Lemmy Introduces 'Motorheadphones'

The premium rock-enhanced headphones have some smart tech inside, and will challenge Dr. Dre's 'Beats' headphones. It's rock versus hip-hop!

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You might not expect to see Lemmy at a gadget show, but by the looks of it, neither did he.

He was at CES, an annual technology show, presenting the official Motorheadphones - a new line of which will be available in the US from April. Watch the video below to see the Motorhead singer out of his element.

They aim to suit the mid-range sound of rock music, and counter the popularity of bass-heavy "Beats By Dre" headphones that made Dr. Dre the highest earning musician of 2012. Certain Motorheadphones will include a microphone remote control for your smartphone too.

There are nine headphones in the new line, with six of them being in-ear models costing between $50-60. The full-size headphones will cost between $100-130.

In an interview shown below, Lemmy says the industry hasn't made rock-ready headphones in the past "because they're a--holes". That changed when the company Sandberg And Brand brought the idea to the band.

"We told them what to do very specifically," said Lemmy. "And we threatened them with terrible violence if they didn't get it right, so I'm sure they got it right."

He later joked that he really does hope they got it right, because "it sucks killing people."

Watch this short interview to see Lemmy ridicule a journalist for asking silly questions:

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    "Watch this short interview to see Lemmy ridicule a journalist for asking silly questions:" This made me laugh like I'm full retarded.
    Never go full-retard. Don't believe me, just ask Sean Penn....
    Wow, no love for Kirk Lazarus, eh?
    I gotta say that I can't remember the last time a movie made me laugh like a complete dumbass like Tropic Thunder did. Don't look at me because of the downvotes, man.
    Actually he wasn't asking silly questions at all. You can easily tell Lemmy's misdirected anger (hint: being disappointed at himself for accepting this retarded headphone deal). At least Lemmy has no illusions about it, but next time, have the guts to say no. Peace!
    Headphones from a man who probably has severe HF hearing loss. Heh.
    Seriously... this. I guess instead of being headphones it should be from musicians suffering from severe, ear-splitting Tinnitus? I didn't know whether to laugh my ass off or be scared for the interviewer the way Lemmy Answer the aspect question... Lemmy's not a big guy but even at his age he scares the crap out of me... even though by all accounts he's supposed to be a terribly nice guy.
    Motorheadphones!!! Such a genius name, why didn't anyone think of this before?
    Well, Lemmy pretty much IS God, so the headphones must be ****ing perfect if he had all the input with the sound.
    In an interview shown below, Lemmy says the industry hasn't made rock-ready headphones in the past "because they're a--holes". "We told them what to do very specifically," said Lemmy. "And we threatened them with terrible violence if they didn't get it right, so I'm sure they got it right." He later joked that he really does hope they got it right, because "it sucks killing people." I love Lemmy
    this is not new lol, in the guitarshop near my house are those headphones for sale for like 4 months
    Been able to buy these for some time now. Hardly "news".
    the news-part is the representation of those headphones by Lemmy on CES
    Fair enough. But the title is incredibly misleading, as is tradition
    Any set of headphones without an accurate representation of the audible spectrum is, in my opinion, shit. I listen to a wide variety of music, and I equalize it to my own tastes. Something tells me I'm not the only one.
    How does having analytical headphones mean you can't equalize the sound to your own taste? No relation at all.
    I think its ironic a bass player hates the boosted low frequency from the beats
    I just think it's funny you seem to go by the point that Lemmy's not really known for a boomy, bottom-heavy sound. Yeah, he plays bass like a rhythm guitar, still seems to be a bigger oddity to people than, say, metal guitarists playing their instruments like bass with lots of lows.
    Beats boost below 100Hz massively, which is the section of a bass' frequency range that needs to be cut in order to achieve an effective bass tone for rock. Most of what you hear is the harmonics from the note, the fundamental is a lot lower and is for the most part uneccesary (Depending on music genre and what tone you want obviously).
    Hmm as far as specs go they are slightly more balanced Dr.Dre with a price tag that actually makes sense. Shame you guys didn't come out with this 3 years ago
    Do you like Hip-Hop? No. I nearly pissed myself laughing! Good ol' Lemmy, striaght to the point, no-nonsense honesty. A living legend.
    Do Re Mi
