Lamb of God Revisiting Randy Blythe's Trial With 'As the Palaces Burn' Documentary

Film scheduled for November 20 premiere, new trailer available online.

Ultimate Guitar

Lamb of God have announced November 20 as the premiere date of their updated "As the Palaces Burn" documentary. The film was initially announced in June 2012, but postponed due to singer Randy Blythe's manslaughter trial in Czech Republic. The updated version will now include trial details and hopefully give fans a more thorough insight of the entire legal process. The band also posted a new official trailer, showing the band's story and fans in the first half, and then focusing on the trial during the rest of the clip. "It felt like the right thing to do, to come back even though it f--ing sucks." Blythe said about the his trial. "Sometimes doing the right thing isn't the most comfortable thing." The video also shows Blythe being asked by the court to explain terms such as stage diving or moshing. As previously reported, Randy was acquitted of all charges in early March. The premiere itself will take place in Amsterdam at the International Documentary Film Festival. Check out the clip below.

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    You just know that their next album is gonna be absolutely brutal. So many real emotions to let out. I never understood why LoG has so many haters, but to me, they are one of the most genuine and exciting bands today. Their songs never sound overthought. They just sound like a bunch of guys churning out fast and brutal riffs in a garage.
    Dr. Knox666
    Gonna be awesome! Especially the part about Randy's manslaughter case will be ****ing intense.
    Well I guess they need to recover the money from court costs somehow.
    I thought I read somewhere that all that hullabaloo with the trial nearly bankrupt Lamb of God, so I'm hoping they find some great success with this documentary and their next album and whatnot.
    I can't wait to hear new songs also. This whole court case really sucked though. I feel bad for the family who lost their child, but I think it was completely ridiculous to have had Randy set on manslaughter charges. I agree that this did indeed bankrupt the band, but shit like this happens all the time. PURE AMERICAN METAL!!
    i know its pretty irrelevant, but i just have to say it: randy is an AWESOME vocalist, but he looks like such a ****ing geek XD
    screech n' moan
    I was excited about this before the trial, and now, especially considering how things have turned out with him regaining his freedom, I'm even more excited. It's very, very sad that someone lost their life n' that's what'll be adding to the intensity of the film now, but overall, can't WAIT to own a copy of this piece of true L.O.G. history.
    Very curious to see this. I for one am super stoked on "As Palaces Burn" remaster. It has always been my favorite Lamb of God album except for the production. The new version of "Purified" sounds great.