Lars Ulrich Praises Skrillex: 'I Was Absolutely Blown Away by His Show'

Band also discusses influencing the EDM genre, calling it "a great movement."

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Metal giants Metallica recently discussed an unexpected subject of EDM genre, revealing themselves as fans and giving young dubstep star Skrillex nothing but kudos. Drummer Lars Ulrich was the one who seemed most impressed, as he remembered attending one of Skrillex's festival performances in San Francisco around two years ago. "I was absolutely blown away not just by what he was delivering, but the whole experience and seeing 30,000 odd 14-year-old kids going f--king apes--t," Lars told NME TV. "It was pretty insane, so the first phone call the next day was to our partners in our festival going 'Get an EDM tent,' which we had last year." The drummer then focused on electronic dance music in general, saying, "So we're trying - all of them, whether it's Bassnectar or Skrillex or ... I saw DJ Falcon in China a couple of weeks ago in a small place - I mean it's just a great movement." Guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo also gave their opinions of the genre, wondering if Metallica's ever influenced some of EDM artists. "I'm wondering if our music ever had an influence on that," said Hammett. "Because at one point Metallica was the fastest band in the land, we were the fastest band in the music industry and people were picking up on that. And I'm wondering - because in electric dance music the beats are really fast - I'm wondering if people were influenced by us." Ulrich then admitted not ever thinking about such a connection, but noting that in EDM "there seems to be an incredibly intense relationship between the artist and the fans. Obviously, that's really cool, especially when it seems to be that pure." Finally, Trujillo chipped in, calling himself a big Squarepusher fan. "I don't even know if that qualifies, but I love drum 'n' bass and I like it when people push the envelope and incorporate elements of other styles like jazz and funk," he explained. "It has a kind of a punk presence too 'cause some of that stuff is just mad." Meanwhile, Metallica posted a "Fuel" performance snippet off "Through the Never." Check out the interview and the movie clip below.

Exactly the same situation was when Muse drummer Dominic Howard praised Skrillex for his live performance. Then Muse released their sixth album, "The 2nd Law," with the little touch of dubstep elements in "Follow Me" and "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" tracks.

It's not exactly guitar-driven, but what are your thoughts on EDM music? Let us know in the comments.

