Kickstarter Calls for Breaking Bad Sequel Starring Slash and Val Kilmer

An insane fan is highjacking the show.

Ultimate Guitar

A crazy Breaking Bad fan is planning a sequel to the cult hit, starring Slash (as himself) and Val Kilmer.

As Gigwise notes, the project which appeared on Kickstarter is looking to fund a series that picks up from where the original left off. Only this time it will follow Slash and Val Kilmer as two wise cracking US Marshalls searching for the infamous Walter White. The show will be called "Anastasia," and according to creator Lawrence Shepherd he doesn't give a hoot if creator Vince Gilligan approves or not.

If it is fully funded will go up against "Better Call Saul" and in order to get there Shepherd needs to raise $500,000. As it stands $1,074 has been raised so far and a row has been initiated between the director and Val Kilmer after Kilmer called him a "goofball."

Check out the details here.

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    The campaign was cancelled 3 days ago... Way to go UG.
    I'd prefer to see Val Kilmer in a Top Secret sequel. Maybe Slash could be Nick Rivers' rival?
    Only people who didn't actually watch breaking bad will want this to happen, I couldn't think of anything worse. There's a reason the show ended during its' prime, please don't sully the shows' heritage.
    link no1
    This sounds like the plot and cast of a stupid conversation for a hypothetical series talked about among friends as a joke with no actual intention of ever seeing the idea through...or even remembering the idea 10 minutes later. I hope it fails and the guy sees what a moron he is.
    During the whole video all I thought was "no, no, god no, **** no, no" this can NOT become a thing.