Lars Ulrich Praises Skrillex: 'I Was Absolutely Blown Away by His Show'

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Lars Ulrich Praises Skrillex: 'I Was Absolutely Blown Away by His Show'
Metal giants Metallica recently discussed an unexpected subject of EDM genre, revealing themselves as fans and giving young dubstep star Skrillex nothing but kudos. Drummer Lars Ulrich was the one who seemed most impressed, as he remembered attending one of Skrillex's festival performances in San Francisco around two years ago. "I was absolutely blown away not just by what he was delivering, but the whole experience and seeing 30,000 odd 14-year-old kids going f--king apes--t," Lars told NME TV. "It was pretty insane, so the first phone call the next day was to our partners in our festival going 'Get an EDM tent,' which we had last year." The drummer then focused on electronic dance music in general, saying, "So we're trying - all of them, whether it's Bassnectar or Skrillex or ... I saw DJ Falcon in China a couple of weeks ago in a small place - I mean it's just a great movement." Guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo also gave their opinions of the genre, wondering if Metallica's ever influenced some of EDM artists. "I'm wondering if our music ever had an influence on that," said Hammett. "Because at one point Metallica was the fastest band in the land, we were the fastest band in the music industry and people were picking up on that. And I'm wondering - because in electric dance music the beats are really fast - I'm wondering if people were influenced by us." Ulrich then admitted not ever thinking about such a connection, but noting that in EDM "there seems to be an incredibly intense relationship between the artist and the fans. Obviously, that's really cool, especially when it seems to be that pure." Finally, Trujillo chipped in, calling himself a big Squarepusher fan. "I don't even know if that qualifies, but I love drum 'n' bass and I like it when people push the envelope and incorporate elements of other styles like jazz and funk," he explained. "It has a kind of a punk presence too 'cause some of that stuff is just mad." Meanwhile, Metallica posted a "Fuel" performance snippet off "Through the Never." Check out the interview and the movie clip below.
Exactly the same situation was when Muse drummer Dominic Howard praised Skrillex for his live performance. Then Muse released their sixth album, "The 2nd Law," with the little touch of dubstep elements in "Follow Me" and "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" tracks.
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It's not exactly guitar-driven, but what are your thoughts on EDM music? Let us know in the comments.
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