Lady Gaga Shocked As Fan Gives Her A Sex Toy At Live Show

artist: Lady Gaga date: 06/20/2012 category: wtf?
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Lady Gaga Shocked As Fan Gives Her A Sex Toy At Live Show
Lady Gaga was shocked by her little monsters during her Australia "Born This Way" ball show on the weekend when a fan gave her a sex toy on stage. Lady Gaga is known for shocking onlookers with meat outfits and outrageous costumes but this time the star was left surprised as she was handed a raunchy gift at a show in Brisbane, Australia on Saturday (16th June). Holding the silver sex toy, Gaga laughed it off: "Are you telling me I'm not getting enough action? Was this moral support? That looks expensive. Thank you very much for worrying about my sex life - but I will assure you that all is well!" It's claimed that Gaga and her on/off boyfriend Taylor Kinney are on good terms. Before launching the gift back into the crowd she asked: "Would you like to keep this dildo as a thank you?" Lady Gaga will be performing around Europe between August and October this year. Thanks for the report to
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