Killer Describes Bieber Castration Plot

The killer behind a plot to castrate and murder pop singer Justin Bieber has explained the motivation behind his terrifying plan.

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A convicted murderer has described his failed plan to castrate and murder pop singer Justin Bieber.

Dana Martin hired a prison inmate and their cousin to kidnap, mutilate and murder the singer and his bodyguard in December, but the plan failed.

"I never really had empathy in my life," said Martin, perhaps in a bid to win a 'no sh-t' award in 2013.

Speaking to a journalist from behind bars for killing a 15-year-old, Martin said the reason he targeted Bieber "isn't just so people will know who I am. It's because he changed, and that made me angry."

Martin was angry that Bieber changed from being a humble and apparently talented little singer to a young man, despite growth being a common side-effect of puberty in teenage boys.

The other factor that drove his cruel plan was "wanting to be remembered for posterity, that is what is important to me," said Martin.

But the killer has some chilling final words for the young pop singer: "It's still on... This isn't going away," he said. The only thing that will convince Martin to give up, he says, is a face-to-face meeting with the singer. Which shows that, deep down, he's still a Bieber fan after all.

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    Castrate what?
    I don't like Beiber or his music as much as the next man - but I can't help feel that this guy and his plan were taking things waaaay too seriously. I mean, its not like any of us are forced to listen to the little dickweed. If he comes on the TV\radio, turn it off\over.
    Wouldn't killing him make the castration pointless in the end
    Well it would make the pain before dying very unbearable. Infact he might just die from the castration if they choose not to treat the wound afterward.
    You know all these people who hate Beiber's guts are just like bullies who make fun of gay kids, it's because they see some of themselves in the gay kid and that makes them angry. There are plenty of other pop idols who make equally shitty music but don't get nearly as much hate, like the Jonas Brothers and OneDirection.
    there's hate alright, you just gotta flip your emo hair to the other side and you might see it!
    "all fag haters are closet fags" is the biggest crock of shit in the world. Except for Michelle Bachmanns husband lol
    It's basic psychology. For example, you used a derogatory term and went on to contradict your own opinion just to make a gay joke. I don't let it bother me though, I'm happy being bi. On the other hand it's people like you that have the real issues with their sexuality...
    "The other factor that drove his cruel plan was "wanting to be remembered for posterity, that is what is important to me," said Martin." so he's pulling a Mark David Chapman? The Beatles fan in me is enraged that there is this obscure comparison to John Lennon. But The Beatles fan in me thinks there's much worse people this could happen to, so meh
    liam, if i ****ed your grandma with your favorite guitar, she'd be vibrating sweet georgia brown all the way to climax city
    LOL Wouldn't that change his vocal range to out of human hearing spectre? Like dog whistles.