Kiss Drummer Sick of Fan Complaints

Eric Singer hits out at haters.

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Kiss sticksman Eric Singer admits to be really dissapointed in haters, bashing the band's current lineup.

As Classic Rock reports, Singer has hit out at fans who complain about the fact that the band's current line-up does not feature Peter Criss or Ace Frehley:

"The people that want to complain about 'I don't like this,' or 'I don't like that,' 'They should play this song,' or 'I only want the original band...' The bottom line is: this is how Kiss exists right now, in 2013. Be glad there's some version of Kiss and that we're out there touring.

"We have just as much passion and case just as much as the band ever did or ever could. That's what counts. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here. I mean, Gene and Paul dont need the money; they dont need to do this. They do it because they love doing it.

Singer is also tired of people asking about the band's future:

"Everybody wants to ask what's going on tomorrow," says the drummer. "Well, what about today? You don't necessarily know what's going to happen in the future. But one thing's for sure: we're here today and we're going to put on a great show.

I'm not saying don't have to think about tomorrow but you can't worry about tomorrow. Just live one day at a time, try to learn to live in the moment."

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    Finally he said that. No matter how much I love the original line-up and the early albums, that time is history. I'm glad they still tour and make records. Peter and Ace were good for Kiss in 70s, that is over 30 years ago, time to move on.
    Its not that Peter Criss isn't in it Kiss, It's that he and Tommy are using Ace & Peters personae. When Eric Carr joined Kiss, he didn't take Peter Criss Persona. He became The Fox. But I know it's not Eric or Tommy's call, and the money is good for doing something they love, so I don't blame them.
    I don't get who Singer hits out at. I like a lot of the band's records, my favourite line up being the original one. I did enjoy Sonic Boom but I think the new one isn't that good, Paul's voice is getting worse and their setlists aren't exactly what I'm looking for in KISS - so I'm not going to any of their shows and I don't listen to the latest album. Easy as that.
    Go to YouTube, look up Sonic Boom, Monster, or any live performance since Peter and Ace left, and look at the comments section. You'll know exactly who he's talking about.
    I ****in loved Sonic Boom, The riffs were awesome. Monster was still good but nothing too memorable on it. Ace Frehley was the reason I started playing guitar, but Tommy is great live and could play circles around Ace.
    Agreed. Ace really isn't who he used to be from what I've seen of him recently, and Tommy has to be the closest you can get to Ace's younger clone. The guy knows how to put on a show and plays every song flawlessly. He seems to be a really nice guy too.
    honestly, i like the current lineup. i thought "sonic boom" was great and i loved "monster", tommy and eric really deliver and they really work with gene and paul.
    "Gene doesn't need the money" ahahaha right....
    He doesn't. He's already filthy rich from his other jobs he doesn't need to tour and release albums (which are tiring and takes a very long time) to still earn a lot.
    He's a greedy man, always down for some cash. watch his "reality" show, you'll see.
    People change. If you watched his "reality" show you see how every month he donates shit loads of money to villages in Africa to keep schools and such up and running.
    It's not Tommy and Eric's fault that they use Ace and Peter's makeup. That's Gene's thing. I don't consider Tommy the Spaceman; the Spaceman will always be Ace Frehley. The Cat will always be Peter Criss. I wish that Tommy and Eric had their own personas the way that Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent did (even though I must say that the Ankh Warrior makeup sucked).
    Isn't this the same line up they've had for the last decade or so?? Things change, Kiss is a machine and will keep on going whatever. They still put on an amazing live show and the crowds love it, that's what matters. Stop moaning about members from 30 years ago
    I don't really like how Tommy and Eric dress as Ace and Peter, but at the same time, I don't hold it against them. Since KISS is Paul and Gene's band, I'll bet it was their decision to take the classic look, Tommy and Eric probably had no say in the matter
    I don't blame Eric and Tommy for wanting to be a part of KISS! Of course it is unfortunate that the original guys who I grew up idolizing don't get along, but can you imagine what a rush it must have been for Tommy and Eric...the crowds, the show, fun!
    Eric Singer! You're a great drummer and you've been kicking it with Kiss since the early 90's. You have every right to be in the band, but why wear the cat make up? At this point, I think the make up is a thing of the past. Revenge was one of the best Kiss albums in my opinion, and they were proud to show their ugly mugs in the album.