitude is not something I support, calling Jeff (bless him) "clearly a better player" does need some additional comments. If you are talking about, say, 1990, then yes, I wholeheartedly agree. But the last few years before his death, you could see his playing deteriorate. Take a look at his right hand technique on the Reign In Blood live DVD for example. It's awful. Now, that clearly didn't take away from his ability to compose amazing songs, but his did get sloppier and messier.
    Seriously, I couldn't agree more. It was incredibly sad when Jeff passed away but I don't understand why so many people decided to hate the rest of band. It doesn't make you cool to keep insisting that they "quit" or whatever. It's very unlikely that Jeff was thinking "If I don't make it through this... Please hate my band and make fun of them and stop supporting them."
    I'm pretty much with cfhdomination on this... I much preferred Hanneman to King - even down to the guitars he used. HOWEVER - King is responsible for some absolute hammers of songs, regardless of how I/you feel about him. All I'm saying is that it's odd how everybody is totally against him. We may see him as a fat buger-munching redneck. But he plays guitar for Slayer and has composed good thrash songs and wants this to continue. I say fair play. On a side note; I miss Jeff...
    Let's see when the album is released if there's any shred of integrity left in the band. I don't want to come to conclusion that Kerry King is only in it for money.
    Damn there is a lot of K.K.hating on here.I know all of you will buy this next album give it a chance
    Even though KK isn't know for writing Slayer's best know songs, KK has a musical ear and still think he can make this album good.
    Although it's doubtful, it will be really funny if this album is really good...