King Crimson Announce Comeback and New Lineup

Prog legends ready for September 2014 return. "Essentially, King Crimson is in motion," says Robert Fripp.

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After a four-year hiatus, prog rock legends King Crimson are once again back on track with their eighth incarnation. Guitar mastermind Robert Fripp announced the big news in his latest diary entry, noting that the Crims will now perform as a seven-piece. Specifically, the lineup will consist of Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, second drummer Bill Rieflin of R.E.M, virtuoso bassist Tony Levin, third drummer Pat Mastelotto, Mel Collins on saxophone, multi-instrumentalist Jakko Jakszyk and Fripp himself handling the axe. "This is a very different reformation to what has gone before: seven players, four English and three American, with three drummers. The Seven-Headed Beast of Crim is in Go! mode," Fripp noted. The guitarist also stated that due to previous obligations of individual band members, King Crimson will only be able to perform in about a year. "All the Crims have expressed great excitement at the return to Go! mode," Fripp explains. "Given the considerable commitments of all members, it will take a year before Crimson is able to perform." He continued, "Bill Rieflin mentioned to me that he told Jacknife Lee (REM and Robbie Williams' producer) of the triple drumming, and Jacknife's reply: Of course. We know what two drummers sound like! I'm hoping we'll find out, and have a pile of fun doing so." The axeman concluded on optimistic note, "Dear brother Crims, we have one year to prepare for action of the savage variety, and be in Go! mode for September 2014 ... but essentially, King Crimson is in motion." Whether or not will the band possibly hit the studio yet remains unknown. The latest KC studio effort, "The Power to Believe," saw its release in February 2003 through Sanctuary Records.

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    I thought he said he would quit music last year... anyway, good news of course And with Gavin Harrison!
    Great news, but as mentioned sad to see that Belew is not on board. However, they've got a year so hopefully that may change. Say Go! mode again.
    Anty 7
    Awesome, I really wasn't expecting this. However, I'm disappointed and surprised that Belew isn't back. Maybe this is just temporary. The double trios were awesome, let's see what weird combinations Fripp will bring us this time!
    The man's been in every KC incarnation since 1981, it wouldn't be King Crimson if it didn't constantly change and evolve
    Yes finally! Surprised that after all these years, Belew isn't there, this will make a change. Can't wait to hear what they have to offer!
    Awesome news. I adore King crimson and can't wait to see what this new incarnation brings out.
    My favourite band is back and preparing for "action of the savage variety" doesn't get any better than this!
    Its wrong to call every guitarist an "axeman", but their is something just straight up wrong about having that word in the same paragraph as Robert Fripp, why does UG insist on using such lame terms?
    Best news I've heard all week. This will be incredible, I hope they come to Boston next year... I HAVE TO GO
    Thank you, King Crimson, for giving birth to entire generations of pretentious music snobs who can play nothing but scale wanking/weird instruments just for the sake of trying to show everyone how superior they are because they can whack their instruments off like they do. Also big thanks for the 30 minute songs that say nothing, that being a result of the laughable attempts of 11 out of 10 prog bands (including you) to mimic classical music or even create their own pieces of classical music - of course they have all failed miserably, because it takes much more than an elitist mind to write them and be that kind of genius. In other words, I was happy as **** when I heard you guys had called it quits back in the 80s, but you just keep coming back. It's like the 3rd or 4th time now. Please go away forever and take prog rock, prog metal and all the abhorrent shit you've spawned in the world with you. Att, everyone with ears. OK, now that you've managed to read all this crap I've written, don't downvote me, this is excellent news and I'm taking the piss out of it a little. Welcome back Fripp!
    Dave Grohl is God.....
    I think three drummers is a little over the top. Hell, I thought two drummers in Radiohead or the Melvins was dumb. One of the reasons I was so resistant to Slipknot was because they had so much percussion.
    Just saying this is old news. "but a statement on his online diary dated September 6, 2013, announced the return of the band as a seven-piece unit." Taken from Wikipedia, really excited to hear what will come out of this!
    Who cares? Bands with only one original non-singer are irrelevant and should use a different name.
    I take it you've either never listened to King Crimson or never listened to anything past In The Court Of The Crimson King.
    I'm guessing it was lazy trolling, or the guy's missing a few chromosomes/an understanding of irony.