Kerry King: 'Who Doesn't Like Elton John?

Slayer guitarist also remembers considering punk as "garbage music."

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Metal icons Slayer thoroughly discussed their main influences with Fuse, covering a vast array of genres and artists that made a major impact over the years. Apart from naming the obvious picks such as heavy legends Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and others, the guys unveiled a few somewhat unexpected favorites. Drummer Paul Bostaph opted for rap ravers Die Antwoord, singer Tom Araya digs country, while guitarist Kerry King is into Elton John. "Who doesn't like Elton John? [laughs]," King added. Elvis, Paul Simon, Sting's "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" and Boston were also among the band's top unexpected picks. Speaking about Jeff Hanneman, King remembered the late guitarist's fondness of punk, admitting he couldn't get into the whole vibe at first. "I thought it was just garbage music," Kerry said about his early punk perception. "I didn't get it. Once I got it, I was like, 'Oh this is cool too, it's just not the same thing.' It's funny how you just gotta realize something to move on with it and once I realized it, I was OK with it." Check out the clip below for the rest of the Slayer guys' favorites and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Westboro Baptist Church does not like Elton John. Pretty much everyone else does tho.
    The Westboro Baptist Church basically hates everything except god and trolling
    matteo cubano
    if they actually faced the reality of the Bible and Jesus' message of loving everyone then they would also hate God.
    This is a music website. Your religious views are not welcome here.
    It's not his religious view. It's just a fact that that's one of the main points in Christianity, even if you don't believe in it.
    Yeah, I was gonna say... he didn't express HIS view, he just expressed the view of the religion as a whole.
    This is a music website. Your anti-religious views are not welcome here.
    You heard it here for the billionth time people, not having a religion makes you anti religious, everyone knows you're not allowed to be anti religious but you can be anti anti religious.
    How about you all shut the f*** up about religion on a music site.
    matteo cubano
    did u not read the comment where somebody said the exact same thing? take it easy man, its not a religious opinion, im insulting the church just like he did.
    Also probably Vladimir Putin. UG should do a Top Ten People Who Don't Like Elton John list.
    UG is really concerned with what Kerry King likes. Next article: Kerry King likes broccoli!
    Awesome comment good sir. *Salute*
    Haha good one. To be fair, WBC doesn't like anybody. They can find a reason to hate anyone
    No shame in liking Elton. Would also like to add, this is the least douchiest thing Kerry has made headlines with in a long time. Of course, that might be because there's no mention of the new album in here.
    Ha ha! "Kerry" - that's a girl's name!
    Elton John has probably influence more metal and rock acts than some would like to admit.
    Yeah Alice In Chains or at least Jerry Cantrell loves Elton John. Elton even played piano on "Black Gives Way to Blue."
    Kerry saying something that doesn't make him sound like an utter bastard? I'm shocked. But in all seriousness, Elton John rocks. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is still one of my favorite albums.
    Next thing you'll know he'll claim he has a heart or something like that.
    Maybe this Christmas he'll have a Grinch moment and his heart will grow three times its size that day.
    when I look at the link it looks like this article is a review of a book written by Kerry - "King who doesn't like Elton John" lol
    Why Elton John appeared on the 2014 Slayer Album by British Steal It was a cold winter night at the north pole. Santa and his elves were busy at work, preparing for the wondrous christmas ahead. In his workshop, Santa sat with a special 'little boy' who came all the way to the north pole to ask Santa for a special present. "But Santa, who doesn't like elton john" Kerry asks while sitting on santas lap, looking up with his big brown eyes. "Well" said Santa "I think most slayer fans would not like elton john little one." Santa let out a big whole hearted laugh "Ho! Ho! Ho!' "But Santa, I decide what Slayer fans like. Santa this year for christmas I want Elton John to guest star on the next ®Slayer" "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa acknowledged. So that Christmas morning, the 'little boy' found a special present under his tree. It was Elton John, badda bing, badda bee. "Time for a record" the boy said. "No more Hanneman, time to shred." "With elton johns help, this album will be great. Piano fits, with Slayer great!"
    Were you trying to rhyme things? I'm pretty sure you tried to rhyme great with great at the end. Why would you rhyme half of your story and not the other? This is just baffling to me, I don't even...
    Why is it that each week there is a news report on Kerry King?
    I think it's controversy. UG seems to gravitation to the more controversial figures in music in its news reports. Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Ted Nugent. UG can't get enough of those guys. All controversial.
    I originally read this as "Kaki King likes Elton John" and flipped. Still pretty cool though.
    I think Slayer should join forces with Bon Iver. Now that's a show I'd pay to see.