Lady Gaga Pukes Onstage

She follows Justin Bieber in vomiting onstage, but the video could reveal that she lip-syncs after all. What do you think?

Ultimate Guitar

Lady Gaga has followed in the steps of Justin Bieber who puked on-stage last week and had her own slippery accident.

She was singing (or is that miming?) her song "The Edge Of Glory" in Barcelona when she turned to quickly vomit. The vocal track continued, as did Gaga the moment she recovered.

You can see a clip of the unlucky performance in the player below.

She later tweeted "SPAIN, you took the p-ss outta me. Thats some hard bodied pop stuff. I'll never forget tonight Barcelona. FOREVER." She later shared the video herself, perhaps as a form of damage control.

Meanwhile, Kiss man Gene Simmons has sung the praises of Gaga and revealed that she was set to feature on their forthcoming album "Monster".

"She's terrific," he said. "I don't like that kind of music, but if you listen to what she did with Tony Bennett, the girl can sing."

He continued: "She came backstage a few tours ago, before her meteoric rise. They didn't know who she was, so she was there as a fan and then came backstage and told us about how she has Kiss parties where they all dress up as Kiss and run around."

Watch Gaga vomit onstage here:

YouTube preview picture

Is this proof she lip-syncs to a voice track? Have you seen similar on-stage mishaps? Share your YouTube links in the comments.

