Korn's Head: ''Never Never' Almost Didn't Make the New Album'

"I didn't even play guitar on that song," the axeman adds.

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Joining his fellow axeman Munky, Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch admitted that he wasn't too thrilled about "Never Never" being the lead single off the band's latest effort "The Paradigm Shift." Chatting with 106.3 the Buzz, Head pointed out that the tune barely made the album and was wrapped up as a last-minute effort. "I didn't even play guitar on that song," he said. "Munky threw a guitar on it and the producer was like 'Yeah, let's just throw it in there, but I don't think we're gonna do it.' "And then the drummer, Ray [Luzier], was doing drum tracks - they're getting ready to pack up and leave and he said 'What about that one song John did and [the producer]'s like 'Nah, I don't think we need to.' And he goes, 'Well, we're here, let's just lay some drums on it.' He was like 'All right, here we go.' [chuckles] We did it quick and then when they wrote the lyrics and everything it just kinda stood out for them as a good first radio single." Similarly to Munky's recent statement, Head noted that the track isn't a good representative of the whole record, which is much more heavier. During the rest of the interview, Brian talked about the need to compromise between the guitar-driven approach and dubstep injections singer Jonathan Davis insists on, stressing it ultimately led to a top-notch effort. "The Paradigm Shift" saw its release on October 8 through Prospect Park Records.

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    That wasn't even my problem with the new album. Fieldys bass isn't clanking at the forefront of the mix, they replaced a lot of the eerie leads they would do back in the day with synths and It's missing those filthy grooves and breaks that made the old stuff so great.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Well, david said he was the groove that Korn lost... lol
    Nah I don't think it's that. Dave himself said that the first 3 albums had so many tempo changes and breaks cause they didn't record with any metronome and Issues on all their producers wanted everything to a click track which compromised the groove and a lot of the rhythm.
    So basically, what you're saying is that you have a problem with the album being different from the old work? Why should it be the same?
    Personally, since the rest of the album didn't sound like it, I can live with Never Never being there
    Totally agree with Head here. Like seriously John. Start a DJ Davis side project or some s*** dont mess up Korn
    greif hammer
    The thing is that he already has done that. He's got two dj side projects, but just can't help himself getting that stuff into korn.
    Im really glad to hear this. Never Never is horrible. Haven't even heard the rest of the album but now maybe ill listen to it
    I hate it when a band has it's fan base have a backlash on a particular song or album or whatever and as soon as it gets negative reviews, the band is like "oh...we don't like it that much either". I can't believe for a second a band like this would put something on an album they weren't happy with let alone make it the first single. At least take pride in what you have created, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
    You'd be surprised how often songs get on there because 1 band member or the producer or the Record Company decides it should go on there.
    Why are UG still treating "Never Never" like this completely bizarre song that should have never existed? It's not even all that different from the rest of the album, get over it.
    HE'S THE BETTER GUITAR PLAYER. as soon as he came back the korn sound came back. i could almost bet my life that 4 of the 5 memebers of korn wanted it to sound like take a look in the mirror when he came back. NEVER NEVER is jDevils buck shot to get back on radio 1 in england for more coverage.