Limp Bizkit Forgive DJ Lethal

After months of drug-related tensions, DJ Lethal has apologised to his bandmates who had threatened to kick him out in April.

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DJ Lethal has apologised to Limp Bizkit and re-joined the band after drug-related tensions hit the band in April.

At the time, Lethal went public with rumors that he and drummer John Otto were being cut out the band. "Fred doesn't approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun," he said. "Having a few parties on tour doesn't mean I'm an addict."

Apparently their addictions caused a serious rift in the band, and Lethal has now responded with an open apology (via Noisecreep).

"I had some problems. Be it partying on the road. Talking sh-t when I was drunk and causing internal conflicts. Today is the day that I can finally be a man and step up and say I'm sorry.

"The rants are done. And were really embarrassing. I think the guys in the band were actually looking out, I really needed a wake up call. So to finally come clean is really hard but the weight of the world on my shoulders is even harder to carry around.

"I'm in a great place now and want to thank everyone who had my back through the dark times. So to all the fans and the band. I really was fkd up for a while. I'm sorry. Fred and the band are great people. We're all human."

Wes Borland soon accepted the apology:

Muah! @djlethal

Wes Borland (@wesborland) October 11, 2012

Would you forgive DJ Lethal for the outbursts? Does he deserve a second chance? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Back in the late 90's and early 2000's Nu Metal was the biggest selling form of metal there was and most so called 'true' metal heads hated it, now I'd take that over all this deathcore and metalcore crap that's around today. Stop making tasteless jokes about a band that will carry on regardless of whether you lieke them or not.
    thank you sir. its good to know someone can give a good honest opinion without having to call other people stupid or being condescending fan or not.
    "Having a few parties on tour doesn't mean I'm an addict." Yep, he's an addict.
    I'm going to overlook how shit Limp Bizkit are and say who cool it is that everyone's being friends again.
    Limp Bizkit is a great band you idiot...they are just going through a lean patch right now...remember form is temporary, class is permanent...they will be back!!
    Message to Limp Bizkit: go die out already. You're music's so shit even your own members can't stand being involved in it, and some of them actually have talent *cough*Borland*cough*.
    things r starting to get bad with that latest rihanna cover sounding w/e it is..hope fully u can help! so can smoking some green! do it, just do it!
    Good to hear that things are mending for the guys in Limp Biscuit. Now it they can just get Fred back on his meds
    They haven't had any new material for like years..not my fav band , but i do like zakk's trashtalk