Lars Ulrich to Rock Hall: 'Two Words - Deep Purple!'

"That's all I have to say: Deep Purple. Seriously, people, 'Deep Purple,'" Metallica drummer adds.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently weighed in on this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, stressing two words before mentioning any of 2014 inductees - Deep Purple.

"I'm not gonna get into the politics or all that stuff, but I got two words to say: 'Deep Purple,'" Lars told Rolling Stone. "That's all I have to say: Deep Purple. Seriously, people, 'Deep Purple,' two simple words in the English language."

Focusing on this year's inductees, the drummer added, "But definitely, Nirvana is a no-brainer for the first year and I'm glad that KISS is getting the long-overdue recognition that they deserved for everything that they pioneered, and then I got two words, 'Deep Purple!' Did I say that already?"

Ulrich is well-known as a great fan of Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore. "If you listen to the riff in 'A Light in the Black,' that's fairly fast down-picking," he said during a separate chat. "If you listen to 'Kill the King,' that's not entirely dissimilar to certain Metallica things. Certainly those correlations aren't that radical, but it ultimately inspires us to play music and live and breathe every day."

Apart from Lars once noting that "all the stuff we do traces back to Deep Purple," Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett also shared massive praises of the Purple fold, saying that he wrote the "Enter Sandman" riff in an attempt to create a riff equally powerful, catchy and effective as "Smoke on the Water." Check out the clip below for more info.

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    I wholeheartedly agree with him. Deep Purple.
    "Deep Purple. Deep Purple Deep Purple. Purple Purple Deep Purple, Deep, Deep, Deep Purple Deep, Purple Purple." - Lars Ulrich on when the next Metallica album will be released
    "Maybe it will take us 10 minutes, just like Child in Time. Or maybe it will take us years, like Gillan's feud with Blackmore. I don't know. Do you know?" - Lars Ulrich, trolling the shit out of his fans once again.
    Deep purple, Dio, iron maiden, Motörhead, soundgarden, ace Frehley as a solo artist, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Journey, Boston Foreigner, need to all be inducted
    Seriously Randy Newman Has been nominated before Maiden and the dudes not remotely even rock WHAT????? "smashes chair"
    and I can just hear it in his voice. "Deep Purple"
    I just.. *clears throat with hand in front of mouth, eyes widen*.. would uhmm.. have my friends over, and... uhmm, we would clear out the basement, and uhm, next to the foosbaell table... *clears throat once more, eyes widen*.. we would play air guitar and uhmm.. air drum to Deep *Purple*.... Fauck.
    Yeah, it's a shame a lot of metalheads don't appreciate the older stuff, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult are pretty much the Holy Trinity of proto-metal.
    There is also plenty of great underrated proto-metal that goes more or less unnoticed nowadays. Dust, Valhalla, Suck, Night Sun, Buffalo, The Gun, Jerusalem, Blue Cheer, Vanilla Fudge, Black Widow, Bakerloo, Hawkwind, Pentagram (they were around for quite awhile before they released anything), etc.
    totally agree! i've just recently been getting blue oyster cult's older shit (the black and white trilogy)and it's all so good! especially secret treaties
    I read it the same way he says "Fu*k" fo James in Some Kind of Monster. Deep Puuurplee.
    Rock n roll hall of fame is a big joke and everyone knows that. If there truely was hall of fame for rock. Deep purple should be one of the first bands that are in!
    Atleast there's the golden gods awards...I'd ash that's WAY better than the Rock 'n Roll hall of fame.
    -Hi Lars! How's the wife and the kids? -Deep Purple maan -Wha...I don't understand...? -DEEP PURPLE MAAN UUHH FOCKING DEEP PURPLE
    I really hope Lars saying "Deep Purple" over and over becomes a meme. Metallica needs another meme to join "I am the table!".
    Say what you want about Lars, but he knows his shit when it comes to Deep Purple!
    Why do people still give a shit about the RRHOF? It's just a symbolical thing. Not being there does not make anyone any less relevant.
    Lars looks like Vigo the carpathian from ghostbusters with that haircut.
    So true though. Purple were around way before most bands that were inducted, and they wrote awesome songs!
    Two words: the best of luck to you by the way to get the best of luck to you by phone and email from the deer and the most straight from work today
    Maybe because they're both Scandinavian, but this reminded me of That Metal Show's interview with Yngwie Malmsteen. (approximately...) "Who was a bigger influence on you - Sabbath or Zeppelin?" "Neither....Deep Purple."
    How is deep purple not in already??? How is a non-rock band like RUN DMC in the rock hall of fame before Deep Purple???
    There are a lot of bands that should have been inducted already like Megadeth for their album "Rust in Peace", or "Peace Sells." Heck the Rock 'n Roll hall of fame is just total BS nowadays and I actually agree I statements Gene Simmons has made where he states that KISS should just buy the Rock 'n Roll hall of fame. Would most likely see actual artists whom Deserve to be inducted or whom SHOULD be in already.