Lars Ulrich Named The Douchiest Drummer Of All Time

One of the most notorious and at the same time hated drummers in metal gets officially recognized as the douchiest one.

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Metallica's Lars Ulrich is without a doubt one of the most controversial musicians in the rock community and music industry in general. With his drumming skills and personality constantly questioned and targeted by thousands of raging metal fans, he is also the founding member of one of biggest bands of all time, without whom Metallica would most likely never reach the ultimate stardom.

And now after all the hatred, Ulrich was even officially recognized as the "douchiest drummer of all time," with the author from the Village Voice calling him the "goddamn archetype of drummer douchebaggery".

"Who can deny that Lars Ulrich is the goddamn archetype of drummer douchebaggery? We're not even talking about his legendary dust-up with Napster (after all, stealing pennies from a billionaire is still stealing, right?). Now, when it comes to Ulrich's place on the list, it boils down to simple formula: the loudest mouth = the weakest link. James Hetfield has a voice that just about changed the face of metal; Kirk Hammett and the late Cliff Burton are solidified as two of the finest axemen to ever shred on the guitar and the bass. What can we really say about Ulrich's drumming other than the fact it manages to not get in the way that much?"

"But look at any interview they've done as a group, from their long-haired hessian days until now, and you will see this pompous windbag address almost every question with enough ego to fill a stadium. Add that to the long list of evidence that includes basically the band's entire 2004 documentary, 'Some Kind Of Monster'; a 2011 lawsuit filed against him by an assistant seeking thousands in unpaid overtime; and the fact that he requires his roadies to put his socks on for him before his gigs. Now that's what you call a Grade-A douchebag."

The same author recently named Steve Vai the douchiest guitarist ever with most of the UG community not agreeing whatsoever. But what are your opinions when it comes to Lars? Do you think he really deserves this unpleasant award?

