Kiss to Launch 'Hello Kitty' Kids TV Series

A new animated show will feature four kittles in Kiss makeup "living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in."

Ultimate Guitar

Kiss will get their own animated kids TV series based on their Hello Kitty lines of products.

Since 2010 the band have worked with the iconic Hello Kitty brand from Japan as part of their extensive merchandising efforts, where the kitty appears in Kiss makeup.

Now the Hub Network, which is the fastest growing children's cable network, has signed the rights to a "KISS Hello Kitty" TV series, with Gene Simmons reportedly acting as an executive producer.

It will feature four Kiss kitties "living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in," according to Blabbermouth.

"This is not the first Hello Kitty crossover for Sanrio, but for sure the most unexpected," said Roberto Lanzi from Sanrio who own the Hello Kitty brand. "The idea sounded crazy in the beginning, but Gene and Paul are not only rock icons, they are incredible creative minds who were soon able to see a future success."

Kiss guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley said he's already a fan of the kids network where their new show will appear. "Knowing and viewing The Hub as I do daily with my three children, it is the perfect home for us to bring the 'Kiss Hello Kitty' juggernaut to yet another generation," he said.

Would you be tempted to watch kids TV now that Kiss are involved? Let us know what you think of their shameless (and perhaps impressive) selling out in the comments.

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    Hello Puss-e Jesus Christ gene....just stop.....if ur desperate to make money just put Sophie on the web wearing your face on her crotch
    Well if there is a market for it why not? They wouldn't be putting out new merch if there wouldn't be a new market for it, so obviously some people want their merch.
    This is obviously more important than Robert Zildjian passing away yesterday. I know this is a guitar website and all but really?
    Like the Tobacco industry, KISS needs to keep targeting younger and wider demographics to maintain their consumer base as their older consumer base ages and dies off from cancer. I knew who KISS was before I knew who Mickey Mouse was, and thirty five years later Gene Simmons has me on direct deposit.
    Ugh, KISS are everything that's wrong with rock bands put together. Mediocre talent on their instruments and focusing more on making money than making music.
    There's no possibly way to look like a badass in that situation. Just stop trying.
    Seriously.. how ****ing lame is this?! Such sellouts now.
    People are willing to buy it. They'd be stupid not to take the opportunity.
    Josh Reubenking
    How about instead of doing shit like this, they actually pick up their instruments and make music? They ARE in fact stupid for doing this.
    Nice pic of Sacha Baron-Cohen and Gene Hackman in wigs there.
    i grew up seeing these images of gene along with tunes like these what the hell happened?????
    Rob Man
    Gene & Paul would sell their own souls, if the could find a way to market them. Sad.
    Words can't describe how I feel about this. This is the only way to respond that I can come up with. _
    Paul Stanley really needs to tell Gene he's gone too far. There are KISS Conodms, TVs, Coffins, action figures, and almost every other form of merchandise you can think of, but this is just weak. I mean everyone knows Gene sees KISS as a brand, but seriously, how many Hello Kitty fans are old enough to like KISS, and how many KISS fans would actually watch this.
    Josh Reubenking
    Corporate hacks. They just care about money. It's all a cash grab. I've lost my respect for them years ago.
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    Who's surprised, honestly? Now that they're not really a big thing anymore, i think it's mostly about earning enough money to support the lifestyle they picked up in their rockstar-days. Which, really, is fine with me. have at it.
    There are a lot of KISS items that I am willing to buy, but THIS is just terrible. They went far enough with KISS Kondoms, and they're getting worse.
    I love KISS for the band that they are. As for the business, I'm not surprised by this at all.
    Gene Simmons sees the money in everything and nobody bothered to make Jew jokes yet!?
    If Gene Simmons were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put the flames out. Instead, I'd raise them with his own money. However, I have a feeling I may cause some controversy, seeing as though he's Jewish.
    I like KISS's music but if I had kids I'de never let them watch this horse crap! I know they've always been greedy bastards but it still surprises how far the'll still go in this day and age
    Jesus, this sounds like a terrible show. At least The Hub has that ONE good show... Of course I am talking about Dan VS.
    MLP too.
    First season was pretty solid but not my personal tastes, it went to shit after Faust left. I am looking forward to Faust/McCrackens new show coming out soon though.
    Hello Kitty? Kids show with lyrics like..... You've got something about you You've got something I need Daughter of Aphrodite Hear my words and take heed I was born on Olympus To my father a son I was raised by the demons (she laughs) Trained to reign as the one God of thunder and rock and roll The spell you're under Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul ****MAKE IT STOP****
    How about ...."put your hand in my pocket and grab onto my rocket".....I'm a long time KISS fan, but cannot understand why these guys insist on ruining there legacy over and over again. How much money is enough?