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    Not trying to sound like an ultimate hipster... but metal musicians were vomiting on stage long before popstars.
    metal musicians were doing it before it was mainstream
    ^ Ohh yeah... hipsters are meant to "slam" the mainstream. Shows how much of an ultimate hipster I am XD
    Steve Vai got sick in Brazil once and crapped himself onstage... During a song.
    gary lineker once shit himself during a football match and carried on playing, after dragging his ass along the ground like a dog
    "Watch Gaga vomit onstage here" why would anyone want to see that >.
    On a different note (heheh) who even cares? Why do we get two articles of pop stars vomiting onstage? I know there are bands where members vomit before every show, because of addictions or nerves. Who cares?
    I saw Saliva with Black Stone Cherry in Buckcherry around '06-'07 at a small bar in Nashville. In the middle of the set, Josey Scott puked facing the crowd, while singing the chorus to Click, Click, Boom. It actually went, "Click, Click, BLARGHRGHRGH!" It was kind of clear/white and liquidy. It looked like he had been drinking milk. Then, he was back in time for the next line, without missing a single word.
    Click, Click, BLARGHGHRHRGH! Pure gold. Maybe that could be the remix? I know a few pop stars (Beiber, Gaga) that could be improved with a well-placed BLARGHGHRGH!
    Thank you sir. I laughed my ass off at that image for a solid ten minutes. Made my day.
    Apparently, Rex from Pantera used to puke on the cables behind his rig all the time, to piss off his bass tech.
    just the fact that they throw up and get busted lip syncing is just toooo great... I gotta give it to Saliva... Homeboy puked, but wasnt faking a live performance.... lol Saliva was everywhere ;D
    Lip syncers really are sickening even when they're not puking.
    She doesnt lipsync. She has a track on in the background for when she does dancenumbers. But she never syncs, she sings over it.
    Its in her contract that she MUST lip-sync incase she ****s up, its the same with most mainstream pop acts nowadays
    Sad part is she is lip syncing, and you're still trying to defend her. all pop acts are the same these days. typical lip sync-er...hate these fake ass bullshit record company pop acts .
    It's still cheating...why can't she just learn to dance and sing properly, like musical theater people?
    Is that like those kids on facebook who don't know what a cover is and play horrible "covers" over top of whatever song they are trying to show off with?
    She's hardcore! She kept on dancing like nuthin was the matter. When I puke, I'm on all fours and then I crawl off to lay on the couch, LOL.
    Why is this on UG?! It's got nothing to do with music or guitars.
    Maybe the UG staff found it interesting, amusing or whatever and decided to share. C'mon, they posted 11 articles today. I say articles instead of news, because some of the articles are hardly news. They tend to post at least 3, sometimes 10, today a whopping 11, every day with rare exceptions. They can't all be great. If you don't like the article, don't click / read / comment.
    You guys know that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga weren't actually miming? It's customary, and has been for decades now, for pop acts to operate with a backing track which they sing over the top of. On a shitty quality cellphone camera it sounds like they were just miming when they stop, but really you're just hearing the backing track continue without them. I don't like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga but let's at least accept reality.
    There's a lot of bands that do this. It's to fatten up their sound, instead of having a traveling group of backup singers travel with them. Also, audio engineers will mix their live vocals underneath these tracks at some points. Lets just say there's one band, known for their guitar solos that use it...for their guitar solos.
    if she was singing along with the back-up track, then she must've had a mic. so why didn't we hear her BLEGGHHUHUGHGH??
    My little sister is a fan of hers and she insisted that she doesn't lip synch. Ignorant...
    Did you not know that most pop/rap musicians sing along to their own vocal track? Gaga sings at her shows, just maybe not every single lyric.
    probably someone is putting stuff in pop stars food so they can throw up and be exposed of lip synching
    What's with these people praising her singing, are you for real? She has a generic, forgettable voice She was.chosen (key word) to become gaga because she was willing to play ball.
    I thought there was a technique called ducking that kicked in a recording whenever the singer's mic stopped picking up their voice. Is there, or am I wrong?
    Nope, 'ducking' refers to a compressor dipping the volume of the instruments/backing when there are vocals present, so the vocals can be heard without making them louder (which, in digital recording, may mean compressing them more) as vocals are typically the dominant element of any commercial mix.
    Technically it's the same thing. In TextOnTheScreen's example, the live vocal ducks the recorded version, so when there isn't singing it kicks in.
    I guess I can agree with that, though TextOnTheScreen's post wasn't worded too well and I thought he meant in the studio ('...that kicked in a recording whenever...' etc.)
    Hadn't thought of that. It's a possibility... but you would still be able to hear the puking. That breed of popstar pretty much has to use backing tracks nowadays anyway... it's a bit much for the audience to expect pitch perfect vocals all while juggling upside down on an elephant or whatever ludicrous stage shows they put on because the fans demand it.
    That depends on the mic's pickup pattern. If she's using a Beta 58 than a regular one, that it has a tighter pickup pattern, which means you'd have to put your mouth closer to the mic. Gaga has a very strong voice, she's great at mic control. She can pull it away from her mouth when during stronger voice projections.
    Some singers use the "ducking" effect, Gaga not one of them. Have worked on production with Gaga before, and those could be backing tracks...which a lot of artists/bands do, instead of having a group of backup singers travel with them. We listened to her soundcheck, and he voice is legit, singing opera-style runs. She's still singing live. Some people have their vocals buried under the backing tracks at some points. Other artists have "dummy mics"...where they have the mic's XLR just coiled at the base of their mic stand, and an air gap. Next time you see a band live, look for a laptop by the drummer...they usually trigger all the backing tracks and click track.
    I dont know what happened here but she doesnt lipsync. She has a track on in the background for when she does dancenumbers. But she never syncs, she sings over it. Ive seen her live.
    Of course the vocal tack continued... It's pop music when dont they lip sync
    She has a track on in the background for when she does dancenumbers. But she never syncs, she sings over it. Ive seen her live.
    Why did you see her live? It makes no sense, unless you wanted to bottle her...
    Because I like her. I happen to have an open mind, musically.
    She does make some good music, I will agree with. But her 'singing' doesn't do justice for some of it. And, proven recently, she lip-syncs so don't know whether to call it singing...
    lip syncing or backing tracks, it's still not completely sincere musicianship.... at all. If you can't replicate all the layers you put into your recorded sound then you should A. have more people to fulfill those parts live or B. not layer the shit out of it in the first place. There's a local metal band that uses backing tracks and it results in them only actually playing about 60% of their music, the rest is prerecorded. It's just so false.
    The last time I saw someone puke on stage was at a Dead Kennedy's show in 1984. The band was called 'Crucifux' and all through the set the singer was complaining about the spotlights being too bright. Finally at the end of the set the singer yells, 'turn off those f*&^'n blue spotlights' and throws up. Very Punk.
    I love the Dead Kennedys.
    Me too. I saw them in 1983 and 1984 at a small club ('The Keystone') in Palo Alto. The show in '84 was amazing, they all came out wearing those silly Shriner's Hats like on the cover of FrankenChrist. Jello was wearing a sweater and thick black eyeglasses to complete the Shriner costume. I love the way he'd mime and act out the lyrics. They were an amazing band live.
    I've seen Marilyn Manson live a few times, and I've seen Twiggy hurl 3 times. Everytime I see them live, I try (and usually succeed) to get the crowd chanting 'Twiggy Puke! Twiggy Puke!' (I'm a bastard, I know)
    It's kinda impressive that she just kept rolling with her routine. Even if I don't appreciate what she does, I think that makes her a legit entertainer.
    I like the top comment: "Im sorry but weve got to admire this woman. Anyone who has the amazing talent of singing and vomiting at the same time should be rewarded with a prize."
    She clearly mimes, as if anyone who didn't go to a pop show didn't know that already.
    Almost seems like the puking was part of her choreography. *Puke...move my hips...puke...bend forward...puke move my ass'
    She may use a backing track now, but she has the chops. Watch one of her old videos when it's her and piano before she became Gaga.
    Josh Reubenking
    "The vocal track continued" Proof that she uses playback and lip syncs. Just like all the shitty hip hop, pop, and R&B "singers" out there.
    First Beiber and now Gaga? What pop idle will join the ranks of "Public Puker"? Find out next week!
    I saw her live show a few years back. She definitely DOES NOT actively lip sync. Her non-dance songs were entirely self-performed (You can tell by the many nuances in her voice), and her dance songs often had over-dubbed hooks and the like, so whilst she was dancing like a maniac and being flung around the stage she could give a less focus to singing and a bit more focus to not succumbing to lactic exhaustion (which unfortunately seemed to have happened here anyway)
    Wow, she even did that with class. Seeing her in November
    Why would you torture yourself by doing that? Why...?
    my thoughts exactly, and how can you say that with a pic of sol niger within... most illogical
    Ah, musical diversity. I gave her a chance and she is great. Last album only though, the first ones are really dumb pop. But since the tour is last album + hits I should be fine. Plus she has damn awesome musicians live, like Kern on bass
    First Bieber pukes, now Gaga. Okay, who is the sound guy that's putting these pop stars own music in their monitors? Don't they know that that crap is tough to stomach?
    A lotta musicians puke on stage, not sure why its such a big deal now. Its just what happens when u push your body too far, use to happen to me during soccer matches.
    She is not lipsyncing. She has a vocaltrack on in the background for when she does dancenumbers. But she never syncs. She sings over it.
    Backing tracks are used in all genres, not just pop. Just like it's being used to fatten up guitar sounds, for live application. Also for synths and atmospheric sounds. Otherwise, bands will be travelling with orchestras and choirs.