Lil Wayne Claims He Will Release Two Albums This Year and Seven More in 2015

It's not clear exactly who needs this though...

Ultimate Guitar

Lil Wayne has said that he will release two albums this year and could release seven more in 2015,  NME reports.

The rapper is due to release "Tha Carter V" at some point in 2014 and has already previewed new songs "Believe Me" and "D'usse" from the record.

However, speaking as part of his Weezy Wednesdays video diaries, the US rapper warns his fans to prepare themselves for a further eight albums worth of music he has ready to be released. "This year, not only will I be dropping Tha Carter V, but I'm dropping two albums," he said. "This year, be looking for two albums from me because I been out the game for a second." See below to watch the video now (if you still need this).

Wayne added that a bout of productivity led to the plans for further releases. "I went to work on 'Tha Carter V' and I don't stop working, so it was either 'Tha Carter V' going to be 93 songs or we gonna have to figure this out. What we said was, we gonna drop two albums this year and then we gon' probably end up dropping like seven next year."

Lil Wayne previously maintained that 'Tha Carter V' could well prove to be his final album. Speaking earlier this year, the Young Money rapper said only a very lucrative offer would lure him out of retirement.

About his retirement, Lil Wayne said: "I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes and it's definitely the final 'Carter' album. It's the final 'Carter' album. It's stopping at five." Asked what would lure him out of solo retirement, the rapper said: "25 to 35 million (US dollars) would get me to do another solo album after this."

Lil Wayne's last album in the 'Carter' series, "Tha Carter IV," was released in 2011 and charted at Number Eight in the Official UK Albums Chart.

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    My lil problem is slowly becoming a big problem.
    Clearly it is becoming a big problem. They had an article about Devin Townsend letting everyone sing on Z2 up for all but a few hours on the front page, but THIS trash stays on front page? Wow UG, way to prioritize.
    Devin Townsend is far more relevant to this community than Mr. Wayne. I would much rather here what he has to say, especially considering how innovative many of his techniques are.
    I'm going to retire after I release Tha Carter V this year. Then in retirement I'm going to release 1 more record this year and 7 more next year. That about sums up Lil Wayne's intelligence.
    Next thing you know lil wayne has more recording material than Metallica...
    I only did some rough calculations, but isn't 93 songs more than Metallica managed to release in their entire career so far? I bet Metallicas songs are better, but damn that puts things in perspective.
    It's easy to release multiple albums when your vocabulary consists of 5 words.
    Hoes and money.
    Boats and hoes
    I wonder if rap and hiphop sites write articles about slipknot or metallica.
    Well if they write anything, they're a step up from UG. Here, all we get is a copy/paste of whatever the headline is at NME (or various other sites). This article is no exception.
    this isn't a site for a specific genre. It's a guitar website. Hip Hop uses guitars more than you think
    Because we all how well Lil Wayne can play guitar, don't we?
    Yeah he's shite, but public enemy, the roots, outkast and more are live musicians who aren't crap, hell flava flav is a ridiculously good bassist, pianist, and drummer, and Tom morello is practically a hip-hop guitarist
    that may be true, but how many rap sites are putting out articles about rap metal bands?
    They sample rock music, if thats what you define as "using guitars". Regardless this is a site that at least should be specified for rock music.
    They sample rock music, if thats what you define as "using guitars". Regardless this is a site that at least should be specified for rock music.
    They sample rock music, if thats what you define as "using guitars". Regardless this is a site that at least should be specified for rock music.
    There's actually tons of guitar parts in many hip hop and rap songs that are completely original, written and recorded specifically for those beats. Sampling isn't even anywhere near as common as it was 20 years ago. And even back then, there was original guitar work in a lot of hip hop. Probably because the guitar (especially electric guitar) is an insanely versatile instrument, that can be, and is, used in countless types of music that bear absolutely no resemblance to any form of rock or metal. That said, I still don't think this article should be on this site, even if it is just another copy/paste from somewhere else. Because Lil Wayne is an embarrassment to all of music, not just rap, and to even print his name in an article equates you to a tabloid, as far as I'm concerned.
    Didnt he say a few months ago that he will only release another album if someone pays him 20million $? I'm scared to imagine that someone actually paid him 180m for 9 albums...
    The sad thing is I can't blame Ultimate-Guitar for poor transcription.. It's how this joker actually talks..
    Ick.....he looks like a Black Gremlin
    killaudio666 did I not notice that. He totally does like a gremlin! Only uglier and more annoying!...somebody shouldn't have fed him after midnight.
    well his music sucks anyway, and his voice and the way he talks make him sound ignorant as FUCK. ive given him a chance, and it bites me in the ass everytime i listen to his music