Limp Bizkit Boycott America

The frontman admits Americans have moved on from his band, but they're still planning to release a new album and EP.

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Limp Bizkit have explained why they avoid touring the US, and suggest it's because they're not quite cool enough for today's audiences.

"We don't play back home," Fred Durst told Kerrang! magazine (via Blabbermouth). "We've boycotted America for many years now. I don't know, I just don't wanna go out like that. We did a few radio shows in 2010 for a friend and that was it. We haven't properly toured America since 2006.

"The reason? We just don't know what's going on in America. It's all about the new catchy thing and that's always changing."

Durst says America is driven by record sales, suggesting that Limp Bizkit isn't quite the financial success it used to be. The band parted from long-term label Interscope last year.

"Here's the deal: say in 2000, there were 35 million people who connected to this band. Twelve years later, lots of those people have moved on.

"We were a moment in time and it's over."

In February the band raised concerns over drummer John Otto and DJ Lethal's issues with alleged drug addiction.

Limp Bizkit released "Gold Cobra" in 2011, the first release to feature their original lineup since the relative success surrounding "Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water" in 2000.

They currently has two albums in the works: "Stampede Of The Disco Elephants" will be their next main studio album, and they are planning a sequel to the 2005 EP "The Unquestionable Truth Part 1".

Is Limp Bizkit over, or could they rise to the top of the metal charts again? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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    "We were a moment in time and it's over."
    Damn! He beat me to it!
    Very few people I know here in Europe have a problem with Limp Bizkit..anyway it's good to see that he's getting the point kindly without getting all vicious and douchey.
    Yeah, because using the phrase "connected with this band" wasn't douchey at all...
    It's refreshing to seem them being so honest and civil about the whole thing. I still have a dusty copy of "Significant Other," that I still listen to every so often. It's good for a nostalgia trip every so often.
    I don't know man. I think Limp Bizkit is a band like Nickelback. It's a bandwagon hater band. People don't even know why they hate LB they just hate them because everyone else tells them to. Just like Nickelback and Creed. I've been guilty of it too. But then I stopped and was like, 'wait... why?' Go listen to 'Significant Other.' It's f*ckin heavy dude! It's like Trip Hop meets Metal. It's aggressive, the timbres are awesome, and there's good production yet it still retains this raw sound where you can tell people are playing these instruments, unlike today's super polished radio rock. Just a thought.
    Well said, LB definitely has some stout stuff,although I do believe FD damaged the band's name a bit looking for Wes Borland's replacement using the Guitar Center circuit.
    Didn't they also have a disclaimer on that audition along the lines of, "Any interesting original riffs/music that an auditionee comes out with at the audition will become the sole property of Limp Bizkit"?
    I heard that as well, not sure if it was factual, but it still damages the rep. Nevertheless, I like some of the seems FD is his own(and the band's) worst enemy.
    I know why I hate Limp Bizkit... They're awful and they're a reminder of how embarrassing nu metal got in the late 90's. Seriously, the only people who ever liked LB were little kids who didn't know better and drunk a**hole jocks.
    While I disagree with your elitist attitude, I have to concede that I was a little kid when I was a huge fan of Limp Bizkit. But why is that a bad thing? I've always thought that the mind of a child is better, because it has less prejudice than someone older saying "what the **** this isn't metal, these guys are posers"
    Sorry, but u was a LB fan, and i was no drunk ***** either, nor was i 12, and i certainly "know" better... LB were fun with some great riffs in there. End of story... Half the haters in here act like they were supposed to be the saviours of metal or something
    Completely agree People forget that 'Chocolate Starfish...' was a decent album with some good riffs and songs on it. I still have fun listening to it in the car every now and again
    People keep using elitist when confronted with negative criticism, despite "elitist" not even being the proper word to use. Stop using it.
    Thats a really stupid argument, I love maiden because Bruce can actually sing, I can't stand death/black/whatever metal where the "singer" just screams and growls for every song. Yet is don't diss it and I actually tend to avoid it because I know its not my thing you on the other hand came on here specifically to comment on an article about a band you don't like insulting not only the band but the bands fans as well.... Honestly get the stick out of your ass, *****.
    Why hate Nickelback? Generic, dumbed-down Radio Rock sold to mainstream morons who don't know a thing about Rock music. Creed? Exact same boat as Nickelback. Limp Bizkit? They're a crappy Rap-Rock band with horrible riffs, vocals, and lyrics that, when popular, was listened to by no one other than dumbass frat kids and, once again, any other person who didn't have a single clue about Metal or Rock.
    You guys do know that Limp Bizkit is one of the biggest trolls right? They say stuff like this because they know people on sites like UG will rage at them.
    They currently has two albums in the works
    You know I'm fine with a typo here and there, but when something stupid like this shows up on every single article it makes me question the ability and intelligence of the authors that contribute to this site.
    Truth be told, they sound like captionned cats because of that.
    Its always amazing to me when UG posts an article about Limp Bizkit that UGers take to the Bizkit bashing right away. Sure, Fred made an ass of himself on more than one occasion, but the rest of the band is actually pretty talented. Sam Rivers was an inspirational bass player to me years ago, as was Wes Borland on guitars. People are saying that this reminds them of the worse time in metal music - it irks me. Whether it was trendy or not, bands like Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Staind, and Linkin Park all made a heavy impact on 90s music and I'd be lying if I said I didnt miss some of their elements in todays music.
    Whether it was trendy or not, bands like Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Staind, and Linkin Park all made a heavy impact on 90s music
