Kiss And Aerosmith Get In The Ring

American rock giants caught in a war of words.

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They're two of America's most successful rock bands. Back in the early 2000s, they embarked on a mega-tour together. But, if a recent war of words in the press is to be believed, it transpires that the frontmen of Aerosmith and Kiss really don't like each-other.

As ClassicRock reports, Tyler recently told a radio DJ that he was sometimes 'offended' by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's "comic book" band: "They've got a couple of hits, but they're more comic-book you see them in their spackled faces.

"We were always a band that had something to prove. We always wanted to blow off whatever band it was. I remember when we went out with Kiss in 1976 or something, one of our roadies got into a knife fight with their guys. I hated them ever since.

"Since then I've gotten to know Gene and Paul, and they're beautiful people. But it is different. A Kiss lick and a Joe Perry lick two different worlds.

"I sometimes, depending on the time of day, get offended. I go, 'It's alright, but do they really mean it? What's this all about?'"

Now, talking to Rockline Paul Stanley has responded to Tyler, saying that the singer needs a reality check: "Maybe Steven's feeling a bit full of himself because he has an album coming out... When their album comes out, let's put it with ours and let the music do the talking."

Regarding the two bands' double headlining tour back in 2003, Stanley had the following comments: "Steven insisted they close the show. I didn't care because one way or the other you have to come up onstage. He had a chip on his shoulder back then."

He adds: "Steven may have been over enthused and needs a reality check."

Kiss released their new album "Monster" this week, while Aerosmith's "Music From Another Dimension" is due to come out on November 6th.

