Kiss Wanted Lady Gaga Collaboration

Rumors of a potential collaboration were true, though Gene Simmons claims he decided against it - but he still adores her. Or he just kissing up?

Ultimate Guitar

Gene Simmons is the latest rock star to give praise to Lady Gaga - and says they were set to work together.

"She's terrific", he said. "I don't like that kind of music, but if you listen to what she did with Tony Bennett, the girl can sing".

Simmons thinks Gaga could do much better than simply front her solo pop act: "She could do straight-ahead rock. If I were her I would come out with a rock band next time and just rock it out".

Apparently the feeling is mutual, with Gaga previously citing KISS among her favorite rock acts and hanging out at their shows.

"She came backstage a few tours ago, before her meteoric rise", said Simmons (via UltimateClassicRock). "They didn't know who she was, so she was there as a fan and then came backstage and told us about how she has Kiss parties where they all dress up as KISS and run around".

It turns out that his love for Gaga isn't new, and that rumors of a collaboration last year for their forthcoming album "Monster" were true.

"When 'Freak' was being written, Lady Gaga got interested in singing on it", he said. "It espouses her emotions about being comfortable in your skin and all that stuff. Paul [Stanley] and Gaga were gonna sing it, and then finally I suggested Paul should sing it by himself".

Can you imagine a Gaga and KISS pairing? Are rock artists just jumping on a bandwagon by pledging their support to her? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Despite all the praise she gets then I still won't give her anymore attention than I'm forced to do until she actually comes out with some music I want to hear. If you're such a fan of rock then why stick with your electronic dance/pop/whatever and just come out with a hard hitting rock band? Money's not an issue anymore I assume.
    Just sitting here chuckling, thinking of all the little Lady Gaga fans horrified at the thought of their idol doing a collab with KISS.
    It's funny, because as a kid, I LOVED KISS. I still have all the albums, know almost every song by heart, Seen them live 4 times, Have all the kissology dvd's, etc... But now I LOVE gaga. Girl has extreme talent. She's fantastic.
    She does have talent, I'd rather her give up the pop aspect and get into her talent years. Get her behind a piano and light strings and I think in a few years from now she'll be gold.
    these guys are trying waaaaay too hard to stay relevant
    Sheep Shagger
    So they're trying hard to stay relevant by deciding NOT to collaborate with Gaga? Right ...
    ``It turns out that his love for Gaga isn't new, and that rumors of a collaboration last year for their forthcoming album "Monster" were true.`` k "She could do straight-ahead rock. If I were her I would come out with a rock band next time and just rock it out". he`s probably hinting at a collaboration this time round though the headline is a bit dumb I admit
    in grade six we all painted our faces like kiss and ran around
    Gaga actually is vere talented, se is very prepared and knows music very well, she is a great composer! I would like to listen to Gaga colaborate with KISS
    so funny that artists like katy perry and lady gaga "love" rock bands, and then go ahead and make a totally different style of music. Katy perry even uses radiohead in her lyrics, but that song is so suger-coated pop... I don't get it. if you love rock, you'd want to create rock right? That's what I want to do anyway. I love rock, it's not like I made hiphop when I started making music.
    It's called being a well-rounded musician. Appreciating multiple different genres means you appreciate good music and music as a whole, not narrow-minding yourself by sticking to "I only like rock and nothing else."
    It is possible to enjoy more than one genre, you know. I don't understand why people are surprised by this sort of thing, anyway. Image-focused pop stars enjoying the music of image-focused pop-rock stars and vice-versa. Makes perfect sense to me.
    I understand the point you are trying to get through. But a good musician and also a interested musician is always listening to multiple genres. I personally am a total metal head, still I sometimes just listen to some Free Jazz or even Pop Music, Adele, Pink, all that stuff. I find it pretty cool that some Pop Stars still have that Rock background/influence, though they are doing Pop.
    It's funny, because I was very obsessed with KISS growing up.I have all the albums,I know almost every song by heart, I have all of the kissology dvd's. And now as an adult I LOVE gaga. I feel like people shut her down because of her outfits, and because she sings pop music. Bt she really is fantastic.
    Would have been cool I think. Gaga's music is one thing, but the girl knows what she's doing.