Lady Gaga Is Boring, Claims Study

A study of internet searches for the pop star has found her popularity waning after pushing the envelope too far. It this the end of pretentious pop as we know it?

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Lady Gaga has bored the Internet, according to a new study.

A company has looked at web searches for the singer since May 2011, and said they are astonished at the decline in searches despite releasing her own fragrance and doing a world tour.

Ironically, Gaga has described herself as "Queen Of The Universe" in a legal deposition this week, while her former assistant is trying to claim for 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime.

"[My former assistant is a ] f--king hood rat who is suing me for money that she didn't earn," she said. "She thinks she's just, like, the queen of the universe... And, you know what, she didn't want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I'm the queen of the universe every day," said Gaga in court (via NME).

"Since May 2011 her popularity has fallen almost continuously each month and shows little sign of recovery," said AccuraCast who conducted the study (via NME)

"Although people enjoyed Lady Gaga's outrageous fashion sense during the early stages of her career, it would appear that she began pushing the boundaries too far and this incident failed to greatly improve her internet popularity. This theory is supported by the minimal increase in traffic when she chose to use the meat dress once again, in May 2012," adding that it "indicates that we are all a little bored with Lady Gaga's antics."

Meanwhile, the court case regarding her former assistant continues.

Is it the end for Lady Gaga and the era of pretentious pop? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    How does "queen of the universe" hold up in the court of law? It's like she's five ****ing years old.
    Freddie Mercury was 'Prince of the Universe'. Don't you dare say anything about The Mercurial One.
    Its like all pop, they rise, and then they fall really really hard...
    "UG Article Titles Are Sensationalist Bullshit", Claims Commenter Wait, that's not news.
    She really wasn't that bad, she could really sing, but her songs just got annoying after a while.
    I didn't mind her hits from her first album. It was cool and new at the time and I didn't mind hearing it come on the radio. I agree, now It has gotten way too overboard haha. I wouldn't mind if I didn't hear from her for a while.
    This is the biggest goddamn circlejerk of a pointless article that could've ever been written. Seriously, this goddamn website. She's objectively incredibly talented as a singer, pianist, and composer. Any performance now, or performance before the "Gaga" persona will show that. Yeah, she makes Pop music, but this website needs to realize how important Pop music is and has always been, and how stagnant the so-called "underground" scene has always viewed it. Seriously, she's basically the Madonna of this generation: incredibly talented, loved by most, groundbreaking musically, fantastic music videos, and reviled by the type of people this site unintelligently panders to.
    I agree about everything you said apart from UG's "underground" news, UG is stupidly mainstream but that doesn't mean it is bad. It is the user base that say "anything that rock n metal sux" that are the problem.
    When I refer to the underground, I'm referring to the userbase, for the most part, not the news.
    You have to wonder if the writers are pandering to that user base with yellow-journalist headlines like this, though. But judging from the comments so far, it isn't working. Maybe it would be best if they just stopped. Ahem.
    So what you are saying is... Cavalcade SLAMS Ultimate Guitar pandering! (Yes, that does seem to be the case)
    I defy you to name ONE aspect of her music that is "groundbreaking." Give me a ****ing break. If you enjoy Top-40 Dance-Pop, that's fine, but don't pretend like it's high art.
    Ah, finally someone who is smart enough to actually explain their opinions, without bashing it to everyone's face, thinking their idea is the ultimate universal truth. I agree 100% on every single word you wrote about this article. Oh, and the Pumpkins is my favorite band too.
    Did you only read the title? The article isn't berating her as an artist at all.
    'Is it the end for Lady Gaga and the era of pretentious pop?' This article objectively states that she fits into 'pretentious pop'. That's berating her as an artist. On top of this, it claims that her popularity is dwindling since May 2011, which is obviously true because she hasn't even released a ****ing album since that exact month . All the rest is pointless conjecture. So whatever you say, Sherlock.
    'Is it the end for Lady Gaga and the era of pretentious pop?' Well she did call herself Queen of the Universe, that's kind of pretentious
    Thank ****ing god, I didn't think I'd see another person that agrees with me in the comments.
