Lars Ulrich Named The Douchiest Drummer Of All Time

artist: Metallica date: 03/18/2013 category: wtf?
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Lars Ulrich Named The Douchiest Drummer Of All Time
Metallica's Lars Ulrich is without a doubt one of the most controversial musicians in the rock community and music industry in general. With his drumming skills and personality constantly questioned and targeted by thousands of raging metal fans, he is also the founding member of one of biggest bands of all time, without whom Metallica would most likely never reach the ultimate stardom. And now after all the hatred, Ulrich was even officially recognized as the "douchiest drummer of all time," with the author from the Village Voice calling him the "goddamn archetype of drummer douchebaggery". "Who can deny that Lars Ulrich is the goddamn archetype of drummer douchebaggery? We're not even talking about his legendary dust-up with Napster (after all, stealing pennies from a billionaire is still stealing, right?). Now, when it comes to Ulrich's place on the list, it boils down to simple formula: the loudest mouth = the weakest link. James Hetfield has a voice that just about changed the face of metal; Kirk Hammett and the late Cliff Burton are solidified as two of the finest axemen to ever shred on the guitar and the bass. What can we really say about Ulrich's drumming other than the fact it manages to not get in the way that much?" "But look at any interview they've done as a group, from their long-haired hessian days until now, and you will see this pompous windbag address almost every question with enough ego to fill a stadium. Add that to the long list of evidence that includes basically the band's entire 2004 documentary, 'Some Kind Of Monster'; a 2011 lawsuit filed against him by an assistant seeking thousands in unpaid overtime; and the fact that he requires his roadies to put his socks on for him before his gigs. Now that's what you call a Grade-A douchebag." The same author recently named Steve Vai the douchiest guitarist ever with most of the UG community not agreeing whatsoever. But what are your opinions when it comes to Lars? Do you think he really deserves this unpleasant award?
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