Kurt Cobain's Old Roommate Sells Nirvana Frontman's Belongings on Craigslist

The listing includes a telephone and a set of skis that allegedly belonged to Cobain.

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Kurt Cobain's old roommate is reportedly selling a host of the Nirvana frontman's belongings on Craigslist.

As NME notes, the items for sale include a set of skis ($80) and a telephone ($55) as well as a video game called "Kingman" ($25). In the listing, the seller - a former member of the band Gruntruck - writes that he will be selling more of what he says are Cobain's possessions in the future. "I also have a lot more stuff of kurts, like magazine and clothes that i will be selling off soon. thank you for looking," he writes on the listing page, via Consequence of Sound. Visit Craigslist for more information.

Last month a statue of a weeping Kurt Cobain was unveiled in Aberdeen, Washington - the hometown of the late Nirvana frontman. The city celebrated Kurt Cobain Day on February 20, what would have been the frontman's 47th birthday. The statue, which sees Cobain crying a single tear, is situated in the Aberdeen Museum of History. The day's festivities also included a gig and an appearance from Cobain's guitar teacher.

Neighbouring town Hoquiam will celebrate Nirvana Day on April 10 this year, when the band are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cobain was born and raised in Aberdeen, but did briefly live in Hoquiam.

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    If only Kurt had put his territorial pissings all over his stuff, this would never have happened.
    If anything Kurt pissing on his stuff would have led to crazy Nirvana fans paying even more money for it.
    none of the stuff for sale exactly Blew me away.. this guy is just trying to Milk It now. It's pretty Dumb.
    I think he should be sent to the Lake of Fire. He doesn't have a Sliver of respect.
    Indeed, he seems Very Ape. He better at least Stay Away from Kurt's Mexican Seafood. ...All Apologies.
    People should Stay Away from his belongings. This guy's just being a Negative Creep
    Isn't kind of creepy that your roommate would save your stuff? What guy does that? Did he know Cobain was going to hit it big? Its just Weird
    For some that actually increases the value hahaha (Specially among girls though... lol)
    Later news, Cortney Love sues Kurt's old roommate for selling his belongings. "I made him buy those things, 10 years before we met, it's my money!"
    He was keeping all that stuff just to sell it now for couple of bucks?
    My thoughts exactly. Ya know, there's no way any buyer will be able to be sure this stuff was actually Kurt's. The guy could just be doing spring cleaning and saying "Yeah, uh, this half-used thing of tissues was Kurt's! That's his snot, not mine!"
    Well it's not like Kurt is going to want the stuff back anytime soon.
    -dust rises from the Wiskah river as Cobain assembles ash-particle by particle back into life and lets out ferocious roar- "GIMME BACK MAH ALCOHOL!"
    At least he's not overpricing the hell out of them. And I'm waiting for Courtney to something in the next 48 hours
    Waiting for the man children who are outraged by this flagrant cash-in on a MUSICAL GENIUS THIS STUFF SHOULD BE IN A MUSEUM YOU GUYS
    I'm suprised he'd be selling em that cheap then....
    he's not. if you go to the ad, he wants $575 for the phone, $800 for the skis, and $425 for the video game. It's an unabashed grab at some cash for things we can't even be sure were actually Kurt's.
    Wow, he paid a guitar teacher to learn three power chords