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    Is this an award that was made up just for Lars? Are there really that many 'douchey' drummers in the world to justify an award? Just seems like an excuse to create an award and then give that award to Lars.
    Portnoy's not a douche, he's just a pussy.
    How do you figure?
    How it began: "GUYYYYSSS I don't WANNA play anymoooorreee, I'm TIRRREEDDD... Can we take an indefinite breeeaaaak?" Reaction to 1st "No": "Oh yeah? Well screw you guys, I'm going home!" Realizes his mistake: "Hey guys, I was just kidding, can I come back now? " Reaction to 2nd "No": "WELL FUCK YOU, I'm gonna go start my own shitty ass band! That'll show you!!!1!1" Is there another term for this?
    how about the fact that avenged sevenfold hired him just to finish their nightmare album and a tour then he ran around saying he was a permanent member of the band? we see how that turned out too.
    He was way over controlling of the band, thought he was the boss, and then he said "how about we just take an indefinite break?" and other guys where apparently not up for that. It's good to see a domineering dick get called on his actions occasionally.
    maybe ug should start handing their little "medals" for the doucheiest comments! cause we have a winner right here.... and 109 others obviously agree!
    The Village Voice, no surprise... Also, Dave Holland (ex-Judas Priest) beats all of the ones listed. Sexually abusing an underage person seems more douchey to me than not being able to satisfy a slanderous gossip writer's ideals.
    Holland was also a pretty boring drummer, he was the filler during his Priest era, nothing like Les Binks who was a monster or the actual Scott Travis who is more powerful tight and more gifted as a drummer
    So he was a pedophile AND a boring drummer! JEESH! The more i hear about this guy the less i like him
    The kid was mentally challenged too which makes it even more ****ed up.
    I'd like to nominate Village Voice (whatever the f*ck that is) as the douchiest blog (googled Village Voice and apparently it's a blog) of all time. How lame is it that people ride other people's coat tails, bash that very person, then are rewarded with facetime throughout the web for it? UG, don't reward this moron.
    I agree. Posting a bash blog against Lars for them to get attention (hits). and, it's for the stay of the... "Y.M.C.A."!!
    Yeah voting on people that you dont even ****ing know being a douchebag...That seems like douchebaggery at its finest. None of you losers know Ulrich, Bieber, vai, or whoever the **** so to join the bandwagon and call them douches really shines a light on who the douch army really is. Vote on who you like and keep the negative shit in your own pathetic little minds
    Not much of an surprise....
    RIP Grammar a surprise
    Spelling Macht Frei... Grammarstapo, the internet grammar nazi service!
    *"Rechtschreibung macht frei" would actually be the correct phrase. If you're going to bother doing something, take the time to do it properly x
    "If you're going to bother doing something, take the time to do it properly" *raises hands and makes sarcastic reverence face*
    Lars used to be a dick, round about the time cliff left. he's not anymore.
    You mean when cliff died... Rip burton.
    I actually think Lars is a cool guy. Fuck me, right? (This wasn't supposed to be a reply, but **** me, right?)
    On the Meet & Greet, there's always awkward moments between the guys and the fans... not with Lars. It seems clear to mee that this is a Strange Case of Lars & Hyde.
    yeah I think Lars is cool, he's genuine, he tells it like it is, and like to rub people the wrong way if he doesn't like them, while James plays it macho but he's always friendly even to dicks, and Kirk is...Kirk
    When will it ever stop..
    Lars may well be a douche, I'm not going to comment on that, but whoever writes the Village Voice blog is a far bigger one. Seriously, stuff like "stealing pennies from a billionare is still stealing, right?" (yes, of course it is - taking something from somebody else without compensating them is obviously stealing) and calling Kirk Hammet one of the finest guitarists to shred ever (what? Seriously?!) are just ridiculous statements that no professional 'author' would ever make.
    Lars is a far cry from a billionaire. Actually, Some Kind of Monster made me realize that it's Lars who is the most serious and professional member of the ****in band. The filming of him selling off art, and being outspoken make him look like a total douche (I realize this is the entire point of the article), but it also made it clear to me that when it comes down to Metallica getting shit done, Lars is the one who is ready to go. Lars is the one cracking the whip on the other less motivated guys. Does it disappoint me he doesn't double kick his way through Dyer's Eve anymore? Of course it does. I'm just saying the dude definitely has some redeeming qualities.
    I read the title and clicked just to see if it came out of that Village Voice thing. I was right.
    You can mock Lars' style of drumming today all you want. The lack of double bass, boring fills, whatever. But, you'd have to be an ignorant fool to not acknowledge the fact that he was an absolute beast back in the day.
    By the way, is this even a serious writer? If you put Animal on there, you have to either be a troll or in need of some professional help.
    Thing is, that yes, he used to be a douche (especially after the Black album), but before that, he was actually a cool dude, and after "Death magnetic" he kinda changed back to that. The "Fuck Ulrich" people just have their heads to far up their asses to notice. Also, on a technical level, his drumming isn't bad. It's lodged somewhere between "Okay-good" and "Really good", and his style is very distinct. But hey, if you got a "lol stupid fanboy"-rageboner reading my comment, and wish to write a long comment about how I somehow have sexual intercourse with a giraffe, and Lars Ulrich inserts his drumssticks up his rectum, feel free - it's just my two cents...