    1)Objectively talented doesn't exist. Because talent is subjective. Objectively high paid, objectively famous, these are things that exist. Objectively talented doesn't exist. I personally think she's a tremendously UNTALENTED composer, especially because almost every song had multiple writers that weren't her. I don't care for her piano work because it's nothing special, and singing? Meh, maybe for a pop singer. 2)pop music isn't really all that important. It's the junk food of music. 3)Not talented, I already explained my position on that. Groundbreaking musically? Making crappy, shallow pop music is suddenly groundbreaking? Forget that, if you're looking for groundbreaking, look at The Residents. Groundbreaking and popular? Queen, The Who, even The Mars Volta. The music videos range from decent (Bad Romance) to awful (Born this Way). But I wouldn't consider any of them fantastic. You can speak your defense of a mega-rich person who makes really simple music, but why defend someone who's set for life? She really doesn't have anything to worry about.
    I was gonna say the same thing and I've seen her piano playing and singing before gaga its nothing special and I think that anybody that would call it that is incredibly naive There are some incredible piano players out there that get no recognition
    "Pop music isn't really all that important"- I see you know your history of music astoundingly well.
    Dude, Madonna was terrible, and doesn't fit in at all with your description at the end.
    Dude, Seinfeld effect. What she did was so groundbreaking and influential that having not been there when it was new, it just seems old, cliched, and overdone. It seems like this because EVERYONE took their cues from Madonna. She was a trailblazer.
    Madonna ripped off Bowie. GaGa is pop garbage. Now let's listen to Adore and forget this mediocrity.
    Adore?? Rabble rabble Zeitgeist rabble sellouts rabble rabble halcyon days of Siamese Dream rabble rabble!!
    I respectfully disagree - I find most of her songs bland and boring, and she has been living of acting weird/shocking in order to get the attention of people. I will admit, that when she began I did find her music at best, okay, but I just seems to that after the very first album, she has had nothing more interresting to offer, and has only survived on the world stage by (as said before) acting weird, pretentious, and trying to sensationalize herself. I'm only happy that she is finally dropping of peoples conciousness, and is probably going to be forgotten by most people in later years. When she proclaims herself "Queen of the universe", I think it is more than deserving that her "Look-at-me-I'm-special" style has finally burnt out. Though, as history has proven timelessly, another one will probably replace her as the "weird pop-artist"...
    Wow you have 80+ upvotes, on UG, defending pop music. This place is more marure than I expected. Not everything has to be METAL! Not all pop is bad. There is good pop and shitty pop just like shitty and good metal bands. MJ, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Gaga, George Michael, Elton John, WHitney Houston,.....I could go on and on, who is there right mind thinks these people aren't talented just because they are pop?!
    Actually she is betta than Madonna cos Madonna never was a composer or Pianist. Funny thing is she losing popularity then why was her last album like one of the few that went Platinum?
    The UG commenters bash Justin Bieber, Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj, then all of a sudden praise Lady Gaga? Hypocrisy just reached a whole new level. And yes, she is a talented singer and pianist, but that doesn't take away the fact that her music is boring, shallow and streamlined with the rest of the modern pop scene. Huge waste of potential.
    I see very little connection between kesha and lady gaga, except the genre (but if thats enough, why not say praising "Thriller" and hating "my world" is hypocrisy?) + everybody is entitled to their opinion. I like a lot of bieber stuff, so what? Still, i do full agree with the second part of your post.
    Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Justin Bieber are all pop and insanely untalented and praising "Thriller" lmfao! that's just as bad Michael Jackson sucks just as bad
    What could possibly top Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj for most annoying and overhyped singer? I'll be sorry I asked that question in a couple years
    Shouldn't people be working towards a cure for cancer or doing something productive instead of studying the obvious? Hahaha
    A "study" isn't necessary to know that Lady Gaga is boring. All you need is functioning ears and eyes.
    Gaga is kind of a scummy ****. She profits from an image she doesn't represent, she's just "weird because why not?". She has a good voice though; she's wasted talent.
    Yeah... that tends to happen when an artist doesn't release an album for a while. I'm sure she'll spike again when she puts out her next album--but she better hope it hits hard, otherwise word will get out quickly that it isn't exceptional, and she'll fall even harder.