    People keep making all these brands of headphones. Does anyone else see this as a passing trend? Bose makes excellent headphones, and honestly they have models that aren't that much more expensive than all this celebrity-endorsed stuff. Also, "aspect" means part or feature. Nothing fancy, Lemmiwinks.
    Can you fit an adapter on them so that you can plug it into an amp? If you can't then I'd tell them to go back to the drawing board.
    This is ridiculous, making metal seem even more stupid.
    "Ridiculous"? Have you ever tried the "Beats" Headphones and do you know much about sound quality? Because the excessive high volume bass on those and many other headphones is utterly pointless except for mainstream little people wanting to listen to David Guetta's "BOM BOM BOM" bass exploding out of their ears. You need mid-range for general rock and metal music to be heard in the best possible way. I personally think this is really good.
    It's nothing you can't get from something that doesn't have a hiked up price and some band logos plastered on it.
    ....there is plenty of music that is bass heavy and not mainstream. different types of music call for different EQ settings and since Dr. Dre isn't exactly in the rock scene why would he make headphones that aren't geared towards bass heavy music when that is his audience.
    Dude you killed it. I hate the plastic look and feel to it too. Huge ass headphones, just makes you look like a tool.
    Well, I was gonna post a reply earlier today, but like jimihendrix6699 said, Dr. Dre works a lot with the bass on his songs, probably even more than with the beats (damn, people even labeled his stuff as "G-Funk"), so the loud bass on his headphones is nothing to be shocked with. Also, Dre pretty much produced 50% of the rap albums released from 1993 until now, so I think he knows a little about sound quality. "mainstream little people" *sigh*... Jeez, man.
    Why do you say that? We're being offered headphones that actually cater to OUR music. What's so stupid about that? Would you rather us not have it and be stuck with headphones with next to no mid-range?
    don't want it? don't buy it. I don't get why people expect musicians not to make more money if it doesn't compromise their music. to be perfectly honest, it's the "furk teh m@in$stream" attitude that makes metal look worse
    @oxymorcide - You spelt 'badass' and 'awesome' wrong. Even just saying 'Motorheadphones' makes me giggle.
    There has been plenty of good Rock headphones, some for quite cheap. Grado SR60 for quick example. You just have to look away from your usual Skullcandy/Bose/Monster Beats garbage.
    Bose don't make garbage in my opinion. You just have to find what sounds good for the music you listen to. Admittedly, I have absolutely no need for Beats, etc. Set of BlauPunkt headphones - amazing! Sound great for lots of types of music because they're so clear and crisp. And not too much bass...
    To clarify, Bose headphones arent pure garbage, just overpriced for the sound quality they offer as far as hifi/audiophile headphones are concerned.
    There already over 6 months for sale in the netherlands ??? and always better than beats!
    If you haven't used a pair of Beats Pro, don't talk bad about beats. Yes, they obviously boost the bass in most of their headphones so people think they're good headphones, but the pros are truly good headphones, I use them to mix and don't have a problem with the bass. They may be expensive but they are good products. Just don't buy the lower end ones
    Pros do have a better frequency response, but the price is exactly the issue most people have with it. They can be good but you could get a similar quality pair of headphones for sometimes a third of the price.
    To MIX? With respect, your tracks don't have a chance of sounding right on anything other than Beats headphones. They're too colored to translate to anything else. And then there's a tonne of imaging issues which would be true for mixing on *any* headphones.
    I like this idea Lemmy has. I was never too keen on the idea of Beats which just whack your ears with bassball bats.
    Available in US in April? Pretty sure the website says "In Stock Now" and says nothing about it being available in April on the checkout page.
    in all honestly i have a sick pair of skullcandy headphones that suit to my needs and fill out all the emptiness of normal heasphones like ipod headphones, but i usually can use any headphone thats clear and can blast the music anyways...but still its kinda cool a metal version of dr dres is out
    The dude's really got a point though, try listening to rock through beats and the bass is so heavy that it distorts and sounds crap. The best headphones so far for rock or all music I guess are Bose and Blue Ants. These Motorheadphones will have to go some to beat them...
    My earphones cost 5. They work fine. You f*****s can go and nosh off gangster dre and pay him for the privilege. Motorheadphones???? Elton John will be on the bandwagon next. Baaa baaaa baaaa