Korn's Head: 'A Lover of God, That's Who I Am Inside'

The guitarist discusses the way he wants to be remembered.

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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch was recently asked about the way he wants to be remembered, saying that a strange string of events brought him to where's he's at today and naming himself primarily a "lover of God." "I live on the Earth too, so it's cool to be respected for making music," Head told Action Life Media. "The author thing is just weird to me, it doesn't sound right. That is such a God gift because I wasn't good at that stuff, you know? But I guess I am, so that's flattering. Just a lover of God, that's who I am inside." In a separate ,Metal Hammer TV interview, Welch discussed the band's latest studio effort "The Paradigm Shift," noting that he considers new tracks art, something he never did with any previous Korn album. "Every song on the album is good, every song does something and it's got some kind of hook or some kind of a - just a cool guitar riff," he said. "Just overall songs are a great piece of art. We've never had than on a Korn record, I don't think." "The Paradigm Shift" was released on October 8 through Caroline Records as the group's eleventh studio record.

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    All obnoxious internet elitists shoving their beliefs down your throat via comments aside, I'm really glad he has something that he believes in, and if it makes him a good person, who are we to object?
    matteo cubano
    i like that when he mentions God and his faith, it's never in stating a political stance/agenda, trying to push it on people, or insulting people who don't believe like a few other famous Christian musicians. He just shares that God saved his life and things like that. Always has a positive message when he talks about it. Rock on man.
    Why does Head look perpetually-stoned? His eyes are always bloodshot and he looks exhausted all the time, even though I'm pretty sure he's been clean for years now.
    After reading his book, I'm surprised he doesn't look worse for the amount of speed he did
    I'm really glad he's back in Korn, but still sticks by what he believes without being annoying about it
    i love this guy man... just really hope he doesn't fall back to the old ways...i mean at every korn show..somebody's holding..so inspirational to see a christian guy hangin out with (mostly) non believers.
    It's true h that he's a lover of God. In the book I Am Second, he was struggling in life, so he turned to God. He knows that God is first and that he is second. All of us are second. It's good that he has something to believe in.
    Well Brian, let me tell you how I'm going to remember you... a weak person. Weak for letting yourself succumb to crazy drug addiction in the first place, weak for turning to religion as a means of escaping that addiction, weak for running back to Korn (for the $ no doubt) thereby contradicting basically everything you said since you left the band. And a class guitarist... but weak. My opinion only of course... but dude, that's how I'm going to remember you : )
    The man did what he had to do to find some peace in his life. Drug addiction is as you say crazy and until you have experienced it(don't know if you have or not) you are not in a good position to call anyone weak for it. The fact that he got through it and came out clean makes him far from weak in my book(and I'm not even a big fan for the record). As far as the religion thing goes he seems to genuinely find peace through it and enjoy it, and frankly he does some great things because of it. He has built(funded) homes for the less fortunate in the past(head homes?) and that is pretty admirable if you ask me def not weak. TBH(and no offense is meant by it) you sound like a younger person/kid who has not had to have many struggles in life so you can easily pass judgement and call people weak for doing what they needed to do in order to live a non miserable life.
    Honestly, to me it sounds like the guy hasn't found any peace at all. He really sounds like a guy who lost in life, and the whole religion thing is some attempt at finding some sort of purpose. Fair enough... But why completely contradict yourself and rejoin a band which he said was the cause of a lot of his personal demons? A band whose lyrics he said he was horrified to hear his own daughter sing? Especially at a time when his own band seemed to be going nowhere? To me, it comes across as massively hypocritical and im saying this as a fan. This guy is the reason i picked up a guitar.You mention that maybe i have never experienced addiction? Well, you're right, i haven't. That's because i learned to exercise self controll and not get involved in that kind ofvstuff in the first place... Nobody forced him to smoke crack or meth did they?
    Honestly, sounds like you are the one who doesn't have any peace at all... Nobody forced him to do drugs, you're right, but situations did. You weren't there on his childhood and teenage years, you don't know whatever hapenned to him and his family and the enviroment around him. Don't go judging a man without any previous knowledge.(Actually, don't go judging a man in any circunstances) Also, as a christian myself, I don't see any kind of religion in what Head believes. As himself said, he's living a relationship with God, not some crazy religious ritual or stuff like that. And also, a man who can subdue his will because of love (in Head's case, love for God) is a man to be said free. He's not a slave of his concupiscence and lust anymore, but he is free to submit himself to God because of love. Rock on!
    Addiction is not about lack of self control. Addicts tend to be VERY strong willed people. Just ask their friends and family members. I was the "smartest" (most educated)and most successful member of my family...and the biggest screwup.