Lars Ulrich: 'I Love Spotify'

"I don't know if it's the only future, but it's certainly working right now," says Metallica drummer.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently praised Spotify streaming service, describing it as something that definitely works for the current state of music industry. During a recent NME TV chat, Ulrich was asked on whether he sees Spotify as the future of music. "I don't know if it's the only future, I don't see things that black and white in my life, but certainly it's been a great experience," the drummer kicked off. Lars then praised the company's founder, saying, "Daniel Ek is a great man. You can tell a lot about a company by the people, that's my belief. And Danny's just a great man and has a great soul." He continued, "I love Spotify. Now whether - we're talking about 10 years from now - whether it's the future or not. I don't know if it's limited to a yes or no, but it's certainly working right now," Ulrich concluded. Several other prominent rock figures have given their opinions on Spotify. As previously reported, Atoms for Peace decided to quit the streaming service in protest, calling it "an equation that just doesn't work." Disturbed's David Draiman on the other hand praised the company, saying that "Spotify has given us a platform to finally combat piracy on a real level." Are streaming services the best solution for the music business? Let us know in the comments.

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    I love Spotify. I'm a big supporter of music and have never pirated. Spotify lets me discover new bands and if I really like their stuff I still go out and buy their records.
    In a world where most radio stations suck, Spotify is just amazing. I don't mind the occasional ads at all especially when you have all the music you could possibly want at your fignertips
    except led zeppelin, tool etc. still, i didnt come here to argue with lars, i love spotify
    once Spotify gets King Crimson, Tool, Zeppelin, Sabbath (in america), Beatles, and AC/DC, it will be complete, it's gotten metallica and pink floyd so it's only a matter of time until it gets the rest.
    and for 10€ a month, you get it without the ads + that you can make offline playlists and listen to unlimited music.
    I really like Spotify too, but the ads actually really bother me sometimes. It was awkward a few times listening to it while my parents were in the room and all of a sudden a condom commercial comes on. It's also annoying that most of the music commercials are for bands that aren't very good. I wish that they would use our listening history to tailor their adverts more towards what we like.
    You're 22, condoms shouldn't be something you're embarrassed about... Grow up.
    Condoms never worked for me. I swallowed them like I am supposed to and still got my girl pregnant! How embarrassing?!
    Lars needs a show called "Things I love"
    THINGS I LOVE! Spotify! Skrillex! Snare Drums! THINGS I HATE! Napster...
    Why would he make his snare drums sound like something else, than snare drums, if he loved them.
    well, a snare is percussion instrument, so it means that its not always going to produce the same exact sound... sooooo, it may sound different, but its still a snare
    Thanks UG for bringing me "today in what past or present members of Metallica have said or done"
    From about 1996 to 2012 I pirated everything I listened to. Im not proud of it, but in the words of Perry Farrell, I wanted something and I did't want to pay for it. Now, with the advent of Spotify, Google Play and YouTube, I have no need to download anything anymore. So in that regard, spotify is a good thing.
    Of course you do, Lars, of course you do.
    Right? He doesn't need to make money anymore, so why would he care? Then again... pretty sure he didn't need much more money when he sued Napster.
    Well, he's perfectly fine with it since Metallica already sits on a pile of cash. If Metallica wasn't already successful by past standards, he'd probably be less happy with it.
    Sleaze Disease
    So, anytime Lars says anything, it's automatically newsworthy?
    Nah bro, its Gospel...
    Sleaze Disease
    Out of all the musicians in the world, you honestly believe that what Lars says should be considered gospel? Really? Lars Ulrich? I don't want to get personal, but I guess I should expect no less from a BLS fan; you probably think Zakk Wylde is cool, too.
    Spotify really is a great tool for bands to promote themselves. Ok, you don't earn much money from it, but if you're able to put your music up, it's a great way to share your music and promote. It's deffinatly played a great role in web 2.0 and the future of music along with Youtube. I can see what Lars is saying here.
    Spotify doesn't help the "I want what I want when I want it" problem that I have heh heh. There was a time when listening to the radio was fun, and some of the fun was anticipating the next song. These days, however, I can't stand the radio! It's all talk, and when they actually play a song, it sucks. Spotify is a great way to (legally) listen to what I like. I am not sure about the financial results for the artists. I know the internet has made it possible for lesser known artists--like me--to get music heard by people all over the world, but I have no idea how many listeners it takes to equal the profits of selling an album.
    I don't like too much these streaming services.I mean it's same as with e-book reader. It's great to have so many books in one device, but nothing beats having real book printed on high quality paper that you can put on your shelf etc.That's why I'm still buying CDs (and will go straight to vinyl if I could afford it) and books. Not counting that I must have direct access to my music library without worrying about network connection dying before climax of the streamed song.
    Except Spotify doesn't fairly pay the artists, and actually has several artists on there against their wishes, despite repeated attempts to ask them to be removed. They just rip off the artists in a different way.