Kiss And Aerosmith Get In The Ring

artist: KISS date: 10/16/2012 category: wtf?

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Kiss And Aerosmith Get In The Ring
They're two of America's most successful rock bands. Back in the early 2000s, they embarked on a mega-tour together. But, if a recent war of words in the press is to be believed, it transpires that the frontmen of Aerosmith and Kiss really don't like each-other. As ClassicRock reports, Tyler recently told a radio DJ that he was sometimes 'offended' by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's "comic book" band: "They've got a couple of hits, but they're more comic-book you see them in their spackled faces. "We were always a band that had something to prove. We always wanted to blow off whatever band it was. I remember when we went out with Kiss in 1976 or something, one of our roadies got into a knife fight with their guys. I hated them ever since. "Since then I've gotten to know Gene and Paul, and they're beautiful people. But it is different. A Kiss lick and a Joe Perry lick two different worlds. "I sometimes, depending on the time of day, get offended. I go, 'It's alright, but do they really mean it? What's this all about?'" Now, talking to Rockline Paul Stanley has responded to Tyler, saying that the singer needs a reality check: "Maybe Steven's feeling a bit full of himself because he has an album coming out... When their album comes out, let's put it with ours and let the music do the talking." Regarding the two bands' double headlining tour back in 2003, Stanley had the following comments: "Steven insisted they close the show. I didn't care because one way or the other you have to come up onstage. He had a chip on his shoulder back then." He adds: "Steven may have been over enthused and needs a reality check." Kiss released their new album "Monster" this week, while Aerosmith's "Music From Another Dimension" is due to come out on November 6th.
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