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    "let's put it with ours and let the music do the talking " I found this very ironic. But also, I thought KISS already knew they were basically a comic act and now they take offense to it?
    Aerosmith sure have a lot to live up to, since KISS' MONSTER album is "right up there with their best albums Destroyer and Revenge."
    Aerosmith is better music than Kiss, come on, if someone loves Kiss is because 80% show&marketing and 20% music...
    That is way so many famous guitars were inspired/influenced by Ace Frehley.
    guitarists ?
    Of course guitarists That's what happens with mobile "keyboard" + no edit function. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Can't recall a single decent guitarist that has claimed Ace Frehley was an influence to them.
    Scott Ian, Dime, Snake Sabo. But still, Kiss have good almost "Pop-Rock" all their good songs are made to be catchy, recognizable, and fun. Aerosmith on the other hand, are real rock n' roll musicians, writing whatever they damn well please! (Well, at least until the eighties)A song Like No More No More, may not be as recognizable as say RNR All Nite, but it's certainly a hell of a lot more impressive. I guess all I'm saying is I love both these bands, but for very different reasons, also, they should stfu and sing and quit all this playground poop-tossing...
    Not that much ironic. Kiss have more recognizable and better licks/riffs and their last album is more than a decent hard rock album.
    It's pretty Ironic. Kiss has always been about live theatrics and brand recognition.
    I think he's talking about the fact that Stanley used an Aerosmith song (let the music do the talking) in a trash talk of sorts. So yeah, pretty ironic... I also don't think it's fair to say Kiss have more recognizable/better riffs etc. That's a matter of taste and last time I checked the 'Walk This Way' riff was pretty well known :-p
    Backing up KISS on UG is never that rewarding, people here tend to dislike them. Either way, I agree with you. KISS is more iconic and their new album is great. Steven Tyler needs to calm down. I like Aerosmith as a band, but Tyler is a bit immature.
    Couldn't have said it better. I love Aerosmith but I LOVE KISS. I don't like the fact that they are having a war of words. I thought the reason they toured a few years back was Aerosmith wasn't selling any tickets so since Joe Perry and Gene Simmons are pals, KISS teamed with Aerosmith to help them out. I went to the show in Missouri. Who rocked better? Well KISS of course. Aerosmith started playing stuff from Joe Perry's upcoming solo album. They were lame. WHo wants to hear crap from Joe Perry's solo album?
    KISS are terrible musicians and terrible song writers. They've made a career based on the theatrics of their live performances.
    As a rock fan I always felt I had to at least try to like Kiss. hell if Dimebag likes them, how can they be bad? I even went as far as buying a couple of albums...Well Dimebag is wrong, they're Shite
    Every member of KISS put together know about 5 chords. Their music is the same old thing over and over again
    "We always wanted to blow off whatever band it was" I know in Steven's autobiography he admitted to a little experimentation, but I didn't know he went to that extreme!
    Sheep Shagger
    Why is there a picture of Gene? The comment was made by Paul.
    The pistur above is of Stanley. He is the 'Star Man' of Kiss. You can tell its not Gene because his toungue isn't out and he hasn't got Dollar signs instead of eyeballs!!
    I wonder which band will thrown in the KISS branded towel to end this.
    "let's put it with ours and let the music do the talking." Nice throwback, with a title of an Aerosmith song! I heard the singles from Music From Another Dimension, I liked it but i felt like their songs had a lot more potential they didn't use: no killer solo when theres a killer solo spot (on "Lover A Lot", I mean what was that solo? Sounded like Tom Morello...)
    Let the music do the talking. Aerosmith wrote it years ago and Kiss still sucks dick so who cares
    "I remember when we went out with Kiss in 1976 or something, one of our roadies got into a knife fight with their guys." lolwut
    Do Aerosmith even write their own music now? Last I heard, when the split and joined back together in the 80s (?) they made it so that their label hires others to write the tunes, and they just play them?
    It appears that with this album everyone in the band has had a chance to contribute to the songwriting for the first time in a long time.
    A lot of their songs credit cowriters since Permanent Vacation. They still write the music but they then consult with outside songwriters when there's a snag or a song is incomplete. This is usually the case for Tyler's songs. Joe Perry was never comfortable with this and his songs are usually all him or him and Tyler.
    (There are a few songs, such as "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" that were solely written by outside songwriters)
    Sorry, but KISS only has three or four good songs. They put on an awesome performance live, but that's all they are - a theatrical act. Although Aerosmith are well past their prime, they are still better musicians and better song writers than KISS could ever even dream of being.
    I really thought this was going to be a new episode of Celebrity Deathmatch or something
    Metal Head420
    Lol "KISS and Aerosmith Get In the Ring" UGs way of saying "GET READY FOR A LOT OF SLAMS!!!"
    find this funny, not cause its up to the music to decide on who wins this arguement but just all around. Tyler has always been egotistical bastard since he made it (i blame the drugs...) as for the albums going up against each other, Aerosmith isnt worth the time with the way that Tyler is sounding. you want a "has been" band, tlk to Aerosmith
    As washed up as Aerosmith may be, they are still leagues ahead of what KISS was in their prime. And you talk about Tyler being an "egotistical bastard" - you've obviously never heard of a fellow named Gene Simmons.
    I'd love to be in a "has been" band, since that obviously means regularly selling out shows all over the planet and soon releasing an album that will get tons of airplay and most-likely go platinum
    Well Monster sucked so if they wanna fight with music, Aerosmith should take it easily. They ****ed up a COVER for god's sake
    Both bands are past it. Steve Tyler looks like a freaking old lesbian now, and Kiss have no credibility as a band.
    "When their album comes out, let's put it with ours and let the music do the talking." Well so far they're pretty even. I like what I hear from both new albums. But who cares? Aerosmith and KISS are two of the most successful bands in the world. There's no correct answer on which one is better. It's a matter of personal preference.
    Tyler is a bit of a wanker. I read Tyler's book, and Kramer's book, and Perry's book, and all three painted Tyler as being a diva half retarded wanker. I think both bands are iconic and have a place in the history of hard rock. Aerosmith hasn't released a good album in almost 20 years.
    J.R. Legrasse
    Maybe Joe Perry and Gene Simmons can duke it out at the voting booth where they'll both be voting for RobMe/Lyan. Neither band has particularly deep, meaningful songwriting. KISS at least cops to it. Aerosmith - Steven Tyler in particular - somehow got the notion that every album they do is the cure for cancer and the world waits anxiously for its release like they're a real-life, geriatic version of Dethklok.
    Tyler lost respect in my eyes ever since he did American money-spin Idol or whatever the **** its called, wouldn't suprise me if their new album featured One Direction
    Meh, Aerosmith always seemed boring as hell to me. At least KISS can put on a show.
    ginger ninja102
    we have to get up on stage part made me think they feel its a chore not something enjoyable for some reason.
    Steven Tyler has a great voice and is part of probably the best band in rock music but he has no right to act like a child like this. I never hear Paul Stanley talk crap about other artists. I agree that KISS is too theatrical and commercial, but I love their music either way. I almost wonder if this is some team-effort publicity stunt to get people to buy both albums.
    At work just for laughs a co-worker and I will say "Honkin' on Bobo!!!" Thank you Aerosmith for that retarded album title. I still keeps me in stitches.
    Am I the only one who thinks this is just a BIG publicity stunt instigated by two great bands past their prime? PS I am getting sick and tired of UG posting tabloidish articles all the time. This is not Cosmo! Also I think the only way to stop UG from posting such s*** articles is by having the readers stop giving any attention to these articles. (aka commenting and rating) Just my two cents