Kurt Cobain Used To Make Fun Of Pearl Jam Bassist For Playing Basketball

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Kurt Cobain Used To Make Fun Of Pearl Jam Bassist For Playing Basketball
During the latest interview on ESPN, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament took some time to about basketball, his other great passion in life, a passion he had hoped would turn into a professional career someday. Apparently Ament has found himself on somewhat of a life crossroad during college. He opted for music and we can't really say he made a mistake there. While he was attending the University of Montana, the bassist was told by his coach Mike Montgomery that if he works hard enough, he might get some minutes in the game during his final year. "There's no way I'm going to work this hard for four years to maybe get some garbage time when I'm a senior", figured the bassist and went on to become a member of one of the most successful bands ever to come out of Seattle. But he was also teased by his fellow grunge musicians at the time and even remembers hiding the fact he is a basketball player. "There was a period, after I moved [to Seattle], when I had to hide the fact that I played ball from the punk-rock guys... Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love talked trash about the fact that I hooped. I once stopped to say hi before a show, and as I walked away, Courtney yelled, 'Go play basketball with Dave Grohl!'". When asked to name other musicians he considers good at basketball, Ament singled out Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Steve Gordon of the Black Crowes. He also praised the actor Frankie Muniz, star of the popular "Malcolm In The Middle" show as a very good player. But it seems he couldn't say the same for Justin Bieber. "Oh lord, no. He's terrible! That reminds me of the first Rock 'n Jock game I played in. [Leonardo] DiCaprio was about 14 or 15. He played in that game, but he was just terrible." After taking all the facts into consideration, the bassist is happy with the choices he made, adding that "unless you're a vegan freak of nature like Tony Gonzalez" it's not possible to play basketball past the early 30s. "I'm happy, because I'm almost 50 and still doing it", said Ament about his musical career. So what are your thoughts on this one? Would you rather jam with the Pearl Jam or be the Seattle Sonics point guard? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.
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