Kiss Drummer Eric Singer Responds To Peter Criss's Insults

Eric Singer has sharp words for Peter Criss, but he never stoops to the level of insults thrown at him by the band's original timekeeper.

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Kiss drummer Eric Singer has sharp words for Peter Criss, but he never stoops to the level of insults thrown at him by the band's original timekeeper.

Singer, whose three tours of duty in the band date all the way back to 1991 and bookended Criss's two reunion stints with the group, sounds weary of critics that claim he's trying to imitate his predecessor: "I play for the song, and I play for the band. That's what I play for first. Not for myself, not to appeal to a drummer in the audience."

Criss took a few jabs at Singer in his new book "Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss". "I don't have nothing against the guy, he's done nothing to me personally," Singer said. "I may have my own personal opinions of how I feel about him as a drummer, or how he's conducted himself, that I may or may not agree with everything, but that's really their (Criss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's) beef."

Singer explains that he was 100 percent genuine in asking Criss to join the band during the 1995 Los Angeles Kiss Convention, an offer the former Catman called the opposite. He also explains how current Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer helped Criss re-learn the band's material before the 1996 original lineup reunion tour, and says Criss has also turned on Thayer.

"You gotta remember, this is Peter's chance to get some more attention for himself, Singer explains. "Because, he really hasn't done much since he's been out of Kiss."

"I think the ultimate good way is to take the high road in life. We've all had good and bad things happen in our lives. A lot of times, when things don't go our way, it's understandable why people become negative, or bitter, or cynical about something, but hopefully, they say that time heals, and I do believe that's true. Hopefully, we all get to that place in our lives when we look back at our experiences, and we try to remember the positive and the better things about them, rather than the negative and bad things."

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    Having read Gene's, Ace's and now Peter's book watching a lot of interviews I agree with E.Singer. Criss has done nothing since he left/was kicked the band (the "thing" he released couldn't be even considered as an album). Can we just all move along? Paul, Gene, and even Ace did (who is doing great by the way). Shame on you Peter!
    I'm reading Peter's new book and Peter never takes responsibility for anything. And he screwed up a lot. Now I completely understand why Paul and Gene kicked him out of Kiss.
    I thought that guitar players where the only ones who pointed and said "Well, I could do that so much better." Poor form, Pete.
    I have to take Singer's side, because I'm a massive Alice Cooper fan and have seen Singer a couple of times on tour with Alice and he's appeared on a few albums.
    I'm a big fan of Eric Singer as a musician, and he always seems honest and doesn't say anything stupid. Peter Criss, on the other hand, can't stop running his mouth about the new lineup of KISS and he talks like he's on the top of the music hierarchy. I'm starting to understand why he isn't in KISS anymore.
    He has been with them for 20yrs of and on... I would say that makes him a member and Peter should be happy that he was an original.. Look how many drummers the Ramones ave had ... Tommy is the original and Marky is still around.. We remember both not for style but what they brought to the group is what counts... Look at Hall of Fame induction and u will.see... Kiss gets inducted... Both Drummers will be recognized.
    Yeah, I'd agree that Eric Singer will be in the mix when they get inducted, and probably Eric Carr too. I think it's deciding which guitarists make it and which ones don't that's delaying their nomination.
    "I don't have nothing against the guy," YES YOU DO! You just used a double negative! *said in the voice of Moss from the IT crowd.
    It's kind of understandable that Peter and Ace would be annoyed that the band they once started now has 2 original members, and 2 people pretending to be original members.
    Unexpectedly, that Peter Criss autobiog was a great read. But as another reader commented above, he takes zero responsibility for anything. However, any band with a tool like Gene Simmons in it will lose members eventually. I say that and I am a huge KISS fan.