Liam Gallagher Wants to Reform Oasis?

artist: Oasis date: 06/06/2013 category: wtf?

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Liam Gallagher Wants to Reform Oasis?
Liam Gallagher wants Oasis reformed in 2014, NME reports.

Beady Eye frontman, who is currently not on speaking terms with brother Noel, states that he would be happy to reform the band for free, although he doubts whether it would actually happen.

"There's unfinished business there. People ask would I get Oasis back together. I'd do it for nowt, but if someone's going to drop a load of f--king money, I'd do it for that too. I don't think we'd ever make another record. I doubt we'll ever get back together."

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Oasis' debut album "Definitely Maybe," and Liam would be keen to reunite the group to celebrate that milestone:

"If we do, it'd be nice to do that f--king thing that's coming up (the 20th anniversary) I'd be up for that. But I'd still go back to Beady Eye and Noel would go back to his thing. We could bury the hatchet for a quick lap of honour."

This is not the first time Liam tries to reform the iconic brit pop act: he tried to make the band reunite in 2011, admitting that he was missing Oasis, despite the fact he earlier was sure it's not impossible. The band's possible reunion for an anniversary show was rumored by an insider behind the band, but it was declined by Noel Gallagher later. Though, some time later Noel admitted, that "if the Stone Roses can reunite anyone can."

Anyway, the relationships between both Gallaghers are still remain cold - both Beady Eye and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds were not scheduled into the same festival bill since the 2012's statement about that, Liam called his brother "a parasite" for playing Oasis songs, revealing later, that his Beady Eye act will either play Oasis hits.

Will Oasis reunite this time? And - the most important - do YOU want Oasis back? Share your opinions in comments.
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