Lana Del Rey Rumoured to Record Next James Bond Song

The singer is the latest in a long list of possibles.

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Just a few weeks after Sam Smith denied rumours that he's recording the next James Bond theme, now it's reported that Lana Del Rey is supposedly penning the song for the next film.

According to a source quoted by the Sun (Gigwise reports), "Producers know it has to be a great song with a killer vocal to rival the phenomenal success of Adele's 'Skyfall.' Sam seems like the favourite but Lana could definitely give him a run for his money."

Sam Smith recently told NME, "I think it's something everyone would love to do, but yeah, it was all news to me. I won't say any more on it."

Other artists who have expressed wishes to follow in the footsteps of Adele, Nancy Sinatra, Madonna and Shirley Bassey, include Sia, who recently took to Twitter to say, "Can I PLEASE do the Bond song, universe?"

Del Rey has some experience in film soundtracks, having contributed "Young and Beautiful" to "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack, and covered "Once Upon a Dream" for "Maleficent."

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    So disappointed Muse didn't get it last time with "Supremacy". Ah well I guess the Adele song was pretty good
    i seem to be going against popular opinion here but i think she has the right voice for it. judging by how the rest of the comments look ill get downvoted for this, but i love the idea of her singing the theme.
    Nothing wrong with this. One of the few current pop singers that actually has a voice.
    The voice of a wounded cat, you mean?
    To be honest, I think she sounds alright. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'd listen voluntarily, but if I was stuck in a room with nothing but Lana Del Rey music for a couple days I wouldn't get too bored.
    She's good, but I don't think she's got what it takes to sing a good Bond theme...
    Lana Del Rey is an anagram of Dry Anal Eel. I, for one, am totally disgusted by that filth. Won't somebody please make her stop
    I have to say I think that's actually the most compelling argument in her favour yet.
    I have it on good authority that the new theme song has been written AND recorded. My neighbour's brother's girlfriend has an uncle that works at the Sony Studios in LA. The singer ? None other than a little Scottish fox by the name of Susan Boyle. Yes, you heard it on UG first. The title of the song is "Shoot him in the cock James"
    I think this may actually work, she has the vibe to do a Bond song and even could be a great "Bond chick"
    I would prefer Lana over the aforementioned. Except for Shirley Bassey, never heard of her.
    Seriously? She did the theme to Goldfinger. She's the original Bond theme singer.
    Like her music or not (I'm not the biggest fan) her voice is very suitable for that type of song. Shirley Bassey would be much better though. The song Madonna for "Die Another Day" was the least Bond sounding song there was, I think.
    Obviously Muse would do a great job with it, but if its going to be a British band then I think Arctic Monkeys could make a really great one. If an American artist I'd say QOTSA, it would be epic.
    I don't personally give a damn about new Bond movies. Current Bond don't even look like Bond.
    The Spoon
    Some of her songs I really like, but a lot of em are really boring. She's really hit and miss for me. I could either love or hate her Bond song.
    I know I'm going to get down-voted for this because its cool to hate metal now, but they should get a metal band to do a Bond song. There's definitely enough pop songs used in Bond movies.
    This is a bad idea, not because it's "cool to hate metal" but because metal is so ridiculously anti-James Bond that it would be a massive mistake. Bond films (or the theme songs at least) have a very distinctive style, and the few times they ever stray from that formula (like Die Another Day) people HATE it. I didn't much like Skyfall as a song, but it was undeniably Bond, and to bust out some Slayer or something before the next Bond film would be the biggest mistake the franchise could ever make.
    If it has to be a female pop artist, I'd love to see Kimbra give it a go