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    You know how everyone thinks the worst project Metallica will ever produce is Lulu? Ummm.. Please, no dubstep. ...seriously.
    I'm sorry but this article and that poll is pretty retarded! Of course there will never be dubstep elements in Metallica but as Hetfield said when commenting on seeing Skrillex live, it's HEAVY! It's still not my cup of tea but I bet the live shows are awesome! I saw Chase & Status at Download last year and they were HEAVY and the ENERGY was through the roof - just how I like my metal! We should be respecting Lars/ rest of tallica for their comments and not being the narrow minded metal heads which outsiders see us as.
    Not another Path of Totality.
    Exactly. If we all learned one thing, it's that rock bands shouldn't be dubstep. If a band wants to bring electronic elements into their music, they should do a Post-Rock or Post-Metal influenced song.
    Path could have been good though, Get Up and Narcissistic Cannibal were both pretty good, but all of the other tracks were really rushed and therefore didn't end up as good. I wish they kept it as an EP like they had originally planned.
    Yeah, in fact, I like those two songs, as well. But both of the songs would sound just as good (or even better) without the dubstep influence. Also, the album can't be considered good just because of 1 or 2 songs... It simply sucks.
    Nothing will be as awful; as Lulu, at least an album with Brostep elements might actually have some cohesion, regardless of how good or bad it might turn out.
    Is, is Lars' face photoshopped on the image? Or does Skrillex look very similar to Lars..
    Gee Halen
    No wonder Lars is into dubstep and everything where beat is generated by electronically... _in time_
    If they influenced anything it would be Industrial Metal acts like Ministry (especially Ministry's thrashier stuff) and Godflesh, Kirk did say he thought Godflesh were the heaviest thing in existence.
    (I'm probably gonna get a lot of flak for this but...) Though I'm not a huge fan of EDM, I do have to admit that when it's done right, and especially in a live setting, it is pretty darn cool. I might not enjoy it but a lot of people really connect with it, and if it put's them "in the zone" so to speak then full respect to artists like Skrillex for being able to do that
    Exit light (Wab wahhh wabhh) Enter night (waaahh wahb waaaaabb) Take my hand (waaahh bababwahh whadub dub) We're off to never never-land (kirk's waaah wahhhhh wahhhh)
    It's not really hard to get 30,000 14-year olds going "apesh*t". Play one chord and have big hair, and it seems to do the trick to a lot of them
    How about, instead of fooling around and looking for distracting excuses, focus on providing some new solid MetallicA album?
    It seems like they're praising dubstep more to give themselves a pat on the back and say "we started this." Yeah good job Lars, you inspired Skrillex to buy a computer. What a douche.
    I love dubstep and Skrillex. With that said, Metallica should never do dubstep, instead they should just give Skrillex the green light to do a dubstep version of one of their songs like he did with sickbubblegum by rob zombie.
    How about focusing on some new solid MetallicA album instead of fooling around, and making distracting excuses?
    Van Guff
    If I remember rightly, with the through the never film, they said they were doing it for themselves. If they decide to do an album like it proposed above, then it'll be for themselves and no one else. What have they got to loose? They'll still sell out huge shows and festivals. I welcome a record like this, but dubstep/electro is actually a really interesting genre. Just go onto youtube and type in something like seek and destroy remix: It sounds class!
    Metallica was the fastest band? then what is Slayer? Ungodly to infinity and beyond fast?
    Lars would praise Skrillex. People that do usually are douchebags if they aren't teenagers.
    Metallica the fastest band in the land, what a bunch of egotistical ****tards. I used to be a pretty hardcore Metallica fan but for some reason I just see them as old 50 year olds trying to hold on to what they were popular for in 1989...Metallica got big in 1982/1983 with Kill em All so from that point on they can try and lay claim to fastest band in the land however what about bands like Al Di Meola that came before them, sorry but in a technical speaking nobody in Metallica is nearly as fast as Al. Then after that you have guys like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, YJM, Michael Angelo Batio and Randy mother****ing Rhoads all better, faster and more technical. Try again douchebags!
    You are absolutely 100% right. It comforts me that I'm not the only person who feels that way.
    When hit the lights was first demoed in 1982 it was first instance of thrash metal, which WAS fast for its time. Anthrax, Megadeth and even Slayer have also agreed that Metallica almost single handedly invented thrash on their own with Kill 'em All. I think you're reading into what they say a little too much. They might not've been as fast as "metal jockstrap" from Hungary, but they were the first to do it and take it to the level that they achieved. They don't need to solidify their legacy by just talking about it, they already have and are pretty much the only metal band that has and will ever achieve the popularity they have. Anyway, I'm not hip to the raging internet debates about metallica "selling out." They paid their dues and can do whatever they want. They remain one of the world's biggest musical acts and are tied for number of consecutive #1 album debuts alongside actual pop music like Dave Matthews. What they have achieved so far in their 30 year career is absolutely staggering for a band in the "metal genre." A genre which has NEVER been about the status quo. Everything else, including the elitist hipster metalhead opinion of them comes not even second to their list of accomplishments and accolades which speak volumes about their legacy. They don't need to brag. .... And aren't.
    with so much wah from Kirk,Metallica is already touching the borderline of electro.
    A lot of people on here really are musical elitists. There's some fantastic musicality in electronic music, not to mention the sound design and production values, but you seem too focussed on the fact that it isn't distorted guitars playing the notes to notice. There's so many varieties of electronic music - reggae-influenced, metal-influenced, funk-influenced, pop-influenced, classical-influenced, etc. - that to just dismiss all of it is extremely naïve and ignorant. Downvotes, aho!
    For anyone who uses the "they don't use real instruments," I retort, well a computer is an instrument. It produces sounds just like a keyboard would, and that is no different. They then complain that it is all composed in advance and they don't have to "perform it." That's also bogus, as name any famous composer and most of the music they wrote (aside from solo stuff) was not played by them, but by other musicians. In EDMs case the other musician is the programmed computer. The music still has to be composed, and the performance is more like a conductor for an orchestra than an instrumentalist. I'm not a huge fan of the genre myself, but I fully respect it and find it ridiculous how elitist many rockers/ metallers are. There was a time when guitar distortion also was "less musical" and elitits then criticized those who used it.
    Skrillex actually puts on a great show, so I'm not surprised. Put the "but hezz pshing play on a laptop omfgggg" bullshit behind and you can see that his show is pretty damn energical. That's almost a rule of thumb in electronic music shows tbh. Besides, I like some of Skrillex's songs, shoot me. EDIT: people who don't know too much about electronic music, please: don't put all electronic out there in the same bag as Skrillex and call it "crap". It's a genre just as broad as rock and roll. You will actually miss a lot of music that you may enjoy because of this.
    I love a bit of Drum n Bass and Dubstep every now and then, but I don't think 'tallica should ever incorporate that stuff.
    Lars sounds like Randy Marsh in the Tween Wave episode of Southpark.