Korn Guitarist Begs For Your Money

Brian "Head" Welch urges you to buy the new Love and Death record "because I have to buy my daughter oatmeal."

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Founding Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, who was recently reunited with the band after quitting in 2005, has urged fans not to forget his other band Love And Death and to buy their album "Between Here & Lost."

He made the plea during an interview with Insane Realm Radio on the "Do You Know Jack?" show:

"I urge you. I mean urge! That's a strong word: URGE you to go pick it up. Because I have to buy my daughter oatmeal."

Head continued: "Some people liked [our first album], but a lot of people thought it was too out there. So it feels good that [the new one] is doing better."

He also recalled Korn's early influences before releasing their debut album in the early 1990s: "Sepultura were a big influence on Korn back in the day before our first album. That and hip hop, Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More... everything thrown together in a pile. That was our influence."

Meanwhile, Korn and Head are back together in the studio recording a new album. "We knew we would have a blast playing together, because we love each other so much, but we really wanted to make sure the music felt right before we committed to making a whole album together," Head recently told Rolling Stone (via Blabbermouth). "But since we got in the studio, everything just started pouring out, now I can't wait until our fans hear this stuff!"

Hear the original interview here:

Brian Head Welch on "Do You Know Jack?" starring Jack Antonio by Jack Antonio on Mixcloud

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    Beg for money? He's asking people to buy his bands album not begging for money.....
    Yeah, the title of the article totally misconstrued what he meant. He just wants people to support his music and music in general!
    matteo cubano
    i really got nervous at the title expecting him to be begging people give it to him to help "do God's work" or tithe it or something like a tv evangelist when i saw this. What a relief this was that he just wants to get paid to do his job.
    matteo cubano
    Btw, I didn't see the article summary that's on the UG page, i saw it on UG's twitter so it was only a headline
    Personally, I think his album his great... Needs more popularity imo
    Honestly, one of the top albums of the year so far on my list. This album front to back is absolutely amazing, it deserves WAY more attention than what it's getting (not much)
    He shouldn't even be asking for that really. If it's a good album and he promotes it well, it will sell. Asking people to buy it just sounds desperate
    Innacurate degrading heading for the article..you guys sound like the ****ing media..go **** yourself.
    Surely he realized that sales would be modest when he left the band in 2005 after the greatest hits was released? Also, oatmeal is freakin' cheap, when I was in University I lived on a diet of ramen & oatmeal, I don't know what kind of figures korn pulls in these days, but I'm sure he'll making bread soon enough with this new record they're doing. I listened to what he's promoted on his new record & I didn't like it so I didn't buy it, I haven't bought a Korn record since untitled, this is coming from a guy that thought he'd be a korn fan his whole life, but things change. I'm not going to rag on the band, I just grew out of them, not the kind of stuff I want to be listening to anymore, gotta hand it to them, though... those 7 strings tuned ADGCFAD back in the '90s are what drew me to them in the first place, that & those freaky sounds they'd make. But the lyrical content, man... that's a deal breaker for me for me these days. How long can you be pissed off about some shit that happened to you in the past? You're not even that person anymore, at least I'm not.
    I like to imagine that a multi-platinum band who sells out concerts everynight is one the corner of some street right now begging for loose change
    Issues was the last one I bought. That was the last album that they released, after that it just felt like random song collections.
    Well maybe he can earn some extra cash like me. I earn $5,000 per month from home! Give it a shot Brian at this website! http://z0r.de/L/z0r-de_2279.swf
    I don't get people... Head says (if he was not joking, which is possible) that people are not buying his music, despite people actually enjoying it. The response basically is: "FUCK YOU HEAD!!! How dare you ask people to pay you for your labour!!!!"
    Is he serious? With all the royalties from sold Korn albums, he should be able to buy his daughter luxury breakfasts...
    Nero Galon
    It all makes sense now. He's rejoining Korn so he can buy oatmeal for his daughter! Hehe But from this Brian seems like a really nice guy.
    Brian invests in real estate with Christian businessmen. If you read his book or heard some of his talks, he's actually good in handling his money. Nice joke, Brian.
    It makes sence. Musicians don't actualy make as much money as we're lead to believe, it all goes to the record company you work for, then you have to pay the manager, the producer, the roadies, ext. The only reason bands like Metallica, Motley Crue, and several others have large sums of cash is because they A: own the rights to all or most of thier music and albums, and B: run a record company of their own. The money is made by the labels. You look at any big band with money and I gurentee with all certainty that they've got thier own label.
    God forbid anyone ever ask to get paid for their hard work. This was not begging...
    God forbid some people not liking his hard work and thus not paying for it, because they don't want it!
    He's not forcing anyone to buy it, so I don't see where you're coming from.
    Have you heard his "Love and Death" music? It wasn't hard work, trust me.
    Is there any way of complaining to UG about a news article? Because this isn't just a misleading title, it's flat out libel and character defamation.
    There is a difference between begging for money and asking people to check out and support his band.
    I will buy the new korn album with him but not his other stuff. I should listen to it before I say that. maybe someday....
    why are you trying to make him look stupid? whoever wrote this is a childish son of a gun
    Maybe he should cut down on getting tattoo'ed or buying make up for his face and what's not's. Maybe spend a litle less time at the hair dresser or driving cheaper cars. Capitalism is a great thing, until you have to pay off the things you bought when you hd the though. Living modestly despite having tons of money teaches you to survive when the money comes in less. Don't ask me for my sympathy when they make more in performing at one concert than i make in 6 months. Just my 2 cents, pun intended.
    people on here who really thought he was literally "begging" for money are mindless idiots...how about listening to the interview first? *facepalm*
    he can get a second job if he needs money.do like most bands work at mcdonalds
    He talks about NiN, Faith no More, and Rage as if it would be weird that one would listen to all three bands. It's not like he's throwing Loretta Lyn and Anthrax together.
    It always surprises me when people leave A-list bands. It's like, perhaps it's not as fun anymore, but you're playing music to an audience that could put your kid through college. This guy's side project was never gonna make him as much as Korn would, so if he was really worried about putting food in his daughter's mouth, he probably shouldn't have taken 8 years off from a much bigger band than Love and Death.
    been fan of KoRN and even more of Head since forever, Have read his books listened his albums 827738782389 times, heard every interview. And as evidenced on all that material I've researched of him, he has always had a problem managing his money.