Limp Bizkit, Blink-182, Ex-NIN Members Recording Music Together

Wes Borland, Travis Barker, Danny Lohner and Scroobius Pip report from the studio.

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Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker confirmed hitting the studio with Limp Bizkit axeman Wes Borland, multi-instrumentalist Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails fame and rapper Scroobius Pip. The drummer posted a brief update on Instagram, along with an attached photo. "In the lab creating with these talented gentlemen @scroobiuspipyo @florinshordo and @dannylohner #goodtimes #goodpeople #goodmusic," the post reads. No additional info regarding the musical direction and the project itself has been revealed as of yet. Blink-182 were recently confirmed as headliners of next year's Reading and Leeds festivals. The band also announced plans for releasing a new album before the two major events. "We are coming with new material. We go into the studio after the holidays, and the goal is to have an album out in time for the festival," bassist Mark Hoppus told "Prepare for the fury." But back to the new project - how to you think this mixture might turn out? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Wes Borland always makes interesting stuff Travis Barker is a decent drummer. Anybody that does stuff with Nine Inch Nails must have some skills. I don't know anything about the rapper guy though
    Travis Barker decent? He could fit into 100 top world drummers right now! Scroobius Pip is a great rapper. He does his stuff really well. Wes Borland is a talented and a great composer, and I think he is a great lyricist, too. NIN is ****ing awesome, I'll support anything that comes from them.
    At least it's the better members of Limp Bizkit and Blink-182.
    Travis Barker the best of blink 182 really?
    Thrice Capades
    Yes. Really.
    He can play drums well (and that is a big understatement) but we all know he can't write a song to save his life. Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus are in charge of the masterpieces blink 182 produces and that's what matters the most. I'm not taking anything away from a world class drummer like Travis though. Something tells me people still view Mark and Tom as 30 year old teenagers that play power chords at a speed of 200BPM. It's not 1997 anymore, they make way better music now (and that is a big understatement).
    Anyone who knows the slightest bit about drumming knows Barker really isn't a great drummer. I'm not talking about writing btw.
    This could go really good, or really really bad.... Knowing limp bizkit...
    Nah dude Wes is alright, Travis is cool on drums and Danny Lohner is involved in some awesome stuff. Cant say I know who the other guy is but this could be alright.
    Nero Galon
    Scroobius Pip is a British Rapper, he's been rising recently and sticks pretty close to the alternative underground scene. Pretty similar to Sage Francis, recommend you check some of his stuff out.
    Nero Galon
    It's only Wes from LB. Good to see Scroobius Pip getting involved!
    Yea, I thought that it might suck when I read the Limp Bizkit part, but Wes is a good guitar player, so I'm definitely gonna check this out
    Well, it's Wes Borland we're talking about here, usually he comes up with good things when Fred Durst is not herpaderping all over him. (BLB for example) That being said, I'm curious about this, especially because of Danny Lohner.
    the bad part of the Bizkit is Durst.
    WOWWWWW. THIS COULD BE EPIC. Anybody that knows Wes and his guitar style, knows that he is extremely talented. I believe he plays on a 7 string guitar? But anyway, combining him with Travis Barker is interested nonetheless. I'm really looking forward to just hear their sounds come together, and just hearing what the hell this is going to sound like. I'm dumbfounded.
    I don't think Wes plays with a 7 string much anymore. He only used it to do a double high C# (1 & 2 string were both tuned to the same pitch).
    Yeah I wasn't sure if he used it much, but I knew at one time he used it quite frequently to get his "signature" sound.
    Thrice Capades
    It's time to stop mentioning NIN every time Danny Lohner does something. He can officially stand on his own merit. The dude's an absolute monster.
    Isn't that Deadmau5 in the picture at the top of the article?
    Apparently deadmau5 is close enough to danny lohner. they both play with computers, right? (/sarcasm)
    Wes is an amazing guitarist, Travis is ..well he's Travis ****ing Barker. Should be awesome
    in the first pic at the top thats not danny loner thats d3admau5. for shame UG.
    It got me really excited for a second. The inclusion of Lohner is just as good though
    Scroobius Pip has already worked with Travis and Danny Lohner on his 'Distraction Pieces' album. Great album. You can see their names on the end credits of the 'Let 'em Come' video.
    So basically it's Danny Lohner and 3 annoying, talentless hacks making what's almost certainly going to be horrible, horrible, music? Sweet yo.
    So basically you just spew out the same shit that every close-minded band wagoner loves to say? I'm sure you've never given any of the "3 talentless hacks'" music a real listen at all. And no that's not the same as "omg I totally heard a Blink song in my friend's car once and it was a nightmare." You gotta take time out to appreciate a band or artist before automatically flipping the "hate" switch on. If you already hate a musician just because you have to take the time out to listen to them, then you just defeated the point of the music and don't deserve to hear and appreciate it in the first place.