Korn's Head Uncertain About the Future of Love & Death: 'Things Have Shifted'

Welch discusses the difficulty of pulling a double duty.

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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch opened up about the difficulty of playing in both Korn and Love & Death, going far enough to hint at his departure from the latter band. While chatting with Artisan News, Head confessed that although performing with Love & Death is a lot of fun, it's also exhausting at the same time. "I was telling the Korn guys last night - when I quit Korn, I sent them emails that go like 'Hey guys, I love you guys, but I can't do this anymore,'" he said. "The last time I got off stage with Love & Death I was like 'Hey Jonathan, I'm gonna send Love & Death an email, I'm gonna be like 'I love you guys so much, but I can't do this anymore' [laughs] It's so hard to play two shows, oh my gosh! But yeah, we'll see, it's fun though." Head continued, "I was real close with Love & Death - I still am, but things have shifted. We're trying to figure it all out, but we just need something to pop up for Love & Death, something encouraging." When asked on where does Love & Death fit in with Korn, Welch commented: "I don't know, I'm trying to figure that out. I think I've got to a good level at vocals, but I never really felt comfortable as a vocalist. I went for that dream and I got to live it, so I don't know where it's gonna go next. I think I'll always do Love & Death album every few years or whatever, I just don't know how it's all gonna work out."

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Do you think that Head's about to leave Love & Death or that he'll stick with the double pace? Let us know in the comments.

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    "Not" Bin-Laden
    Man, I have to say that despite being a massive fan of both Korn and Love & Death, I'm starting to feel like L&D is the better band. Hope Head chooses to keep them together, it's all about finding that balance.
    It's more unique because money hasn't corrupted it yet (perhaps because they're still very new on the scene). I'd rather Head stay with L&D. Paradigm Shift was a pretty good album imo, but Between Here and Lost trumps it (agen imo)
    I hope to have Love and Death still going! I enjoy Brian's vocals WAY more than Jonathan from Korn. Plus the music has a more pure vibe, it's real you know...Washed By Blood from his first album is easily my favorite song period. I just hope that Brian makes wise decisions and keeps his life focused on what is important, Family, Friends, GOD...love you Brian, keep up the good work.
    Korn sounds revitalized with his return on 'The Paradigm Shift'. Hopefully he can utilize both bands, as a secondary way to sift through influences etc.
    Shame. L&D had some decent stuff on their album. not groundbreaking, but solid. If they continue to make albums then I'll be happy, but Its a shame when a band doesn't tour.
    It's difficult for Head, but I feel sorry mostly for the other guys in Love&Death. They most likely haven't got high-paying gigs to fall back to, and cannot take things as casually as Head hopes to do. It's their livelihood, after all.
    yeah but u cant rely on one guy...i see him leaving again in the future when he gets sick of korn again or it gets stale...hell do L&D and solo projects again it was to successful to never do it again.
    You could say "his paradigms have shifted". Sorry, I saw the article title and couldnt resist.
    When Korn has some downtime, I'm sure he'll revisit Love And Death at some point in the future. So many musicians play in multiple bands now so Head can do it too. He's probably just overwhelmed at the moment with being back in Korn, the new album that just came out, the touring, etc. It's obvious he still wants to invest in Love And Death so when the time is right, he'll return to it.
    I think Love and Death are awesome!! It's SO much better than Korn! Plus, it doesn't have a parental advisory on the CD and still sounds freaking KILLER!! I think Korns been around too long. They should make the best hits and stop and focus on their family stuff
    If they produce crappy albums, yeah, Korn should stop and focus on other priorities (like family). But they're still going strong, but neither priority should be ignored: they've done too much work to get where they are atm and it's a story that many fathers can't tell their children; 'I've toured around the world playing to millions of fans...' etc.
    It must be hard for Head and we could not even imagine how hard unless we are in it.. I got to see both bands in Toronto and it was amazing.. Love and Death were killer!!!!!
    Don't leave Love and Death, we love it. It's one of the best "Christian Metal" I have heard so far.
    Love and Death is so much better. And my buddy J.R. (guitarist) plays in it, so I'd hate to see him lose that dream he's livin.