Liam Gallagher: 'Wayne Rooney Looks Like A F--king Balloon With Weetabix Crushed On Top'

Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher has had a go at Wayne Rooney's hair transplant.

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Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher has had a go at Wayne Rooney's hair transplant.

"I'm not having it," he tells The Telegraph "He looks like a fucking balloon with a f--king Weetabix crushed on top. He's better off as a skinhead, isn't he?"

Speaking about his ongoing feud with brother Noel, he said: "My mum told us we ought to chill out after that suing thing. I went, 'All right, cool'. I can't talk to him, but I've never hated him. He's doing his thing and I'll do mine. But I did enjoy our little spats - since we called a truce the world's just boring. It's been hell. We need to get the party started again!"

Earlier this week, Liam dedicated a track to his brother Noel and his "High Flying Smurfs" onstage in Japan during Beady Eye's headline set at Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba.

Mocking his older brother, whose band High Flying Birds Took the headline slot the following night, Liam Gallagher played two Oasis tracks - dedicating "Rock n Roll Star" to "the one and only Mr Noel Gallagher", and "Morning Glory" to "The High Flying Smurfs".

The following night (July 28), Noel Gallagher headlined Fuji Rock, kicking off with Oasis track "Mucky Fingers" and following with a set largely consisting of songs from his debut solo album "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds".

Speaking previously about appearing at the festival alongside his brother, Noel said that the pair couldn't have played on the same day.

Asked if they would ever be on a live bill together, he said: "I don't think either camp would allow it. What happens if we're on the same bill? People start asking if we're reforming, that's what. Or they'll ask if we're going to get on stage together and sing 'Digsy's f--king Dinner'."

It has been reported that Liam will perform a rendition of Oasis classic "Wonderwall" at the Olympics Games closing ceremony with Beady Eye. Sources claimed that the chance to sing the track was originally offered to Noel, but the guitarist turned the offer down.

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    Liam, **** off and attempt to write some good music for once and stop living off your brother's talent.
    "I'm not having it" Sorry Rooney, you have to get rid of that hair, because Liam Gallagher doesn't like it, and obviously he's worth listening to... Wait, no, not that.
    At least Rooney is good at "creating" & "scoring" in his line of work. Unlike some people who rely on the works of others!!!
    The day this cun* becomes as talented as Rooney in his own field, I will still not respect him. It's hard to respect a man who has talked so much shit about pretty much everyone in his life. Really , what could you expect from a City fan anyway?
    since we called a truce the world's just boring.
    meh, yeah it is boring, but atleast it's not "Different Gear" kind of boring
    Rooney looks like a ****ing badass and could break this guy in half
    I legitimately thought the opening sentence said "Beady Eyed Liam Gallagher" ...
    I didn't know what Weetabix was or who Wayne Rooney was, so I googled both of them. Lulz were had.
    This "news" is irritating... it's about as news worthy as Courtney Love's various lawsuits/Dave Grohl slandering/Twitter life... UG, pull up your socks! We love you, man!!
    Do the Gallagher's partially own this site? Seriously they are on here in one form or another everyday.