Lady Gaga Simpsons Episode Ranked Worst in Show's History

Singer's 2012 cameo wasn't well received by fans.

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"The Simpsons" episode in which Lady Gaga made a guest appearance has been ranked the worst episode in the show's history, according to a list based on IMDB ratings, Gigwise reports.

The list, which has been assembled in graph form by a fan, maps out every episode of the show's 25 seasons from highest rated to lowest according to the aggregated scores on IMDB. The 2012 episode "Lisa Goes Gaga," which features a guest appearance from the singer, is bottom of the pile, with an IMDB rating of 4.9.

The episode, which was part of season 23, sees Gaga trying to boost the egos of Springfield after discovering it has the lowest self-esteem on the planet.

Though the episode was not badly received by critics, with Gaga describing her cameo as "one of the coolest things I've ever done," it seems fans of the show disagreed. The episode is the only one in the show's history to be ranked lower than 5 out of 10, with only 4 others ranked below 6.

The highest ranking episode in "The Simpsons"' history is "Homer the Smithers," which originally aired in 1996 - sadly solidifying the popular opinion that "The Simpsons" jumped the shark about fifteen seasons ago.

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    If the Simpsons can't make the episode where your guest appearance funny, you know you should stick with lip-synching
    Not sure if your serious. Gaga is known for being one of the people that never lip sync, she gets really pissed at people that do.
    I still enjoy The Simpsons. Although I wish Futurama was still around, I enjoyed that more.
    Yes, Futurama was amazing. I think I heard Matt G say that there are still more stories to tell, and there's a chance it could come back again.
    Well in Gaga's defence, I don't think too many people really care about the Simpsons anymore.
    I think this was the last episode I watched. I still love the old ones but there's no going back. Shame too ive been watching since I was like 9.
    Honestly I think the Simpsons has started to get better in recent seasons
    I agree, the episode this season where Comic Book Guy gets a girlfriend is excellent. I love the White Stripes parody. And the return of Stan Lee.
    Well, the Simpsons have been running out of ideas for a while now. Same with Family Guy and South Park. I love the shows, but they have been running out of ideas for an episode.
    I don't know about south park, they get ideas from events happening in the world, so they never really run out of ideas.
    It's still relevant, but the show has lost a lot of its original charm in recent seasons, or at least in my opinion.
    Classic Simpsons was amazing- like the ones with Phil Hartman as Troy McClure lol... those were great haha
    I found the last season of SP to be really good. The past few before that were pretty meh, though
    That looks like absolute filth. I try to be open minded about the newer (read: shittier) episodes, but Jesus Christ...
    I don't think that the show being a low rating is gaga's responsibility seeing as I'm sure she didn't write the script for it. Soooo.... you can't really blame her.
    West Riding
    Since Family Guy started, The Simpsons has become obsolete.
    Wrong. The Simpsons seasons 4-8 trumps anything Family Guy has done by far.
    Family guy is so hit or miss, it had some really funny episodes in earlier seasons but now it's just not funny. Far too random for the sake of it.
    Also ratings aren't always the measure. It all depends on what else is being aired in that time slot. Let's face it... The superbowl is always gonna have higher ratings than the simpsons for instance. If something is being aired that's more popular (hard to believe since in the 90's simpsons were the most popular ) everything else is going to have lower ratings...
    Don't Ask
    This is not about viewer ratings, as in how many people watch the show. Rather, it's about the score the episodes have at IMDb, where users can rate episodes of series depending on how much they liked them.
    There have been several worse than this. Pretty much all of their clip episodes.