    Yes, and those who liked Metal back then, also hated the trendy, commercial bastards, too. Same thing with Glam making a heavy impact on 80s music: those who liked legitimate, good music hated it.
    "I'm really sad that Limp Bizkit isn't touring in America" said no one ever.
    All I have to ask, of all the posters around here, is: What music DO you like? Seems like every article is filled with people clamoring to be the first to talk the most smack.
    It seems funny that everyone is pissing on Limp Bizkit for not touring America because noone likes nu metal in America anymore and at the same time everyone is pissing on Korn for not wanting to be a nu metal band anymore and experimenting so that they adjust to what people like now
    That was very well-said. Not even mincing words with his thoughts of his own bands with the "We were a moment in time and it's over" quote. Never knew how I felt about Fred, but he's obviously quite a bit more sane than Mustaine.
    That particular brand of metal has had its time. It's only good for a nostalgia trip now.
    While it's definitely not one of the most exciting styles of music, I wouldn't say it's only good for nostalgia trips. I mean, I think people will always be able to enjoy those huge guitars that Nu Metal brought.
    I think he means that as a mainstream form of music, it's not going to be coming back any time soon. I enjoy the overly simplistic drop-tuned guitars every now and then though.
    Wes plays in C# and always has. I think break stuff is drop tuned but I have no idea why as its the simplest thing he ever wrote or anyone else lol, but when you consider Mick Thompson from Slipknot plays in drop B (a dropped C#) his rhythm skills on guitar don't quite amount to Wes' and that's the truth
    I can't STAND that band, but i have to say that what he said was well-said. Basically, what he says is "What we are doing is pass, but we are gonna keep doing it, and go where the audience for it is" That's what i got from it anyway
    That's funny because recently it seems like America has been boycotting Limp Bizkit.
    So many people jumping on the bandwagon. Fred Durst made nothing but sense in this article and he also makes a good point.
    Funny--people still seem to enjoy those overly simplistic three chord songs from those Beatles guys too
    Are you comparing limp bizkit to the beatles?
    Nah--I was mocking people who have to specify that certain types of music are "overly simple" or "ridiculously easy to play." The point I was trying to make is that how simple a song is doesn't accurately indicate how good it is (Beatles tunes generally tend to be excellent whereas Limp Bizkit ones do not.) Also, it irritates the piss out of me when people use lack of complexity as a criterion for whether or not they will listen to a certain song or style of music. Never in my life have I heard a song and said, "Ugh. Can't listen to it. MUCH too simple."
    I dunno why people who don't like them even care. If they bother you so much then don't listen to them. I hate them, and since like 2001 it's been pretty easy to ignore them.
    Who could've imagined that Fred Durst would have more self-awareness than Dave Mustaine?
    This is a real double edged sword. On one hand, I'm there there are many (like me) who would still go to see them live. It may not be the a sold out arena sized show, but it is still something to tour for. On the other hand, their music isn't nearly a huge as it was. I stumbled upon Gold Cobra, whereas most of the Limp Bizkit fans probably didn't even know they released this album.
    "We were a moment in time and it's over." just like everything in the music world...unless you die at the peek of your career... I love LB first 3 albumz and still listen to em once in awhile... don't know what happpend after those albums... hooking up with Lil Wayne wont help you either.
    i agree with everyone...i could give a flying f**k if they every played another note ever...hell come to think of it i didnt even think they still were...absolute shite across the board with those undudes
    I loved LB, and I still listen to their older albums, but he's right - they've just had their time. If I'm honest, I'm pretty happy with Wes's Black Light Burns, and he was the main reason I liked LB anyway.
    I've gotta admit. I do like some Limp Bizkit from time to time, and Borland is pretty cool.
    "We were a moment in time and it's over." At least he knows the reality of the situation, and he isn't some delusional dreamer who thinks his band are the biggest thing since the Beatles. There was a brief period back in the day when Limp Bizkit were incredibly huge and popular, there's no reason why that can't someday happen again. Remember in the early 90's when everything thought heavy metal and guitar solos were a thing of a past?
    I still enjoy "3 Dolla Bill Ya'll", but that's about it. It was raw, angry and unpolished and I bought it right after watching them open up a show in '97 at the Roxy in Hollywood. It's my guilty pleasure.
    Limp Bizkit basically encapsulate an era that everybody is slightly embarrassed by. Fred Durst's voice is a huge part of that which is also a massive handicap for that band. He reminds everyone of a time when rap rock was king, when people in bucket hats sang about being a Teenage Dirtbag, when rock 'n' roll was a sullen downtuned animal with very sparse, square melodies and a distinctive corporate glaze to the production.
    when rock 'n' roll was a sullen downtuned animal with very sparse, square melodies
    So pretty much the same thing we have now
    They did not boycott America... America boycotted Limp Bizkit . Everyone got sick of his stupid red hat and pompous attitude,now they cant sell tickets. Being shunned by America is not the same as boycotting America.
    if you ar not into metal or nu-metal, why are you reading this? why do you read this if you are just going to say s**t about fred or the band?...really, if you dont like it get out of here and go to another post =D
    Hey Fred Derp, don't blame America because we no longer "appreciate" your art. Nu-metal was resigned to being a fad from the get-go.
    This band hasn't been relevant since 2000. Now, he wants to cry about boycotting America? Quit trying to blame your lackluster album sales on the changing scene. Limp Bizkit is cliche and Durst can't sing. Look at how he ruined that live version of "Outside" with all of his ad lib crap. He was singing the exact same vocal melody Aaron Lewis was. Guy's a clown.
    Limp Bizkit Boycott America! THANK GOD! You know what, they say it is because this type of music (Rap/Rock) had its day. When Rage Against The Machine tour, they have had no problem packing a house. Maybe it is just no one gives two s h i t s about Limp Bizkit.