    His style is somewhere between 'way ahead of the beat 'and 'this part is too hard so I'll just slow down 10bpm.'
    Dear UG Editor(s), Fuck Village Voice, you're doing this on purpose aren't you? Sincerely, visiblenoise
    Giving Lars shit for the whole Napster thing is getting really old. That's what these guys do for a living so its understandable that they'd get a little pissed off that people are stealing it. Anyways, they should have given this to Tommy Lee, in my eyes Tommy Lee is king douche
    are these the same people that said Frusciante was a part of the uncoolest band or something? the hell is wrong with people?
    F*ck the Village Voice. Before I clicked on the article, I said to myself : "I bet it was those c*nts from The Village Voice who wrote this". On a side note: I'm not ashamed to say that I like Lars Ulrich. If it wasn't for him and his ability to be a bad ass drummer, Metallica wouldn't have been as popular. That's my opinion.
    It's just that while the rest of the band are clearly extremely proficient and distinctive in the playing of their instruments Lars has never been more than an average metal drummer (where talking professional level), he deserves credit for helping to create that standard in metal drumming but he never really pushed it that far.
    Oh come on... I like Lars, he may have a big ego but he seems to be an okay dude overall and a damn passionate musician. And he actually made some sense in the whole Napster thing and stood up for himself, but most importantly he stood up for the musicians that don't have millions of dollars. I don't understand people who bash on others who actually does something creatively. Put that energy to use to create something yourself instead. I don't like justin biebers music (for example) but that won't make me go apeshit and waste my time on hating on him. I let him do his thing, and I do my thing and it'll all be fine.
    And now after all the hatred, Ulrich was even officially recognized as the "douchiest drummer of all time," with the author from the Village Voice calling him the "goddamn archetype of drummer douchebaggery" Well if that's how he put it, he must be a very reliable source. That's not really a way to talk about a guy you don't even know.
    Darth Crow
    James Hetfield has a voice that just about changed the face of metal; Kirk Hammett and the late Cliff Burton are solidified as two of the finest axemen to ever shred on the guitar and the bass. What can we really say about Ulrich's drumming other than the fact it manages to not get in the way that much?" Just how biased is this? Lars was after all one of the pioneers of double bass in the eighties... on the other hand Kirk has never been extremely great. Influential, yes, and catchy, but technically pretty basic.
    lol what exactly did he 'pioneer' with double bass that hadn't been done already? Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, pretty much any NWOBHM band, etc had done anything Lars did from Kill 'Em All on before Lars. Hell, there's more double bass on Show No Mercy than Kill Em All. Lars is just a popular drummer from a popular band, and that's where his innovation begins and ends. Does Overkill ring any bells? Mercyful Fate? Clive Burr? Then there's all the fusion drummers who came first, Billy Cobham, Vinnie Colaiuta, etc. At the very least, Kirk took the basics he was good with, and his solos are often a song's signature. It's hard to say that about Lars, even harder to make the argument that he innovated anything.
    Not to mention every single ****ing 70s prog rock drummer he ripped his style from.
    Agreed. Whole Heartedly. When I saw them at Sonisphere he was just taking the mickey, standing up, running around the drum kit, being a complete bellcheese. Not to mention his public profile of grade A douchery. I'd say he's a talented (enough) drummer when he takes it seriously, but the fact that he doesn't winds me up. None of this should come as a surprise though, music wasn't even his vocation, the guys a tennis player at heart. Only in music for women, wine and moneys. Total douche.
    the real douchebag here is the author, who thinks it is important to write about people who are much better than him that he does not like...
    meh. I don't know which wagon to take. The "Ulrich's is a shitty drummer" wagon or the "Stop hating on Lars" Wagon. Its just annoying.
    Does anyone really care that much? If a famous drummer really is a douche nozzle, it affects the people around them, which is none of us on this site.
    I saw an interview in '11 with Lars on Howard Stern, and it completely changed my perspective of him. I think he is a great drummer and is now a great person. Back with Napster days when Metallica was at an all time low, I agree, he was an ass.
    Second Rate
    Did anyone see his reasons for including Bozzio? So having 30 toms makes you a douche? Sorry, Mr. Jackson. What is douchey is the inadequate drummer who plays a 4 piece and thinks that if he had a 9, he would magically have chops like Neil Peart or Louie Bellson. That is douchey. What is douchey is the small kit fundamentalist who is so up his own ****ing ass that he has some type of divine authority to dictate to those of us with big kits what is necessary and unnecessary.
    I just find it hilarious that he considers Kirk Hammett one of the finest guitarists to ever shred on the guitar. Kirk is DEFINITELY the weakest link in Metallica. Talk about repetitive drivel.